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Ferroelectric Thin Films Markets

This report provides a complete analysis of the sapphire substrates industry along with key market metrics. It provides updated volume and $ forecast for finished wafers and volume forecast for material through 2015 along with capacity analysis, price trends and new company profiles.

Market Trends

Ferroelectric thin films have been used for many years in Integrated Passives Devices (IPDs), Ferroelectric memories (FeRAM) and MEMS inkjet heads. Such thin films can be used for ferroelectric, piezoelectric or pyroelectric properties.

Ferroelectric materials were considered as exotic materials in the past in the semiconductor domain. Thanks to better knowledge and industrialization of these materials, they are increasingly used in many new applications, especially in the MEMS field: MEMS wafer level autofocus, RF MEMS, MEMS ultrasonic transducers infrared sensors, IPD tunable capacitors, and many others.

Physical Vapor Deposition is the dominant deposition technique but Chemical Solution Deposition techniques will increase its market share greatly, especially in MEMS applications thanks to its better material composition.

PZT, the most well-known ferroelectric material will keep the leadership on SBT, BST, except if other materials are developed to replace lead, black listed by the RoHs European directive.

Market Metrics

Driven by existing and new applications, the production of ferroelectric thin films will grow from 881,000 6'' eq. wafers in 2010 to 1,263,000wafers in 2015, meaning a CAGR of +7.5 %.

Inkjet head application and IPDs ESD/EMI planar capacitor represent more than 90% of the production in 2010 but other applications will grow strongly to reach globally 26% of the total production.

Large industrial companies are already using ferroelectric thin films in various applications fields, showing the reliability of this technology:



- FeRAM: Panasonic, Fujitsu, Rhom, Oki,Ramtron

In the next 5 years, many new players plan to adopt or evaluate ferroelectric thin films to enter on key markets, from SMEs (Polight, Irisys, NovioMEMS…) to large groups (Oce, Xaar, Delphi, IBM, Philips research…).

Objectives of the report

– Provide an overview of the ferroelectric thin film applications

• Description of the key ferroelectric thin film applications

• Who are the current and future industrial ferroelectric thin film users in each application

• Main trends regarding the use of thin films

– Analyze the deposition techniques and materials (PVD, CVD, CSD) trends

• Deposition techniques used in each application and for each manufacturer

• Global deposition techniques and material trends

– Provide production data on ferroelectric thin film business

• Ferroelectric thin film production forecast 2010-2015 in number of wafers

• Market shares of the different detection techniques globally and by application

• Market shares of the ferroelectric material

Who should by this report

• Device (MEMS, IPDs, FeRAM…) manufacturers

-Evaluate the benefits of using ferroelectric thin films technologies

-Identify new business opportunities and partners

-Monitor and benchmark your competitor's advancements in thin films developments

• Thin films equipment (CVD, PVD, CSD, characterization systems..) and materials manufacturers

-Evaluate market potential of ferroelectric thin film business with major applications & trends

-Identify new business opportunities & partners

• Financial & strategic investors

-Understand the potential of ferroelectric thin films business

-Get the list of main key players and emerging start-ups of this industry

• R&D centers

-Evaluate market potential of future technologies and products for new applicative markets

-Identify the best candidates for technology transfer

• MEMS & packaging foundries

-Understand ferroelectric thin films applications & the deposition techniques used

-Identify new business opportunities & prospects

Companies cited in the report

Argonne lab, Asicon, Avx, BAE, Brother, CEA Le Ripault, Cranfield University, Deplhi, DRS, Epcos, EPFL, Epichem,

Epiphotonics, EPSON , FLIR, Fraunhofer IMT, Fraunhofer IPMS, Fujifilm Dimatix, Fujitsu, Gennum, Hammamatsu,

Heimann, Holst centre, Hynix, IBM, Imagine Optic, IMEC, Infineon, Inostek, Ipdia, Irisys, KIST, Kojundo lab,Korean Institute of Technology, KTH, L3Com, LAAS, Lemoptix, Lensvector, LG , Matsushita, Maxim, Microsystem lab, Microvision, Mitsubishi Chemical, Murata, Nippon Ceramic, NovioMEMS, NovioMEMS, NXP, Oce, Oerlikon, OK I, Olympus, ON semiconductor, Onchip, Panasonic, Panasonic, Paratek, Philips, Philips Research, Polight, Pondus Instruments, Pulse, Pyreos, Pyreos, Ramtron, Rohm, Samco, Samsung, Semtech, Siemens Medical, Singapore univ,

Sintef, Solmates, Sonitor, Sound Design Technology, Steinbeis Transfer centre, ST microelectronics, Suss, Symetrix Corporation, Tango, Technolas perfect vision, Tegal, Texas Instrument, Tezzaron, Thales, Toshiba, Tyndall, Ulis, Ulvac, US Army lab, Vermon, VTT, Western digital, Wispry, Xaar.

Table of Contents<

• Glossary

• Motivations and objectives of the report

• Who should be interested in this report?

• Companies cited in this report

• Definitions, limitations & methodology

• Executive summary......9

– Key facts and trends

– Global ferroelectric thin films market forecast 2010-2015 in wafers (6" eq)

– Global ferroelectric thin films market forecast 2010-2015 by materials in wafers (6" eq)

– Global ferroelectric thin films market forecast 2010-2015 by deposition techniques in wafers (6" eq)

– Key ferroelectric thin films market players

– Main R&D labs active in ferroelectric thin films

– Ferroelectric thin films business development main issues

• Thin films deposition techniques & materials.......18

– Processes for ferroelectric thin films deposition techniques

– Thin films deposition techniques equipment manufacturers examples

– Thin films deposition techniques equipment manufacturers

– Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD) techniques

– Ferroelectric thin film deposition techniques comparison

– Ferroelectric thin films functions and materials

– CSD materials focus

• MEMS ferroelectric thin films applications............26

– MEMS, an Overview

– Key facts to remember about MEMS

– MEMS $M 2009-2015 forecas

– MEMS units 2009-2015 forecast

– TOP 30 MEMS Manufacturers 2009 sales

• MEMS ferroelectric thin films market analysis......32

– MEMS ferroelectric applications

– MEMS ferroelectric thin films functions and materials

– MEMS ferroelectric thin films deposition techniques market share by main applications

– Roadmap to production for new players in MEMS ferroelectric thin films

– MEMS ferroelectric thin films 2010-2015 market forecasts in wafers (''6 eq)

– MEMS ferroelectric thin films 2010-2015 market forecasts by deposition techniques in wafers (''6 eq)

– MEMS ferroelectric thin films 2010-2015 market forecasts by materials in wafers (''6 eq)

– General Overview of MEMS ferroelectric applications

•MEMS ferroelectric thin films market players........41

– Piezo electric MEMS thin films materials and key industrial market players

– MEMS ferro electric thin films deposition technique and key industrial market players

– Ferro electric thin films thickness per application

– Key industrial market players positioning

•Inkjet head MEMS application..46

•Uncooled infrared (IR) sensors51

•Wafer level auto focus.............56

•RF MEMS switches......61

• MEMS based ultrasonic medical imaging67

• Other miscellaneous MEMS applications70

– MEMS micro-phones

– MEMS pressure sensor

– MEMS-based energy harvesting

– Micro mirrors

– Bulk piezoelectric MEMS applications: Gyroscopes, HDD

• R&D projects on thin films for MEMS.......84

– piezoVolume, an European FP7 project

– Q2M key technologies

– Conclusion on R&D MEMS projects

• Conclusions on ferroelectric MEMS applications....91

• Other (than MEMS) ferroelectric applications market analysis........95

– Main ferroelectric thin films applications (other than MEMS)

– Ferroelectric thin film properties requirements and materials used

– Ferroelectric thin films deposition techniques market shares by application in 2010

– Key ferroelectric thin films new players roadmap to production

– Ferroelectric thin films market forecast (2010-2017) by applications

– Ferro lectric thin films market forecast (2010-2017) by materials

– Ferroelectric thin films market forecast (2010-2017) by deposition techniques

• Other ferroelectric thin films market players.......103

– Ferroelectric thin films materials and key devices industrial players

– Industrial players mapping by deposition techniques and materials

– Ferroelectric thin films thickness per application

– Key industrial market players positioning

• IPDs application.......108

– Passive Components

– Definitions

– Discrete vs. SOC vs. Integrated Passive

– Thin-film IPD Applications Segmentation

– Thin-film IPD Market Forecast ($M)

– Introduction on Ferro electric thin films for IPD

– IPD ferroelectric thin films applications

• Ferroelectric thin films for IPD ESD/EMI protection audio..........115

• Ferroelectric thin films for IPDs in hearing aids.119

• Ferroelectric thin films for RF tunable capacitors...121

• Other high density capacitors applications.........123

• Key IPDs players and R&D labs collaborations in Europe........125

• FeRAM........126

• Others ferroelectric thin films applications.........133

– Ferro electric thin films for telecom optical switches

– Ferro electric thin films for photovoltaic

• Key ferroelectric thin films R&D players.............137

– R&D lab : CEA Le Ripault (FR) - 1/3

– R&D company: Symetrix (US) – 1/6

• Conclusion on Ferro electric thin films (other than MEMS) applications..147

• General conclusions.150__

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