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Games Market in India: Online, Console, Video Games and Mobile

Pearl Research is pleased to announce the release of a new version of our "Games Market in India" study covering the online, packaged PC, mobile and console games (Xbox, PlayStation 3 and others). India has always attracted attention with a fast-growing economy, large legion of English-speaking middle-class and a thriving information technology (IT) sector. There has been extensive investments in India's digital entertainment sector with new launches and a proliferation in the number of mobile titles.

Does the hype match actual market conditions? Can companies turn a profit in the market?

This study includes metrics such as market sizing, online games concurrent numbers, console penetration, number of mobile games downloads, PC and Internet penetration, along with in-depth discussion of trends and market players covering online, packaged PC, mobile and console games. This Pearl Research report provides an analysis of the online games market in India and includes:

- Executive summary

- Analysis of the Indian middle class

- Key metrics such as the size of the games market in India, number and growth in Internet users, broadband penetration and PC penetration

- Inhibitors and drivers to market growth

- Discussion of Internet cafes and their role in the online games market

- Examination of MMOGs currently in the market

- Interest of Korean game publishers' in India

- Profiles of key players

- Comparison of China and India's online games market

Table of Contents

Methodology i

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations iii

I. Executive Summary and Key Takeaways 1

II. Socio-Economic Overview 2

Economic growth 2

Size of middle class 3

Drivers to consumption of lifestyle items 4

III. Software Piracy 5

IV. Key Companies 6

Trade groups 6

V. Internet and Broadband 7

Internet 7

India internet usage study 8

Broadband 9

VI. Online Games Market Trends and Analysis 12

MMOG and casual games market overview 12

Investments in the Market 13

Conclusions 14

Market Size 15

Online Games Inhibitors 16

A3 17

Sify 18

Ragnarok Online (RO) 19

Gunz Online 19

Level Up 20

UTV 21

Online games pricing strategy 22

VII. Internet Cafes 23

Sify's ePort Internet cafe chain 26

Reliance WebWorld 27

Billing and payment 28

Fragmented Indian market 28

Language and localization 29

Local content 30

VIII. Inhibitors to Growth 31

i. Low PC penetration 33

ii. Cultural barriers to games and lack of a games history 33

iii. Price-sensitive consumers and low per-capita GDP 33

iv. Challenging business environment 33

v. Lack of experienced online game developers 34

IX. Console Gaming 35

X. Mobile Gaming 39

XI. China vs. India 40

i. Differences 40

ii. Similarities 40

XII. Chindia Strategy 42

XIII. Conclusion 44

List of Figures

Figure 1: Key Country Metrics 2

Figure 2: Households In India (By Yearly Income Bracket) 3

Figure 3: Factors Contributing To The Consumerization Of Urban India 4

Figure 4: Growth In Internet Users 2004, 2005 And 2008 7

Figure 5: Reasons Users Do Not Use The Internet 8

Figure 6: Internet Subscribers And Broadband Penetration 2004 to 2009 9

Figure 7: Broadband Access Technology Market Share 10

Figure 8: Packaged PC, Console, Online And Mobile Games Projections 2006 To 2014 ($M) 15

Figure 9: Online Games Market Projections 2006 To 2014 15

Figure 10: Screenshots From A3, Operated By Sify Corp. 17

Figure 11: Advertisements For Free Ragnarok Play For A Limited Time 19

Figure 12: Screenshots From Gunz Online 20

Figure 13: Ragnarok Pricing In India 22

Figure 14: Growth In Internet Cafes 2003 To 2008 23

Figure 15: Users At Sify's ePort Chain 24

Figure 16: Ad For Sify's Counter Strike Tournament 25

Figure 17: Number Of Sify's Internet Cafes 26

Figure 18: Photo Of Reliance Webworld Cafes 27

Figure 19: Factors To Improving India's Economy 34

Figure 20: Top Mobile Game Providers 39

Figure 21: Matrix Comparing India And China 41

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