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3D TV Coming Soon to a Home Near You

3D has been getting a lot of press in 2009 as the number of 3D films shown in cinemas is increasing and consumer electronics manufacturers prepare to offer 3D TV sets in 2010.

3D has been popular with film producers several times over the previous century, only to have interest wane after a few years, so why will it work this time? There will be a common format for home video in Blu-ray, which along with 3D TV sets will offer a high-quality 3D experience. Due to the availability of 3D TVs, content producers are boosting their efforts to shoot and broadcast live events, particularly sports, in 3D. Consumer electronics manufacturers will even bring 3D content creation to the home with 3D camcorders and digital still cameras.

This report looks at the eco-system for 3D: 3D formats, 3D content, consumer interest in 3D, transmitting 3D to the home, and 3D consumer devices. Worldwide five-year forecasts for 3D channels, 3D TV set shipments, ASPs, revenues by region, and 3D Blu-ray player shipments are provided. 

Table of Contents

* Executive Summary

* Introduction

* 3D Standards and Formats

o How it Works

o 3D Representation Formats

o Display Types

+ Autostereoscopic

+ Stereoscopic

o Compression

+ Multiview Video Coding (MVC)

+ 2D + Depth, Occlusion, and Transparency

o SMPTE Standard


o Blu-ray

* Consumer Interest in 3D

o 3D Content

o Films

+ 3D Screens

+ 3D Camera/Production Equipment

o Live Events

* 3D Delivery to the Home

* Packaged Media

* Distribution to Home Network

o Satellite

o Cable

o Telco and Internet

o Terrestrial

o Forecast

* 3D TV Consumer Devices

o 3D Digital TV Sets

+ Asia/Pacific

+ Europe

+ North America

+ Rest of World

o Blu-ray Players

o Video Game Consoles

o Personal Computers

* Methodology

* Glossary

* Related In-Stat Reports

List of Tables

* Table 1. Number of Live 3D Channels Transmitted by Region

* Table 2. Asia/Pacific 3D TV Set Market (Units in Thousands and Revenues US$ in Millions)

* Table 3. European 3D TV Set Market (Units in Thousands and Revenue US$ in Millions)

* Table 4. North American 3D TV Set Market (Units in Thousands and Revenue US$ in Millions)

* Table 5. ROW 3D TV Set Market (Units in Thousands and Revenue US$ in Millions)

* Table 6. Worldwide 3D Blu-ray Players (Units in Thousands)

List of Figures

* Figure 1. Worldwide 3D TV Set Revenue (US$ in Millions)

* Figure 2. Interest in Watching 3D Content at Home

* Figure 3. Willingness to Wear Glasses

* Figure 4. Paying a Premium for 3D TV vs. a Non-3D TV

* Figure 5. Paying a Premium for 3D Blu-ray Player vs. a Non-3D Blu-ray Player

* Figure 6. Paying a Premium for 3D Content vs. 2D Content

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