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Fungicides China News 1009

For some traditional fungicides, such as Carbendazim, Mancozeb and Thiophanate-methyl, etc., despite long using histories, their manufacturing activity remains strong in China currently. Till Sept., most of Chinese producers have expanded the capacity of those above-mentioned fungicides. In this issue, CCM will continue to cover the related information in China.

Meanwhile, most of Chinese agrochemical companies performed not so well in H1, mainly due to the adverse weather around the world causing the shrunk demand for pesticides. In contrast, some producers remain to enjoy a better performance during this period. In this issue, CCM takes Qianjiang Biochemical as example, to introduce its achievements in H1 in detail.

Besides, some diseases are occurring heavily in corn and rice fields currently, and CCM will timely provide the first-hand information in China in this issue.

Lastly, CCM also will present the latest overall fungicide registration information in China, especially the most popular registered here in the hope of facilitating your better understanding about Chinese fungicide industry.

Limin Chemical keeps it mancozeb production at a high operating rate this year.

Chinese government has allocated about USD 161.76 million to rice farmers to buy pesticide and fertilizer recently.

Four producers dominate phosethyl Al technical production in China.

Supply of benzyl chloride exceeds demand in China at present.

The consumption of hexaconazol in domestic market has witnessed increase in recent years.

Xi'an Modern is the only producer of cuppric nonyl phenolsulfonate in China.

Zhejiang Wynca gets into fungicide business by investment in Ningxia Sanxi.

Hunan Haili plans to expand its thiophanate-methyl technical capacity from 1,500t/a to 3,000t/a.

Lianyungang Jindun is expanding its carbendazim technical from 2,000t/a to 5,000t/a currently.

Noposion's fungicide business witnesses continuous increase in recent years.

Qianjiang Biochemical performed much better in H1 this year compared with the same period last year.

Isoprothiolane TC price has witnessed continuous increase since H2 2009, divergent from the prices of other fungicides.

Rice black streaked dwarf is to hit China seriously this year and its occurrence area continues to increase over last year.

About additional 50.5 million hectares corn will be hit by insect pests and diseases by the end of 2010.

Propiconazole registration grew fast in China in the past few years.

64 companies achieved 73 fungicide registrations in Aug. 2010, including 9 technical registrations, 44 single formulations and 20 mixed formulations.

Limin Chemical keeps at a high operating rate for mancozeb

Rice farmers enjoy pesticide and fertilizer purchase subsidy

Four producers dominate Chinese phosethyl Al technical

Benzyl chloride market situation in China

Consumption of hexaconazol increases

Development of cuppric nonyl phenolsulfonate

Zhejiang Wynca gets into fungicide business

Hunan Haili plans to expand thiophanate-methyl technical

Lianyungang Jindun expanding its carbendazim technical

Noposion's fungicide business enjoys continuous increase

Qianjiang Biochemical performed much better in H1


Isoprothiolane TC price keeps increasing from H2 2009

Rice black streaked dwarf occurrence area continues to increase

Disease forecast on corn in middle and later growth stages

Propiconazole registration in China

Fungicide registration in Aug. 2010 Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Group Company,Ningxia Sanxi Chemical Co., Ltd.,Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,Lianyungang Jindun Agrochemical Co., Ltd.,Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals Company

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