Renowned Cyber Security Expert to Participate in Industry's Leading Conference Focused on Smart Grid and Cyber Security

EnergySec Smart Grid Security Summit 2011

October 3-5 in San Diego, California

Sep 21, 2011, 18:55 ET from Interwork Media Inc.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Chief Cryptographer at Revere Security, a renowned expert in cyber security and the co-inventor of public key cryptography, will participate as a Keynote Speaker at the "EnergySec Smart Grid Security Summit," October 4 & 5 at the Town & Country Hotel in San Diego, California.

The  "EnergySec Smart Grid Security Summit," North America's foremost executive conference for energy sector and cyber security experts, executives, government, academia and press, is sponsored by RSA, Itron, Cisco, Sensus, IOActive, SAIC, Revere Security and other leading solutions providers, and is produced in collaboration with the Energy Sector Security Consortium Inc.

Dr.  Diffie is best known for the invention of public-key cryptography, which he developed along with Martin Hellman, Ralph Merkle, and others in the mid-1970s. He introduced a radically new method for distributing cryptographic keys that went a long way toward solving one of the fundamental problems of cryptography: key distribution. It has become known as the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense. Dr. Diffie also served as chief security officer and vice president for Sun Microsystems. There, he achieved the status of Sun Fellow and Distinguished Engineer and worked primarily on public policy aspects of cryptography.

Most recently, Dr. Diffie has been working on the invention of cryptographic solutions for small, resource-constrained devices such as the vast majority of microprocessors found in smart meters and industrial control devices today. In his keynote at the Smart Grid Security West conference, Dr. Diffie will present his ground-breaking work specifically targeted at the Smart Grid and industrial controllers.

Additional sponsors include PricewaterhouseCoopers, NXP, Waterfall Security and more. The event is available online at:

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This two day executive conference is comprised of presentations and roundtable discussions, dialogue and interaction among all stakeholders involved in securing the next generation energy grid. Delegates attending include network security experts, utility & energy industry executives, suppliers of advanced metering infrastructure solutions and components, state and federal government and standards organizations. On the web at:

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The Energy Sector Security Consortium strives to assure that security practices, ideas and principles are shared among energy organizations. It is our mission to drive security excellence among participants in our program through collaboration, careful analysis of security issues, near-instantaneous and confidential information-sharing where identity of discussants remains undisclosed, and through our extensive outreach programs.

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