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Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer worldwide and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. It is found more in women as compared to men. Worldwide more than one million new cases of breast cancer are found every year. New breast cancer cases are mostly found in North America.

Breast cancer is usually found in women over the age of 40 years. Breast cancer cases have risen about 30% in the past 25 years in western countries like the US and Europe. Breast cancer market is comprised of two segments - diagnostic and therapy. The key drivers of breast cancer market are aging population, obesity and family history among others.

The stages of breast cancer are of critical importance and decide the treatment method and the extent to which it can be cured. Mammography is believed to find 85% to 90% of breast cancers in women over 50, and can discover a lesion one to four years before a lump can be felt. In case of patients with dense breast tissue, breast implants or patients who are breastfeeding, mammography cannot produce clear images and therefore, in such cases, ultrasound or MRI is recommended. Biopsy is used for the diagnosis of breast cancer once a lesion is detected in screening. For treatment of breast cancer, surgery is used first and then drugs or radiation therapy or both are used.

The major players of breast cancer market are strengthening their networks through international alliances, agreements, strategic acquisitions, exploring new markets and R&D initiatives that will help in more effective diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

This report provides an overview of the breast cancer, its types and stages, and incidence rates. The markets for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer have been analyzed. Markets for diagnosis and treatment like, mammography, biopsy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs have also been discussed. The report also analyzes the drivers, issues and trends in the breast care market. The major players in the market are profiled along with their key business strategies.

1. Breast Cancer Types and Stages

Types of breast cancer

Stages of breast cancer

Survival rates at different stages of breast cancer

2. Breast Cancer Market Overview

Deaths in males/females by age group and region

New breast cancer cases in different regions of the world

US breast cancer incidence/death rates by race/color

Causes of cancer

2.1 Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

Screening, diagnosis and treatment processes

Use of drugs and therapies in treatment of breast cancer

3. Screening/Diagnostics Market

3.1 Mammography

Global mammography market and its segments

Share of different regional markets in mammography

Drivers of mammography market

Competition in the global mammography equipment market

North American mammography market and market share of main players

Role of MRIs and ultrasound

3.2 Blood-based Diagnostic Test

Blood based breast cancer diagnostic tests

Potential market in India and the UK

3.3 Biopsy Market

Global breast biopsy market size and growth

Market share of main players in the global breast biopsy market

Various breast biopsy methods

4. Breast Cancer Treatment Market

4.1 Therapy Market

Use of therapies at different stages of breast cancer

4.1.1 Radiotherapy Market

Market share of main players in radiation therapy market

4.1.2 Chemotherapy and Taxane Drugs Market

Global Taxane drug market size

Abraxane drug market size and forecast

Abraxane market share in the US

5. Market Movements

5.1 Growth drivers

5.1.1 Aging Population

5.1.2 Family history of breast cancer

5.1.3 Hormonal factors

5.1.4 High breast tissue density

5.1.5 Obesity

5.2 Key Issues

5.2.1 Mammogram radiation raises breast cancer risk in women

5.2.2 Lack of health insurers

5.3 Breast Care Market Trends

5.3.1 Advances in Imaging Technology for Screening

5.3.2 Advances in Imaging Technology for Biopsy

5.3.3 Paradigm Shift to Less Invasive Procedures

5.3.4 Emergence of Integrated Breast Centers

6. Company Profiles

6.1 Hologic Inc.

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Expanding through acquisitions

Introducing 3D digital technology

6.2 SenoRx, Inc

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Provide Differentiated, Tailored Solutions in the Breast Biopsy Market

Leveraging R&D Competencies

Pursue Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships

6.3 Johnson and Johnson

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Acquisitions to strengthen business

Creating franchises in Pharmaceutical business

6.4 Siemens AG

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Company reorganization

Improving Healthcare worldwide

7. Metastatic Breast Cancer Forecast

List of Tables

Survival rates at different stages

US - Age-Specific Probabilities of Developing Breast Cancer

Number of cases in developed and developing country (2007-08)

US - Number of breast cancer deaths in males (2008)

US - Number of breast cancer deaths in females (2008)

US - Incidence and Mortality Rate (%) before age of 65

US - Causes and its relative risk of breast cancer

US - Survival rate by stage at diagnosis in invasive breast cancer (2008)

US - Relative survival rate in years for women after getting diagnosed

US - Type of Breast Cancer Diagnosis at different age-groups (2008)

North America Mammography Model

US Percutaneous breast procedures (2005-09E)

US Breast Biopsy market (2005-09E)

Therapy used at different stages

Number of Taxane Treatments by Region (2008)

Global MBC & Abraxane revenue forecast (2009E-15E)

US MBC revenue forecast (2009E-15E)

Europe MBC revenue forecast (2009E-15E)

China MBC revenue forecast (2009E-15E)

List of Charts

Types of breast cancer

Worldwide Breast cancer Incidence share among all cancer sites (2009)

Worldwide Breast Cancer new cases (2003-08)

US - New breast cancer cases and death rate (2004-08)

US - Breast cancer incidence share in different races (2008)

US - Non-invasive DCIS and LCIS share (2008)

Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Techniques

Global Market share of Regions in Mammography Equipment Market (2008)

Market share in mammography equipment installed base (2009)

India - Potential market for DiaGenic's BCtect (units)

UK - Potential market for DiaGenic's BCtect (units)

Worldwide Breast Biopsy Market Share (2009)

Worldwide Radiation Therapy market share (2009)

Hologic total revenue and Net Profit Margin (2005-09)

SenoRx total revenue and Net Profit Margin (2004-08)

JNJ total revenue and Net Profit Margin (2005-09)

Siemens total revenue and Net Income (2005-09)

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