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2010 Market Research Report on China Valve Industry


Valve is an important product of general machinery. It is installed in various pipelines and facilities. By changing the passageway acreage of valve, it control the flow of medium, to switch on or off the backwash of medium, to adjust the parameters of medium like pressure and flow, to change the flow direction of medium and to diffluent the medium or prevent the overload of pipeline or facility To better understand this market in China, we specifically put a lot of time and manpower to make a research work on this field. For more about it, please see below,

Research Method

Industrial Research

* Take the advantage of present resources to collect and analyze relevant materials, make research on domestic valve industry and study and integrate on first-hand materials and files

* Segmentation Market Research

* Apply qualitative research method of deep interview

* End-user Research

* Deep interview according to different kinds of end-users

Outline of the report

China' s position in world valve markets 2010

Company Profiles

* Top 50 major Chinese valve manufacturers

* Top 25 major Chinese traders/stockists

* Top 15 major Chinese foundries

Analyses of Chinese valve end users by industry

* Oil & Gas

* Pulp and paper

* Power generation

* Mining industry?

* Marine

* Water & Sewerage

Chinese exports

* by country of destination

* by valve type:

o Gate, globe and check valves

o Ball valves

o Butterfly valves

o Plug valves

o Pinch valves

o Safety valves or safety relief valves

o Automated valves

o Control valves

o Actuators

Import markets by valve type

* by country of destination

* by valve type:

o Gate, globe and check valves

o Ball valves

o Butterfly valves

o Plug valves

o Pinch valves

o Safety valves or safety relief valves

o Automated valves

o Control valves

o Actuators


1. Project Background

1.1 Research Aim

1.2 Research Object

1.2.1 By automatic and driving

1.2.2 By utility and function

1.2.3 By general method

1.3 Research Content

1.4 Research Method

2. Conclusion

3. International Status of China's Valve Industry

3.1 Outline of Global Valve Market

3.1.1 Status of Global Valve Market

3.1.2 Development History of Global Valve Market

3.2 International Status of China's Valve Industry

3.2.1. Development Outline of China's Valve Industry

3.2.2. International Status of China's Valve Industry

3.2.3. Quality Standard 32

3.2.4. Comparative Advantage of China's Valve

3.2.5. Main Existing Problems of China's Valve Industry

3.3 Sales Status Analysis of China's Valve Industry

3.3.1 Status of China's Valve Industry Sales System

3.3.2. Marketing and Service System of China's Valves

3.3.3 Relationship between Valve Manufacturers and Dealers

3.4 Analysis of China's Valve Market Demand

3.4.1 General Valve

3.4.2 Specialized Valve

3.4.3 Control and Automatic Valve

3.4.4 Valves Manufactured according to Foreign Advanced Standards

4. Introduction of Company

4.1 Main Valve Companies

4.1.1. Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

4.1.2. Weishi Valve Group

4.1.3. KOSO (Wuxi) Co., Ltd

4.1.4. Fujian JOYOU Group Corp

4.1.5. Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

4.1.6. Majesty Dispensing Systems (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.

4.1.7. LiangJing Valve Group

4.1.8. Foshan Hualu Automatic Controller Co., Ltd

4.1.9. Henan.Shangdie Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.10. Ningbo Huacheng Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.11. Ningbo Amico Inc

4.1.12. SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd., CNNC

4.1.13. China BTL Valve Group

4.1.14. Zhengzhou Butterfly Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.15. Zhuji Sanfeng Industrial Co., Ltd

4.1.16. Aptar Suzhou Dispensing Systems Co., Ltd

4.1.17. Gaoneng Valves Group

4.1.18. China Jiangnan Valve Co.,Ltd

4.1.19. Spiraxsarco Engineering China Co., Ltd

4.1.20. Taizhou Dabao Plumbing Equipment Co., Ltd

4.1.21. Jiangsu Shen Tong Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.22. Shanghai KARON Valve Machinery Co Ltd

4.1.23. Zhengzhou Butterfly Valve Factory

4.1.24. Tianjin Dazhan Group Co., Ltd

4.1.25. China Xuanda Industrial Group Co., Ltd

4.1.26. Hangzhou Kambayashi Electronics Co., Ltd

4.1.27. Guangdong Mingzhu Group Co., Ltd

4.1.28. Taizhou Hengtai Valve Co.Ltd

4.1.29. Laizhou Dongsheng Valves Co., Ltd

4.1.30. Dalian Marine Valve Factory

4.1.31. Hoerbiger (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

4.1.32. Hebei Yuanda Valve Group Co., Ltd

4.1.33. Tianjin Watts Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.34. Zhejiang Shenjiang Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.35. Suzhou Kaifu Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.36. HA-MS Industrial Co., Ltd

4.1.37. Dalian DV Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.38. Tianjin Tanggu Watts Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.39. Tefulong Group Co., Ltd

4.1.40. Crane Ningjin Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.41. Shaoxing Wo'erte Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd

4.1.42. Shanghai Valve Factory

4.1.43. Jiangsu Huodian Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

4.1.44. Zhejiang Best & Honest Electromechanics Co., Ltd

4.1.45. Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co.,Ltd

4.1.46. Longxing Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.47. Zhejiang Wuzhou Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.48. Dalian KVK Co., Ltd

4.1.49. Taizhou Yonghe Valve Co., Ltd

4.1.50. C&C Metal Industry (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

4.2 Franchiser 108

4.2.1. Shandong Machinery I & E Group Corporation

4.2.2. Shandong General Machinery I / E Co., Ltd

4.2.3. China Ningbo Cixi Import and Export Corporation

4.2.4. Shanghai Shixing Development Co., Ltd

4.2.5. Ningbo China-base Foreign Trade Co., Ltd

4.2.6. Suzhou Sufa I / E Co., Ltd

4.2.7. Xiamen Zhongyu Hardware Industry Co., Ltd

4.2.8. China Petroleum Technology Development Corporation

4.2.9. Shaanxi Fangzhi Trade Co., Ltd

4.2.10. Liaoning Times Garments I/E INC

4.2.11. Dalian Shipbuilding Import Export Company

4.2.12. Suzhou Everfortune I/e Co., Ltd 118

4.2.13. Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreing Trade Co., Ltd

4.2.14.Shanghai Yuangen International Trade Co., Ltd

4.2.15. Shanghai Riqi I / E Co., Ltd

4.2.16. Ningbo Arts & Crafts I / e Corp

4.2.17. Zhejiang New Century Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd

4.2.18. Ningbo Haitian International Co., Ltd

4.2.19. Zhejiang Grand Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

4.2.20. Ningbo Ningshing International Co., Ltd

4.2.21. Ningbo Junda I / E Co., Ltd

4.2.22. Zhejiang Minmetals Sanhe Import & Export Co., Ltd

4.2.23. Ningbo ND Import & Export Co., Ltd

4.2.24. Ningbo Minmetals & Machinery I/e Corp

4.2.25. Shanghai Jianpu I / E Co., Ltd

4.3 Foundries

4.3.1. Anhui Yingliu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

4.3.2. Xia Yi County Huai Cai Co., Ltd

4.3.3. Dalian Hayashi Lost-Wax Industries Co., Ltd

4.3.4. Xiantao Xianda Casting Co., Ltd

4.3.5. Hebei Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd

4.3.6. Shanxi Huaxiang Tongchuang Casting Co., Ltd

4.3.7. An Qiu Maoyuan Foundry Co., Ltd

4.3.8. Tianjin Baoyi Industrial Products Co., Ltd

4.3.9. Jichai Liaocheng Machinery Co., Ltd

4.3.10. Luoyang Gucheng Machinery Co., Ltd

4.3.11. Cixi Huili Machinery & Electric. Co. Ltd

4.3.12. Henan Wanlong Precision Casting Factory

4.3.13. Hebei Fengwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

4.3.14. Ningbo Investment Casting Co., Ltd

4.3.15. Shandong Yanzi Precision Casting Co., Ltd (Qihe County)

5. Segmentation Market Analysis

5.1 Summary

5.2 Oil & Gas Industry

5.2.1. Summary of Industry

5.2.2. Trend Analysis

5.2.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.2.4. Demand of Valves

5.2.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.2.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

5.3 Chemical Industry

5.3.1. Summary of Industry

5.3.2. Trend Analysis

5.3.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.3.4. Demand of Valves

5.3.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.3.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

5.4 Paper Industry

5.4.1. Summary of Industry

5.4.2. Trend Analysis

5.4.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.4.4. Demand of Valves

5.4.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.4.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

5.5 Power Industry

5.5.1. Summary of Industry

5.5.2. Trend Analysis

5.5.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.5.4. Demand of Valves

5.5.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.5.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

5.6 Mining and Metallurgy

5.6.1. Summary of Industry

5.6.2. Trend Analysis

5.6.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.6.4. Demand of Valves 191

5.6.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.6.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

5.7 Shipbuilding Industry

5.7.1. Summary of Industry

5.7.2. Trend Analysis 196

5.7.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.7.4. Demand of Valves 196

5.7.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.7.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

5.8 Water Treatment Industry

5.8.1. Summary of Industry

5.8.2. Trend Analysis

5.8.3. Characteristics of Demand on Valves

5.8.4. Demand of Valves 203

5.87.5. Main Equipments and Designated Valves

5.8.6. Analysis on Transmission Usage

6. Analysis on Import Market

6.1 Introduction of Export

6.2 Analysis of Export Destination Countries

6.3 Analysis on Export Channels

6.4 Analysis on Types of Exported Valves

6.5 Analysis of Export Enterprises

6.6 Trade Barriers of Export

7. Analysis on Import Market

7.1 Import Summary

7.2 Analysis on Origins of Imported Goods

7.3 Analysis on Characteristics of Imported Products

8. Trend and Forecast

8.1 Development Trend Analysis of Valve Industry

8.1.1. Plan of Valve Industry in ¡°Eleventh Five-year Plan¡±

8.1.2. Development Trend Analysis of Industry

8.1.3. Trend of Price Changes

8.2 Trend Analysis of Client Industry Demand

8.2.1. Trend Analysis of Demand on Different Kinds of Valves

8.2.2. Analysis on Imported and Exported Products

8.2.3. Forecast and Analysis on Demand

9. Appendix

Appendix 9.1 Registered Type, Scale and Assets of Major Enterprises in 2009

Appendix 9.2 Gross Industrial Output of Major Enterprises, 2009 (Current Price)

Appendix 9.3 Sales Income & Profit of Major Enterprises, 2009

Appendix 9.4 Export Delivery Value of Major Enterprises, 2009

Appendix 9.5 Output of Main Products in Major Enterprises, 2009

Appendix 9.6 Planning Constructed by Major Valve User Industries of China

9.6.1. Planning Constructed Projects of Petrol & Gas Industry (Scale: More than 1 billion RMB)

9.6.2. Planning Constructed Projects of Chemical Industry (Scale: More than 1 billion RMB)

9.6.3. Planning Constructed Projects of Plasm and Paper Making Industry (Scale: More than 1 billion RMB)

9.6.4. Constructing Project of Power Industry (Scale: More than 1 billion RMB)

9.6.5. Planning Constructed Metallurgy and Mining Industry (Scale: More than 1 billion RMB)

9.6.6. Major Target Clients of Shipbuilding Industry Valve

9.6.7. Water Treatment Industry (Scale: More than 1 billion RMB)

Appendix 9.6 Main Information Sources of Valve Industry 283

Appendix 9.7 Valve Industrial Associations and Related Authorities

Industrial Associations

Related Authorities

Table List

Table 1 Main Equipments and Its Designated Valves for Oil and Gas Industry

Table 2 General valves for ethylene installments of 0.45 million tons

Table 3 Valve Fittings of 0.30 Million Ton/Large Ethylene Installments

Table 4 Valve Fittings of 0.3 million Ton/a Synthetic Ammonia Installment

Table 5 Valves used in Refining Installment of 5 Million Ton/a Refineries

Table 6 Quantity of Main Valves Requested in 5 Million Tons of Coal Liquefaction Project in Shenhua Group

Table 7 Main Equipments and its Designated Valves in Chemical Industry

Table 8 Valves Used in Pulp and Paper Enterprises

Table 9 Main Equipments and its Designated Valves of Pulp and Paper Industry

Table 10 Statistics of Present Nuclear Power Station in China

Table 11 Quantity of Valves used in Thermal Power Generators

Table 12 Valve Usage in Typical Two sets of Million kW Generators in Pressurized Water NPP

Table 13 Valves Used in Nuclear Island (NI)

Table 14 Valves with Different Safety Levels used in Nuclear Island (NI)

Table 15 Construction Expense of Domestic Present NPP 184

Table 16 Respective Expense of Basic Price in Million kW NPP (70% Domestic rate)

Table 17 Main Equipments and Designated Valves of China Power Generators

Table 18 2005-2009 China Steel Capacity

Table 19 Usage Volume of Large and Medium Coal Valves

Table 20 Valve Usage in Iron Making Project

Table 21 General Valves Used in Shanxi Aluminum Factories

Table 22 Main Equipments and Designated Valves of Coal Mine

Table 23 Main Equipments and Designated Valves of Iron Making

Table 24 Analysis on Special Valves Used in Shipping Industry

Table 25 Main Equipments and Designated Valves of Shipping

Table 26 Valve used in Beijing Running Water Ninth Factory

Table 27 Main Equipments and Designated Valves for Water Supply and Drainage

Table 28 Main Equipments and Designated Valves in Water Treatment Industry

Table 29 2009 Top 25 Destination Countries of China's Valve Export

Table 30 2009 Main Channel of China's Valve Export

Table 31 2009 Top 10 China Valve Exporters

Table 32 2009 Main countries that China imported valve from

Chart List

Chart 1 Flow Chart of Typical Equipment of Pulp and Paper Factory

Chart 2 2009 Export Summary of Valves in different kinds of Enterprises

Chart 3 Distribution Chart of China's Valve Import Type in Recent Three Years

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