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China Gas Station Industry Report, 2009

As of the end of 2008, there had been 96,000 gas stations in China, of which Sinopec and PetroChina respectively boasted of 28,000 and 19,000 units, while CNOOC had only 187 gas stations, the number of the three above accounted for around 50% of China's total. The rest are foreign-owned and private-invested, approximately 48,700 units.

In May, 2009, the number of gas stations in China registered 97,000, and the competition layout was nearly the same as the year of 2008. However, As PetroChina and Sinopec loosen the control on wholesale volume of private gas stations, the oil refineries in Shandong province and other places have successively returned to work, providing the relatively lower priced oil source for private gas stations. In Oct, 2009, the number of private gas stations had boosted up to 30,000 in the area that Sinopec dominated, which caused its oil products market share to drop to 50% from 60%. This poses a threat to the two giants, PetroChina and Sinopec, the competition in Chinese refined oil retail market becomes increasingly intensive.

According to the 11th Five-year Plan Period, 90 million-ton/year oil refining facilities will put into operation in China before 2010, and a crude oil processing capacity of over 54 million tons a year had put into production around 2008-2009. With the completion of scheduled production capacity, the mounting pressure of supply and demand will at length exert great effect on China's refined oil retail market in the future.

The report makes an in-depth study of China's gas station industry development, main regional markets, and key gas station corporations (including Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and Shell, BP) in China, such as operation, gas station distribution, strategy and latest developments. The report can be taken as a reference to judge the future investment value and risks of China's gas station industry.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Gas Station Industry

1.1 Gas Station Definition & Main Economic Types

1.2 Business Models

1.2.1 Foreign Model

1.2.2 Domestic Model

1.3 Development Course of China's Gas Stations

1.3.1 from Decentralized Operation to Intensive Operation

1.3.2 Mutual Promotion of Gas Stations during Competition

1.3.3 from Single Species Extending to Diversified Operation

1.3.4 from Price War to Brand Competition

2 Development Environments of China's Gas Station Industry

2.1 Political Climate

2.2 Overview of Automotive Industry Progression

3 China's Gas Station Operation and Refined Oil Market

3.1 Status Quo

3.1.1 Number of Gas Stations

3.1.2 Number of Private Gas Stations

3.1.3 Filling Station

3.2 Non-oil Business Development

3.2.1 Status Quo

3.2.2 Problems

3.2.3 CNPC BP Non-oil Business

3.3 Refined Oil Market Development

3.3.1 Supply

3.3.2 Import & Export

3.3.3 Sales & Consumption

3.3.4 Price

4 Gas Station Development in Main Regions, China

4.1 Guangdong

4.1.1 Vehicle Population

4.1.2 Gas Station

4.1.3 Oil Product Market

4.2 Beijing

4.2.1 Vehicle Population

4.2.2 Gas Station

4.2.3 Oil Product Market

4.3 Shanghai

4.3.1 Vehicle Population

4.3.2 Gas Station

4.3.3 Oil Product Market

4.4 Shandong

4.4.1 Vehicle Population

4.4.2 Gas Station

4.4.3 Oil Product Market

4.5 Hebei

4.5.1 Vehicle Population

4.5.2 Gas Station

4.5.3 Oil Product Market

4.6 Sichuan

4.6.1 Vehicle Population

4.6.2 Gas Station

4.6.3 Oil Product Market

4.7 Zhejiang

4.7.1 Vehicle Population

4.7.2 Gas Station

4.7.3 Oil Product Market

4.8 Jiangxi

4.8.1 Vehicle Population

4.8.2 Gas Station

4.8.3 Oil Product Market

4.9 Shanxi

4.9.1 Vehicle Population

4.9.2 Gas Station

4.9.3 Oil Product Market

4.10 Liaoning

4.10.1 Vehicle Population

4.10.2 Gas Station

4.10.3 Oil Product Market

5 Chinese Gas Station Companies

5.1 Operation

5.2 Gas Station Franchise Operation

5.3 PetroChina

5.3.1 Profile

5.3.2 Operation

5.3.3 Strategy

5.3.4 Planning

5.3.5 Gas Station Development

5.4 SinoPec

5.4.1 Profile

5.4.2 Operation

5.4.3 Gas Station Development

5.4.4 Dynamics


5.5.1 Profile

5.5.2 Operation

5.5.3 Gas Station Development

5.5.4 Gas Station Plan

5.6 Private Gas Stations

5.6.1 Development

5.6.2 Advantages & Disadvantages

5.6.3 Latest Trends

6 Foreign Gas Stations in China

6.1 Shell

6.1.1 Profile

6.1.2 Operation

6.1.3 Development in China

6.1.4 Latest Trends in China

6.2 BP

6.2.1 Profile

6.2.2 Operation

6.2.3 Development in China

6.2.4 Culture of BP PetroChina Petroleum Co., Ltd

6.3 ExxonMobil

6.3.1 Profile

6.3.2 Operation

6.3.3 Development in China

6.4 Total

6.4.1 Profile

6.4.2 Operation

6.4.3 Development in China

6.4.4 Latest Trends in China

7 Opportunities & Risks in China's Gas Station Investment

7.1 Development Trends

7.2 Investment Opportunities

7.3 Investment Risks

Selected Charts

Automotive Output of China and Key Models, 2005-2008

CNG Automotives and Filling Stations in Some Cities, China 2007

China's Refined Oil Supply, Q1-Q3, 2009

China's Gasoline and Diesel Oil Output, 2005-2008

China's Refined Oil Import & Export Volume, 2005-2008

China's Refined Oil Consumption, Q1-Q3, 2009

Refined Oil Consumption in Guangdong, 2004-2007

Refined Oil Consumption in Beijing, 2004-2007

Refined Oil Consumption in Shanghai, 2004-2007

Vehicle Population in Shandong and Main Cities, 2008

Newly-added Gas Stations and Distribution Plan in Shandong, 2009-2010

Refined Oil Consumption in Shandong, 2004-2007

Refined Oil Consumption in Hebei, 2004-2007

Forecast of Oil Filling Demand in Hebei, 2010

Refined Oil Consumption in Sichuan, 2004-2007

Vehicle Population in Zhejiang, 2004-2007

Refined Oil Consumption in Zhejiang, 2006-2008

Refined Oil Consumption in Jiangxi, 2004-2007

Refined Oil Consumption in Shanxi, 2004-2007

Refined Oil Consumption in Liaoning, 2004-2007

PetroChina Gas Stations, 2007-2008

SinoPec Gas Stations, 2007-2008

Culture of BP PetroChina Petroleum Co., Ltd

Distribution of Oil Product Retail Companies in China, 2008

The Number of Gas Stations in China, 2006-2008

International Refined Oil Prices, 2006-2008

PetroChina Operation, 2004-2008

SinoPec Operation, 2005-2008

CNOOC Operation, 2003-2008

Shell Oil Operation, 2006-2008

BP Oil Operation, 2006-2008

Exxon Mobil Operation, 2006-2008

Total Operation, 2006-2008

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