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Corporate Smartphone Application Report 2010

Research2guidance report (282 pages): This report is a business guide to publishing successful corporate smartphone apps. It covers three key market dimensions that every app publisher must understand in order to flourish:

A. Market Opportunity

- How significant is the business opportunity rendered by this new customer channel?

The report explores the current market hype, analyzes key trends, sizes the current market and its development, and projects market growth through 2013. It provides all the information necessary for companies to evaluate the current opportunities in smartphone application publishing.

B. Publisher Best Practices

- What are the key benchmarks for developing and marketing successful apps?

More than 100 companies shared their views, experience and insights for this report. Leverage best practices from these successful "early movers" when developing your smartphone application strategy.

C. App Store Decision

- Which app stores offer the best opportunities for application publishers?

The report explains the current app store landscape thoroughly, including a detailed description of 35 major app stores. The in-depth "App Store Ranking" groups stores according to the specific benefits they offer app publishers.

Table of Contents


1. Preface (p.3)

2. Executive Summary (p.4)

3. Objectives and Scope of the Report (p.7)

3.1. Participating Companies (p.7)

3.2. Scope of the Report (p.8)

4. Market Background (p.10)

4.1. Market Developments 2000-2009 (p.10)

4.2. Trend Analysis (p.16)

5. Current Status of Corporate Mobile Applications within the Market (p.19)

5.1. Industry Background of First Mover Publishers (p.19)

5.2. Purpose of Applications (p.20)

5.3. Application Pricing (p.22)

5.4. Additional Observations (p.23)

6. Market Insight: Successful "First Mover" Corporations (p.24)

6.1. Current Corporate Publisher Activities and Objectives (p.24)

6.2. Outcomes: Applications and More (p.28)

6.3. The Successful Approach (p.30)

6.4. Going Forward (p.34)

7. Best Practices (p.39)

7.1. Best Practice Elements (p.39)

7.2. Branding Applications (p.40)

7.2.1. Absolut Vodka (p.40)

7.2.2. BMW (p.42)

7.2.3. Nike (p.43)

7.3. Revenue Generation (p.46)

7.3.1. Financial Times (p.46)

7.3.2. Navigon (p.47)

7.3.3. The Weather Channel (p.50)

7.4. Access to Core Products (Enable Transactions and Increase Reach) (p.52)

7.4.1. Amazon (p.52)

7.4.2. eBay (p.53)

7.4.3. Pizza Hut (p.55)

7.4.4. Facebook (p.57)

8. Application Stores (p.59)

8.1. Overview of Application Stores (p.61)

8.1.1. Device Manufacturer Stores (p.62)

8.1.2. Mobile OS Application Stores (p.64)

8.1.3. MNO Application Stores (p.66)

8.1.4. Full-Catalog Independent Application Stores (p.68)

8.1.5. Niche Stores (p.70)

8.2. Application Store Market Key Metrics (p.71)

8.2.1. Average Downloads per Application (p.71)

8.2.2. Average Pricing (p.72)

8.2.3. Application Store Attractiveness to Developers (p.74)

8.2.4. Application Publishing Complexity (p.76)

8.3. Application Store Ranking (p.78)

8.3.1. Application Store Ranking by Competition Level (p.78)

8.3.2. Application Store Ranking by Monetization Opportunities (p.79)

8.3.3. Application Store Ranking by Application Discoverability (p.83)

8.3.4. Application Store Ranking by Manageability (p.86)

8.3.5. Application Store Ranking Totals (p.87)

9. Market Outlook 2010-2013 (p.89)

9.1. Forecast (p.89)

9.2. Key Market Developments (p.93)

9.2.1. Business Model Trends: Paid Downloads vs. Alternative Revenue Sources (p.94)

9.2.2. Application Technology Trends: Native versus Web-based Applications (p.95)

9.2.3. Platform Dominance: End-to-End vs. Horizontal Platforms (p.96)

9.2.4. Smartphone Application Store Market Structure: Oligopoly vs. Competition (p.96)

9.2.5. Content: Global Versus Regional/Local Applications (p.98)

10. Guiding Principles for Smartphone Application Publishers (p.99)

10.1. Application Strategy (p.99)

10.2. Multi-Platform Strategy (p.100)

10.3. Organizational Integration (p.101)

11. About research2guidance (p.103)

12. Appendix (p.104)

12.1. Application Store Detailed Profiles (p.104)

12.1.1. OEM Application Stores (p.105)

12.1.2. Mobile OS Application Stores (p.156)

12.1.3. MNO Application Stores (p.172)

12.1.4. Full Catalogue Application Stores (p.238)

12.2. List of Figures (p.279)

12.3. List of Tables (p.281)

List of Figures


Figure 1: Scope of the Report (p.8)

Figure 2: Number of Mobile Applications 2007-2009 (p.11)

Figure 3: The Application Store Race (p.12)

Figure 4: Number of Application Stores 2007-2009 (p.12)

Figure 5: Number of Smartphones with Preinstalled or Downloadable Application Stores 2008-2009 (p.13)

Figure 6: Average Application Price per Platform 2007-2009 (p.14)

Figure 7 Share of Smartphone Applications Downloads per Store 2009 (p.15)

Figure 8: Smartphone Application Market Size (2007-2009) (p.16)

Figure 9: iPhone Shipments Before and After the App Store Launch (millions) (p.18)

Figure 10: Industry Split of Application Publisher (p.20)

Figure 11: Application Purposes (p.21)

Figure 12: Physical vs. Virtual Products, by Application Purpose (p.22)

Figure 13: Application Price Comparison - Company vs. Market Average (p.23)

Figure 14: Survey Question: When Did You Publish Your First Application? (p.25)

Figure 15: Survey Question: On Which Platforms Do You Publish Your Applications? (p.26)

Figure 16: Survey Question: What Goals Do You Want to Achieve With Your Applications? (p.27)

Figure 17: Survey Question: To What Extent Did You Reach Your Application Goals (average)? (p.27)

Figure 18: Survey Question; What Are the Biggest Obstacles to Success? (p.28)

Figure 19: Survey Question: How Many Applications Have You Published? (p.28)

Figure 20: Survey Questions: How Do You Price Your Applications? (p.29)

Figure 21: Survey Question: How Many Times Was Your Most Successful Application Downloaded? (p.30)

Figure 22: Survey Question: What is the Average Development Budget for Your Applications? (p.31)

Figure 23: Survey Question: What is the Average Development Time for Your Application? (p.32)

Figure 24: Survey Question: Which of the Following Marketing Channels do You Use and How Effective

are They? (p.33)

Figure 25: Survey Question: Which Activities Will You Concentrate on Over the Next 12 Months? (p.34)

Figure 26: Survey Question: Which Platforms do You Plan to Engage in Over the Next Year (2010)? (p.35)

Figure 27: Survey Question: What are the Biggest Challenges of a Multi-Market Strategy? (p.36)

Figure 28: Survey Question: How Will Your Engagement Level Change Within the Next 12 Months? (p.37)

Figure 29: Learnings Cloud (p.37)

Figure 30: Average Application Downloads per Application Store (EOY 2009) (p.72)

Figure 31: Average Price Level in Major Application Stores (EOY 2009) (p.73)

Figure 32: Pricing Differences for a Single Application (Games) (p.73)

Figure 33: Application Stores' Ability to Attract Applications (p.74)

Figure 34: Application Store Download Performance (p.76)

Figure 35: Number of Applications vs. Capable Devices (p.77)

Figure 36: Publisher Revenue Share in Major Application Stores (p.80)

Figure 37: Global Customer Reach of Major Application Stores (EOY 2009) (p.82)

Figure 38: Number of Shelf Spaces in Relation to Total Application Numbers in Major Application Stores

(EOY 2009) (p.85)

Figure 39: Smartphone Application Market Size 2007-2013 (p.90)

Figure 40: Application Download Trends (Paid and Free) vs. Total Application Shoppers (Installed On-

Device Store) 2007-2013 (p.91)

Figure 41: Application Price Development 2007-2013 (p.93)

Figure 42: Key Trends in the Smartphone Application Market (2010-2013) (p.94)

List of Tables


Table 1: Pre- and Post Apple App Store Launch Application Market (p.17)

Table 2: Overview of Application Stores (p.61)

Table 3: OEM Application Stores (Key Facts) (p.63)

Table 4: OEM Application Stores (Key Figures) (p.64)

Table 5: Mobile OS Application Stores (Key Facts) (p.65)

Table 6: Mobile OS Application Stores (Key Figures) (p.66)

Table 7: MNO Application Stores (Key Facts) (p.67)

Table 8: MNO Application Stores (Key Figures) (p.68)

Table 9: Full-Catalogue Independent Stores (Key Facts) (p.69)

Table 10: Full-Catalogue Independent Stores (Key Figures) (p.70)

Table 11: Independent Niche Stores (p.71)

Table 12: Application Store Ranking by Competition Level (Criteria) (p.79)

Table 13: Application Store Ranking by Competition Level (p.79)

Table 14: Application Store Ranking by Monetization Opportunities (Criteria) (p.81)

Table 15: Application Store Ranking by Monetization Opportunities (p.81)

Table 16: Application Store Ranking by Discoverability (Criteria) (p.83)

Table 17: Application Store Ranking by Discoverability (p.86)

Table 18: Application Store Ranking by Manageability (Criteria) (p.86)

Table 19: Application Store Ranking by Manageability (p.87)

Table 20: Application Store Ranking Totals (Weighting) (p.87)

Table 21: Application Store Ranking Totals (p.88)

Companies mentioned

Survey Participants:

-3rd Space

-Abner David






-AT&T (MEdia Mall)

-Avis Budget

-Barnes & Noble

-BBC Focus Magazine

-BBVA Compass

-Best Buy


-Clever Twist




-Deutsche Bahn

-Deutsche Telekom

-Deutsche Welle

-Eclaxy Software


-Financial Times



-Gelbeseiten Marketing


-Global Software





-Ideas for iPhone

-Inside Mobile












-Octane Technologies



-Paragon Software



-Preview Networks





-Roadrunner Records


-Shadow Light Games




-The Weather Channel


-USA Today

-Virtual Nights Media


-Wikimedia Foundation

-Microsoft (Windows Marketplace)


-Zurich K1

-… and others.

Other Mentioned Companies







-Sony Ericcson



-Verizon Wireless



-China Mobile

-...and others.

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