Report: 42 Percent of Consumers Would Choose Valet Storage Over Self-Storage

New Survey Reveals a Growing Demand for Uber-Style Convenience,Valet Storage Has Highest Appeal Among Millennials, Women and Urban Dwellers

May 20, 2015, 07:00 ET from Storrage

SEATTLE, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- While most men are still willing to lug their items to a self-storage unit, women, millennials and urban dwellers of all ages would prefer to have a valet storage company do the heavy lifting for them, according to a new survey released today.

Storrage, a leading provider of valet storage, announced key findings of a national survey that asked more than 500 consumers about their need for, preferences using and past experiences with off-site storage.

"The survey results validate the huge opportunity for valet storage start-ups like us," said Storrage CEO and founder Terry Drayton. "Do-it-for-me is what a growing number of consumers who need off-site storage want, especially those who haven't or won't use traditional self-storage. There is no question we're growing the overall market."

Key Findings from the Report

Following are some of the key findings of the new report:

  • Consumers Quickly Embracing Concept of Valet Storage: 42 percent of all respondents said they would rather use valet storage over self-storage if both were available to them; the number jumps to more than 50 percent among women, urban dwellers and millennials
  • Valet Storage Preference Strongest Among Non-Users: 65 percent of consumers who said they would prefer valet storage have never used self-storage
  • Consumer Demand for More Convenient Storage Options: Convenience was cited as the number-one reason for considering valet storage (53 percent of respondents ages 18-44 and 62 percent among respondents 45-59). Among respondents who prefer valet storage, 68 percent cited time savings as a main reason, while 57 percent cited 'no need to have a car or truck.'

"Consumers who said they'd prefer using valet storage – and namely women, millennials and urban dwellers – expressed that convenience was the number one reason," said Drayton." Affordability, as they only pay for what they store, was second."

Survey Methodology

Over the past two years, valet storage start-ups have opened shop in major cities across the U.S. with a specific focus on markets with substantial millennial and urban dweller populations including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York and Chicago. Storrage polled 537 consumers in these cities to gauge their opinions about self-storage and valet storage. The online poll, administered by SurveyMonkey, was conducted between May 13 – 15, 2015 and involved a wide-range of consumers between the ages of 22-69, gender was equally split with approximately 43 percent living in apartments and 57 percent in detached single-family homes.

Shared-Economy Business Model

Unlike all of its valet storage competitors, Storrage uses a 'shared economy' business model that partners with traditional self-storage companies and Uber-like independent contractors for pickup and delivery. Storrage provides the vans and handles all the technology and logistics including pickup, delivery and billing. Storrage rents units in self-storage facilities adding its racking and proprietary app-based technology to maximize space utilization and tracking of customer items. Self-storage partners add the valet storage option to their traditional business to increase the number of new customers they sign and decrease cancellations. If the self-storage partner helps them fill the unit Storrage will also pay them double the regular rent so they make more money.

"By partnering with Storrage now, traditional self-storage operators will be able to leverage their existing infrastructure and customer flows so they are well positioned to grow revenues and profits from valet storage," said Drayton. "It's a business model where everyone wins: customers, self-storage partners and us."

About Storrage

Based in Seattle, Storrage was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Terry Drayton to meet the increasing need for convenient, affordable off-site storage for consumers, especially urban apartment residents.  For a monthly fee that averages about $25, Storrage comes right to the customer's door to deliver empty storage boxes that are filled, picked up and then stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility.  When customers want their possessions back, they can use the Storrage app or website to have it delivered back to their home.

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