Renowned Photographer Lekha Singh Exhibiting at Eric Buterbaugh Florals

Dec 03, 2015, 14:00 ET from Lekha Singh

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gallery at Eric Buterbaugh Florals today introduced its newest exhibition featuring the work of renowned fine arts photographer and filmmaker Lekha Singh.  On view for the first time in Los Angeles, the large-scale photographs are part of a series that portrays wild weeds around the world, illuminating the often overlooked beauty in everyday objects.

Lekha Singh is widely known for seeking the ability to distinguish the familiar in the foreign, the strange and the obscure. This particular body of work inspired by the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-sabi, which reveres impermanence, authenticity, and imperfection perfectly attests to this notion as she gracefully explores with large brushed aluminum sheets to portray the transcendent beauty of wild weeds that is commonly bypassed.

As described by Lekha, her aim is essentially to "take pictures that express the commonality of human experience by finding startling and impossible beauty in poor, little known places of destitution and desolation. To bring marginalized people, cultures and places to people's consciousness in a way that expresses a part of the narrative of their lives.  To be a witness to their condition and to acknowledge them as valuable.  To invite the viewer to participate in the witnessing, by viewing the picture. To explore things that are temporary, in transition, or imperfect."

Lekha selected Eric Buterbaugh Florals to be the first gallery to open their doors to showcase The Weeds Series. "There is a wildness to Eric's space that fits perfectly with the collection's aesthetic. It is an unexpected oasis from the busy world, so simple and elegant yet wild in its basic form" Lekha stated on the partnership. The Weeds Series will be displayed at the Eric Buterbaugh Florals Gallery and is open to the public until the end of December. 

The Gallery, part of the Eric Buterbaugh Florals perfumery, is open Monday to Saturday 11AM to 7PM and Sunday 12PM to 5PM.

About Eric Buterbaugh Florals
Eric Buterbaugh Florals Boutique opened its doors to the public on June 9, 2015. Situated in the heart of West Hollywood, the charming retail space built in 1953 reflects the aesthetic and philosophy of the company and boasts an art gallery and private garden with a blossoming of violets, jasmine and gardenias. In a collaboration with Architect Ben Ballentine and design firm SFA with Kara Smith at the helm, the space draws inspiration from the quirky art deco era of the 1950's. Featuring glossy white marble, rich brass set against rare wood fixtures, ornate chandeliers hung from the tress, vintage furniture and a statement art deco fountain, every piece adds to the world of Eric Buterbaugh that is full of whimsical detail. Each room is adorned with magnificent botanical arrangements of breathtaking floral decadence that provides an all-encompassing experience.

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About Lekha Singh
Spanning multiple countries, cultures, and ecosystems around the globe, Lekha's work is a window to the world. Her major exhibitions—Created Equal, Nomadic Camera, African Journeys, and The Other Half: Women in Focus—have been displayed in museums throughout the United States, including the National Arts Club in New York City and The Women's Museum in Dallas. Several prominent collections, including the Rubin Museum of Art permanent collection, and the University of California Berkeley, have acquired Lekha's work.

SOURCE Lekha Singh