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This report takes an in-depth look at the E-Book market and provides also its key figures for 2008-2014. It maps out the new digital value chain, explores the players' strategies through some 20 case studies, provides details on the business models being employed and analyses the key technological issues at hand: formats, metadata, DRM and display technologies.

Key questions

• How is the market structure and which are the key figures for

the main Western markets?

• What are the technological issues, especially DRM, compatible

formats, screen resolution, etc.?

• Who are the new entrants to the e-book market, and what

differences are there in the digital and printed book value chains?

• How are the different players positioned and what business

models exist today?

• What impact will the digital book have on the publishing market

as a whole in the medium term?

> Market data & forecasts 2008-2014:

- Germany, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Italy,

Japan, the UK

- Printed and E-Book markets (sales revenue), e-reader market

(unit sales)


1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

• Scope of the report

3. Market structure and key issues

3.1. Market overview

3.1.1. Segmentation by genre

• Scientific and technical works: the digital book


• Emergence of digital textbooks

• Keitai shosetsu: Japanese-born digital book


• Mangas and comic books diving into the fray

• Romance novels, the first fiction genre to

switch to digital

3.1.2. Segmentation by terminal

3.1.3. Homothetic and enhanced books

3.2. Current market estimates

3.2.1. National market profiles

3.2.2. Digital book market profiles

3.2.3. e-reader markets

3.3. Key issues

3.3.1. Formats

• Moving towards a coexistence of formats

• PDF: longstanding presence but technically


• Amazon banking on its own format

• Emergence of the EPUB format

• Use of conversion houses

• Which formats for which offers?

• An outmoded debate in the era of cloud

computing and portability?

3.3.2. DRM

• Metadata for promoting the book

• Digital warehouses

3.3.3. Screens: what distinguishes the devices


3.3.4. Impact of regulation

• What regulatory stipulations on the price of


• What tax rate applied to E-Books?

3.3.5. Consumption

• Is reading a niche habit?

• Is digital reading an ultra-niche habit?

• Most digital reading still being done on the


• What digital content do we read?

4. Industry structure and strategies

4.1. Industry structure

4.1.1. Physical and digital value chains

• Strategies for switching to digital

4.1.2. Business models

• File downloads: oldest and most popular


• The agency model

• Subscription, cornerstone of Japan's mobile


• Rental model

• Selling books by the chapter

• Ad funding

4.2. Player profiles

4.2.1. Publishers: between innovation and


4.2.2. Aggregators: technology providers and

sales agents

4.2.3. Resellers: pillars of the printed book vs.


4.2.4. Mobile operators: neutral technical

intermediaries or true stakeholders

4.2.5. Hardware manufacturers: from the

device to the bookshop

4.3. Strategic analysis

4.3.1. Who controls the market?

• The American exception

• Publishers: negotiating with authors and

controlling the lower end of the value chain

• Telcos: usually technical intermediaries and


• Resellers: banking on the selection, the

ecosystem and user recommendations

• Hardware manufacturers: connectivity and


4.3.2. The planned extinction of the bookshop?

4.3.3. Destruction or creation of value?

5. Markets and forecasts

5.1. Growth factors

5.1.1. Analysis of growth/disruptive factors

5.1.2. Forecast hypotheses

5.2. Market forecasts

5.2.1. Forecasts for 2010 to 2014

5.2.2. Forecasts by segment, by platform

5.3. Data book

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