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Advances in Medical Imaging Instruments

Innovations in medical imaging instrumentation are translations of developments in the fields of particle physics, materials science, nanotechnology, electronics, semiconductor technology, and mechanical engineering. The medical imaging industry is moving into an age where cost effectiveness and reducing undesirable side effects are important considerations in decision making. As a result, there has been a dip in the extent of interdisciplinary translations across imaging modalities. The focus is now on fine tuning current technology to meet requirements.

Scope of this research

• Identify key developments in instrumentation for the major medical imaging modalities.

• Discover the current trends and future directions for converting basic research into clinically used advances.

• Learn about the limitations of the various imaging modalities and ongoing developments in instrumentation that will overcome them.

• Compare innovations in various modalities across manufacturers.

• Identify gaps in equipment capabilities waiting to be filled.

Research and analysis Highlights

Developments in MRI equipment are concentrated on designing stronger magnets or reducing the cost of achieving higher resolution. Others are attempts to develop advanced multichannel radio frequency (RF) coils. Innovations in X-ray imaging are mainly concentrated on the CT scan modality as it has become indispensible in most hospital settings.

Development of advanced transducers has captured more interest than research in any other component of the ultrasound machine. Replacement of traditional lead zirconate titanate (PZT) based transducers with capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (cMUTs) is among the most popular solutions proposed.

Innovations in PET and SPECT closely follow developments in particle physics. The majority of the innovations witnessed in recent years are related to the design of detectors with improved gamma sensing properties. Among the intrapatient image co-registration modalities, PET/CT and SPECT/CT are the most commonly used multi-modal imaging techniques.

Key reasons to purchase this research

• What are the latest innovations in the instrumentation for major medical imaging modalities?

• Where are developments in major imaging modalities heading?

• What are the latest developments in material science that are applicable in medical imaging?

• What will be the focus of innovations in medical imaging over the next ten years?

• How are developments in instrumentation influencing imaging techniques?

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