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China Automotive Finance Industry Report, 2009

Automotive finance refers to the financing activities in the production, distribution, purchase and consumption of automobiles. Automotive finance companies are the non-bank financial institutions approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission to provide automotive financial service to buyers and sellers of automobiles in China.

With the substantial increase of China's automobile sales volume, the established concept of buying automobiles by loans, and the development of Chinese automobile finance companies, automobile finance companies have provided more and more loans to consumers year by year. In 2009, China's automobile sales volume is expected to reach 13 million vehicles, the automobiles purchase through automotive finance companies will value RMB44.2 billion.

As of November 2009, ten automotive finance companies have been set up in China, of which 9 are foreign-invested companies or joint ventures, and Chery Huishang Bank Auto Finance Co., Ltd. is the only local one. In November 2009, Guangzhou Auto Group was awarded with automotive finance license. Now, it plans to establish an automotive finance company, which will provide financing service for Guangzhou Auto Group, Guangqi Toyota, Guangqi Honda and Guangqi Fiat Auto. This company is expected to be the 11th automotive finance company in China. In addition, JAC and Brilliance are also applying for setting up automotive finance companies.

The report cites the data mainly from China Automotive Industry Association, ResearchInChina and the official websites of automotive finance companies. The report focuses on the development of China's auto loans and automotive finance companies, related policies and future development trends to explore the potentials of China's automotive finance market and grasp the future development direction of China automotive finance industry.

Table of Contents

1. Automotive Finance

1.1 Concept

1.1.1 Definition

1.1.2 Business

1.1.3 Products

1.2 Main Functions and Effects

2 Development of International Automotive Finance

2.1 Development

2.2 Profit Models

2.2.1 Basic Profit Models

2.2.2 Value-added Profit Models

2.2.3 Lease-based Value-added Profit Model

2.2.4 Investment-based Value-Added Profit Model

2.2.5 Operation Flow of Investment-based Value-added Profit Model

2.3 Key International Automotive Finance Companies

2.3.1 Ford Motor Credit Company

2.3.2 Volkswagen Finance Company

2.3.3 General Motors Acceptance Corporation

3 Chinese Consumers' Purchasing Cars by Loans

3.1 Consumption Habits

3.2 Attitude

3.3 Factors

4 Development of China's Automotive Credit Market

4.1 Scale

4.1.1 Life Cycle

4.1.2 Market Shares

4.2 Approval Process

5 Development Environment for China's Automotive Finance Industry

5.1 Development of China Automobile Industry

5.2 China's Automotive Finance System

5.2.1 China's Credit Service System

5.2.2 Laws and Regulations

5.2.3 Supervision

5.3 China's Automotive Finance Policies

5.3.1 China's Major Automobile Finance Policies

5.3.2 Policies and Measures for Promoting the Development of Automotive Finance

5.3.3 Automobile Industry Restructuring and Revitalization Planning

5.3.4 Chinese Automotive Finance Companies are Allowed to Issue Bonds

5.4 SWOT

5.4.1 Strength

5.4.2 Weakness

5.4.3 Opportunities

5.4.4 Threats

6 Development of China Automotive Finance Industry

6.1 Development

6.1.1 Development Course of Chinese Automotive Finance Companies

6.1.2 Characteristics of China's Automotive Finance Service in 2008

6.2 Profit Models

6.2.1 Bank-based Profit Model

6.2.2 Vendor-based Profit Model

6.2.3 Profit Model Based on Non-bank Financial Institutions

6.3 Development of Chinese Automotive Finance Companies

6.3.1 Market Scale

6.3.2 Automotive Finance Companies and Other Automobile Consumption Credit Entities

6.4 Development Potentials

7 Major Automotive Finance Companies

7.1 Existing Automotive Finance Companies in China

7.1.1 First Automobile Finance Co., Ltd

7.1.2 General Motors Acceptance Corporation

7.1.3 Volkswagen Finance Company (China)

7.1.4 Toyota Motor Finance (China) Co., Ltd.

7.1.5 Ford Motor Credit Company (China)

7.1.6 Daimler - Chrysler Financial Corporation

7.1.7 Volvo Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd.

7.1.8 Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Auto Finance Company

7.1.9 Fiat Auto Finance Co., Ltd.

7.1.10 Chery Huishang Bank Auto Finance Co., Ltd.

7.2 Automotive Finance Companies to be Approved in China

7.2.1 Guangqi Auto Finance Co., Ltd.

7.2.2 Orient Jianghuai Auto Finance Co., Ltd.

7.2.3 Brilliance Automotive Finance Co., Ltd.

8 Problems and Countermeasures in the Development of China's Automotive Finance

8.1 Problems

8.2 Countermeasures

9 Future Development Trends of China's Automotive Finance

Selected Charts

Automotive Finance Business Categories

Automotive Finance Products

Revenue of Ford Motor Credit Company (China), Jan-Sep 2009

Products of Volkswagen Finance Company

Total Assets of Volkswagen Finance Company, 2006-2009

Business Income of Volkswagen Finance Company, H1 2009

Business Income of General Motors Acceptance Corporation, 2008-2009

Revenue of General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Jan-Sep 2009

Chinese Consumers' Attitude toward Automotive Credit

Reasons that Consumers Do Not Accept Automotive Credit

Willingness of Chinese Consumers to Buy Cars with Loans

Factors Influencing Consumers to Choose Automotive Credit

China's Automotive Credit Development Stages

China's Automotive Loans, 2007-2009

China's Automotive Credit Market Shares, 2008

Approval Procedures of China's Automotive Loans

Sales Volume of China's Passenger Cars, 2005-2008

Output of China's Passenger Cars, Jan-Nov 2009

Sales Volume of China's Passenger Cars, Jan-Nov 2009

Policies and Regulations in China Automotive Finance Market

Policies and Measures for Promoting the Development of Automotive Finance

SWOT Analysis of China Automotive Finance

Development Course of China Automotive Finance

Total Loans of Chinese Automotive Finance Companies, 2007-2009

Comparison between Automotive Finance Companies and Other Credit Entities

Proportion of Buying Cars by Loans in China, 2003-2008

Automotive Loans of Major Countries in the World

List of Chinese Automotive Finance Companies

Mortgage Application Process of Volvo Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd.

Proportion of Automotive Loans in China Car Segment Markets, 2007

Proportion of Automotive Loans for First and Second Purchase in China, 2007

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