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Alternative Content in Cinemas: Market Assessment and Forecasts to 2014

The market for alternative content has progressed from one that was almost entirely experimental and ad hoc, to one now in early market evolution. The steady growth of the digital screen base to over 12,000 globally has provided sufficient scale to experiment with new content offerings in cinemas, and to secure longer term and more original content arrangements.

Globally, the market for alternative content was worth $45.7m in 2008, equivalent to 0.4 per cent of gross global box office revenues. This is expected at least to double to hit $104.6m in 2009. Moreover, the entire alternative content market will be worth $526.5m by 2014.

The alternative content business model of offering new forms of content to target specific cinema audiences, bringing them into the cinema when occupancy rates are lowest, is highly attractive for exhibitors. Alternative content is most attractive when it can be offered as a recurring revenue stream. Gaming is one example of content that can be offered at regular intervals and is not particularly time sensitive.

The value of the alternative content sector is relatively low compared with more traditional sources of exhibition revenue. However, the nature of alternative content means that the large part of this revenue increase would be additional to existing revenues.

The emergence of new content providers coupled with the ability of existing providers to strengthen and diversify their range of entertainment events will help grow the market. But the largest challenge to overcome is growth of the digital screen base.

Alternative content has played a significant role in helping to create additional demand for digitising the distribution infrastructure since the majority of events are live transmissions.

Following the success of 3D movies in 2009, 3D will act as driver for alternative content by enhancing the range and attractiveness of programming. Live 3D is the pinnacle of the consumer experience with sport primed as the key driver in this new arena, as broadcasters begin to exploit opportunities on digitally 3D equipped screens.

The opening up of the alternative content market has been typified by new players entering theatrical distribution, specialising in bringing innovative forms of content to cinemas. Network operators have taken on the role of distributor for alternative content, an early indication of the industry power bases of the future. Several major studios (notably Disney and Sony) have entered the sector. As well as giving the market more credibility, this is also an indicator of the potential revenues from this segment.

Alternative content

Digital cinema market development

What is Alternative Content?

Key themes of alternative content

Exhibitor strategies for alternative content

Business Models for Alternative Content


Increasing occupancy rates

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Digital distribution of content into cinemas

Satellite delivery

Alternative Content Delivery

3D Live

The potential market for alternative content

Alternative content and digital cinema

The potential for growth in the alternative

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Studios as a driver for 3D

Limited releases: driving interest

Alternative content premium prices

3D as a driver for alternative content

3D production adding value

Digital 3D screen capacity


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Profi les of leading alternative content providers

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Proportional share of alternative content (by region)

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La Traviata in Cinemas

Met Opera Live in HD!

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utilised per screening (%)

Digital distribution of content into cinemas

The potential market for alternative content

Global Alternative Content Revenues ($m)

Selected US Alternative Content events

Selected admissions and revenue data

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Digital penetration rates

Alternative Content Revenues

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of box office

Alternative Content Revenues

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Alternative content and 3D

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Prices by tranche in US cinemas

3D screen growth as a % of total d-screens

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