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Desalination Technology Markets

Global Demand Drivers, Technology Issues, competitive Landscape, and Market Forecasts

Water scarcity, population and economic growth, pollution, and urbanization are all placing increased pressure on freshwater resources. The gap between the supply of freshwater and demand for water for industrial, agricultural, and domestic use is growing at an alarming pace – from California to Australia. At the same time, the cost of desalination has come down steadily. Desalination is becoming more affordable and more people can benefit from an almost unlimited resource – seawater.

The desalination plant supplier market is quite fragmented, despite a great deal of mergers and acquisitions activity during the last decade. And as reverse osmosis (RO) is increasingly adopted as the major desalination technology, the barriers to entry are being lowered. Of note, the top five suppliers captured a mere 25% of the market from 2007 to 2009. In contrast, however, the market for key desalination components is far more concentrated. For example, more than 65% of the market for RO membranes is controlled by three large players. The markets for high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices are also quite concentrated. These competitive dynamics will be critically important as the stakes continue to increase in the rapidly-growing global desalination market.

This report analyzes emerging technologies and market opportunities in the global desalination industry. It explores a variety of market growth drivers including dwindling water resources, population, pollution, and falling desalination system costs. Key industry players are profiled and country-level market forecasts are provided for key global markets through 2016.

Key questions addressed:

- What are the key drivers, issues and challenges in the global desalination market?

- What are the key emerging technologies, and how will their capabilities and economics impact the desalination market in years to come?

- How does energy supply affect the demand for, and cost of, desalination systems?

- What is the market share of key desalination companies?

- How large is the desalination market opportunity in key countries around the world, and what factors will drive growth in each of those countries?

Who needs this report?

- Desalination plant suppliers

- Desalination component suppliers

- Energy companies

- Non-profit organizations

- Industry associations

- Government agencies

- Investment community

- Consultants

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Opportunities

1.3 Market Forces

1.3.1 Fossil Fuels

1.3.2 Population Growth

1.3.3 Environment

1.3.4 Other Forces

1.4 Competitive Landscape

1.4.1 Fragmented Market for Plant Suppliers

1.4.2 Concentrated Market for Key Component Suppliers

1.4.3 Key Market Players

1.5 Market Outlook

2. Market Issues

2.1 The Fossil Fuel Divide

2.2 Population

2.2.1 Population Growth

2.2.2 Population in Coastal Regions

2.3 The Cost of Desalted Water

2.3.1 Cost Comparison with a Pinch of Salt

2.3.2 Affordable Desalination

2.3.3 Cost Breakdown and Reduction

2.3.4 Cost Trends Analysis Cost Trend in Israel Cost Trend in Algeria

2.3.5 Costs of Desalination Plants across the Globe

2.4 Desalination and Energy

2.4.1 The Law of Thermodynamics Sets the Minimum

2.4.2 The Race to Save Energy

2.4.3 Energy Prices

2.4.4 Carbon Footprint

2.4.5 Prospects

2.5 The Price of Water

2.6 Unequally Distributed Freshwater

2.7 Water Availability

2.8 Economic Activity

2.8.1 Industrial Growth

2.8.2 Tourism

2.9 Environmental Footprint of Desalination

2.9.1 Brine Discharge

2.9.2 Carbon Footprint

2.9.3 Land Footprint

2.10 Public Opposition

2.11 Privatization and Financing

3. Technology Issues

3.1 Definition

3.1.1 Desalination

3.1.2 Unconventional Water Resources Seawater Brackish Water Waste Water

3.2 Desalination Technologies

3.2.1 Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment RO Membranes RO Membrane Material and Configuration Performance Pumps Energy Recovery Devices Intake and Outfall

3.2.2 Electrodialysis

3.3 Thermal Desalination

3.3.1 Multiple Effect Distillation

3.3.2 Multi-Stage Flash Distillation

3.4 Comparison: Thermal and Membrane Desalination Processes

3.4.1 Costs Capital Expenditure Operational Expenditure

3.4.2 Features

3.5 Hybrid Systems

3.6 Desalination and Renewable Energy

3.6.1 Solar Solar-Driven Humidification and Dehumidification Solar-Driven Reverse Osmosis Solar-Driven Membrane Distillation

3.6.2 Wind

3.7 Selected Clean Technologies

3.7.1 Aquastill

3.7.2 Saltworks Technologies

3.7.3 NanoH2O

3.7.4 Clean Membranes

3.7.5 Siemens Water

3.7.6 Forward Osmosis

4. Key Industry Players

4.1 Market Consolidation and Fragmentation

4.1.1 Desalination Plant Suppliers – Fragmentation

4.1.2 Key Component Suppliers – Concentration RO Membrane Manufacturers High-Pressure Pumps Manufacturers Energy Recovery Devices

4.2 Value Chain

4.3 Opportunities for New Entrants

4.3.1 EPC Companies

4.3.2 Construction Companies

4.3.3 Submarine Works Specialists

4.3.4 Acquisitions

4.4 Selected Company Profiles

4.4.1 Desalination Plant Suppliers Acciona Aqualyng Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Fisia Italimpianti GHD H2O Innovation Hyflux IDE Technologies Sadyt Suez Environnement Veolia

4.4.2 Key Component Suppliers Bekaert Progressive Composites Inge MTS Valves Torishima Pump Victaulic Woongjin Chemical

5. Market Forecasts

5.1 Key Assumptions

5.2 Market Overview

5.3 Outlook by Country

5.3.1 Middle East and North Africa Gulf Cooperation Council General Kingdom of Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Kuwait Qatar Bahrain North Africa Algeria Tunisia Israel

5.3.2 United States

5.3.3 Asia Pacific China India Australia The Maldives

5.3.4 Europe Spain Italy Cyprus

5.3.5 Caribbean Basin

5.3.6 Rest of World Namibia Chile

6. Company Directory

7. Acronym and Abbreviation List

8. Table of Contents

9. Table of Charts and Figures

10. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

List of Charts and Figures

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Top Growth Markets: 2010-2016

Total Primary Energy Supply for Desalination by Source: 2005-2009

Cumulative Installed Capacity, MENA and ROW: 2010-2016

Population Growth Rate, Major Desalination Countries: 1950-2050

Typical Capital Cost Breakdown for an SWRO Plant: 2009

Typical Total Water Cost Breakdown for an SWRO Plant: 2009

Specific CAPEX for Single-Purpose Seawater Desalination Plants by Country: 2008-2010

Market Segmentation by Desalination Process: 2010

Market Segmentation for Thermal Desalination Plants by Region: 2010

Cumulative Installed Capacity, Top 10 Plant Suppliers: 2005-2008

Market Share by Desalination Capacity, RO Membrane Suppliers: 2009

Segmentation of Market Value by Category: 2009

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Top Growth Markets: 2010-2016

Desalination Capital Investment, Top Growth Markets: 2010-2016

RO Desalination Plant Market Segmentation by Region: 2010-2016

Market Segmentation by Desalination Process: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Saudi Arabia: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, United Arab Emirates: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Kuwait: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Algeria: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, United States: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, China: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, India: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Australia: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Caribbean Basin: 2010-2016

Cumulative Installed Desalination Capacity, Chile: 2010-2016

Water Stress Indicator in Major Basins: 2004

Water Availability per Capita (1950 = 100): 1950-2025

View of a Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination Plant in Melbourne

Hyflux Water Treatment and Desalination Projects by Country: 2001-2008

List of Tables

Total Desalted Water Costs for SWRO Plants, Israel: 2005-2012

Capital Expenses of Desalination Plants, Algeria: 2008-2011

CAPEX Comparison Between Desalination Processes: 1998-2008

Comparison: Features of Thermal and Membrane Desalination Processes

Overview of the Key Market Players in the Value Chain

Suez Environnement Major Desalination Projects

Installed and Planned Capacity by Project, Algeria: 2010

Key Seawater Desalination Projects by Supplier, Israel: 2007-2012

Key Sea and Brackish Water Desalination Projects by Supplier, Spain: 2008-2010

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