RepoKar continues to advance the power of Online Auctions!

Jul 22, 2015, 12:00 ET from RepoKar

GLENDALE, Calif., July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- RepoKar has been at the fore-front of the Auto Auction World, and as such, it is always looking for new ways to make it easier for its members to accomplish their goals of purchasing the vehicle of their dreams, with the least amount of effort and at an affordable car price.

Now, by creating a Nationwide Car Auction Network, RepoKar has "scored a goal and hit it out of the park!" With RepoKar the question of "how to sell a car online" is also solved in an easy manner.

RepoKar now offers its members 100's of Auctions Nationwide in one single place. Thus, RepoKar members are now able to browse cars nationwide across multiple auctions by simply accessing it all from one single source. Online Shopping for cars (including used auto searches) has never been so user-friendly.

RepoKar thus, brings together 1000's of members while offering all of them these aforementioned benefits; and, in turn, the members form a community where everyone benefits from each other's questions, answers, and interactions.  The advice gathered and shared from other auto & car auctioneers and car buyers becomes indispensable and a great source of free-flowing knowledge. There are Blogs with interesting material as well as useful information. The FAQ's pages are continuously updated and are excellent guides, which allow buyers to navigate the Car Auction world with confidence.

And when it comes to confidence, RepoKar car buyers may feel secure of their purchase when using the Pre and Post-sale options.  When locally, a Pre-sale inspection is a great option and the buyer may request this from the Seller.  However, what to do when the Seller is located in a different state?  Simple, through a third party, in this case a registered mechanic contracted by RepoKar, whom will take care of performing a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and if any damages are found which are over $500 in repair costs, the Buyer has then, the prerogative to cancel the transaction.  Another way in which RepoKar safeguards the process.

Definitely, the most important and valuable aspect is that RepoKar members are able to find with the stroke of a key, the exact make and model of cars for sale they are looking for. Members from the comfort of their home or office can review all of the details until satisfied, before deciding to go ahead and get on the auction. Furthermore, now there will be a larger number of affordable options, for, with a Nationwide Car Auction Network, a buyer's options simply multiply while the affordability and ease of use remains the same.

RepoKar members are advised to explore the possibilities of an expanded nationwide network of Car Auctions being placed at their feet.  Better, faster and more affordable auto sales seems to be the RepoKar motto. Proof one is their new Nationwide Car Auction Network.

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