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Global and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Report, 2009-2010

Supported by the government's agricultural machinery subsidy policy, China's agricultural machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years.

1. The total number of agricultural machinery keeps growing

The total power of China's agricultural machinery was 525.7 million kW in 2000, 684.0 million kW in 2005, 821.9 million kW in 2008, and 875.0 million kW in 2009. In the meantime, the ownership of large and medium-sized tractors increased from 975,000 sets in 2000 to 5.019 million sets in 2009, while the ownership of combine harvesters rose from 235,000 sets to 847,000 sets, at a CAGR of 20.2% and 15.3% respectively.

2. The structure of agricultural machinery has been optimized

With the growth in both the subsidy for and the total number of agricultural machinery, China's agricultural machinery structure has been continuously improved. On the one hand, agricultural machinery power per hectare had increased gradually to 7.2kW in 2009, up 22.0% compared to 5.9kW in 2007. On the other hand, the large-power, high-performance and compound machinery had witnessed rapid growth.

3. Agricultural mechanization has entered the intermediate stage of development

In 2007, the general agricultural mechanization level, and the ratio of agricultural labor force to total social employment respectively reached 42.5% and 38%, indicating that China's agricultural mechanization had entered into the intermediate period. In 2009, the general agricultural mechanization level reached 48.8%, and the mechanization of plowing, sowing and harvesting respectively achieved 64%, 40% and 37%.

Meanwhile, China's three major crops also achieved rapid development in terms of mechanization level. Wheat production has almost achieved complete mechanization, and the production of both rice and corn achieved over 54% of mechanization. In 2009, the general agricultural mechanization level of wheat, rice and corn was respectively 89%, 54.9% and 54.8%.

4. Agricultural service organizations are growing up

After the launch of agricultural machinery subsidy policy, the total number of China's agricultural machinery cooperative organizations and large agricultural machinery owners increased to 39 million in 2009 from 30.818 million in 2003, and agricultural mechanization income also rose to RMB380 billion in 2009 from RMB226.96 billion in 2003.

Besides worldwide and China's agricultural machinery development, the report also makes an in-depth analysis of six agricultural machinery products, six key provinces and municipalities, as well as 15 major companies.

By product, tractor, harvesting machinery, field machinery and agricultural transport machinery except pump all witnessed rapid growth in output in 2009. However, major agricultural machinery products had different export performance. For example, wheeled tractor and walking tractor, two traditional export products, both had experienced big fall in export; but harvesting machinery saw a growth in export.

By province and municipality, Shandong, Hebei and Henan are China's top three agricultural machinery producers, respectively accounting for 12.6%, 11.3% and 11.2% of China's total agricultural machinery power in 2009, followed by Anhui, Hunan and Jiangsu, separately with 5.8%, 5.0% and 4.4%.

By enterprise, Dcere, CNH and Kubota are the world's top three agricultural machinery companies, respectively achieving sales of over USD10 billion in 2009. Now, China's agricultural machinery industry has formed an outstanding enterprise layout after a long-term development: YTO Group Corporation, FOTON LOVOL H.I. and Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery are tractor leaders; Luoyang Zhongshou and Shandong Juming Group are harvester leaders, Shifeng Group and Wuzheng Group are agricultural transport vehicle leaders; and GIFORE is China's first listed agricultural machinery chain.

1. Global Agricultural Machinery Industry Development

1.1 Overview

1.2 Major Countries

1.2.1 The United States

1.2.2 Germany

1.2.3 Italy

1.2.4 Japan

2. China's Agricultural Machinery Industry Development

2.1 Policy Environment

2.2 Agricultural Machinery Equipment Level

2.2.1 Total Amount

2.2.2 Structure

2.3 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization Level

2.3.1 Entering into the Intermediate Stage of Development

2.3.2 Mechanization of Major Grain Crops Production

2.4 Agricultural Machinery Services

2.5 Industry Operation

2.5.1 Overview

2.5.2 Segmented Industries

2.5.3 Main Products

2.5.4 Export

3. China's Major Agricultural Machinery Products

3.1 Tractor

3.1.1 Overview

3.1.2 Large and Medium-sized Tractor

3.1.3 Small Tractor

3.2 Harvester

3.2.1 Mechanization Level

3.2.2 Market

3.2.3 Three Major Grain Crops Harvester Market

3.3 Field Machinery

3.4 Agricultural Transport Machinery

3.4.1 Output & Sales

3.4.2 Companies

3.5 Drainage and Irrigation Machinery

3.5.1 Agricultural Pump Development Overview

3.5.2 Agricultural Pump Development Prospect

3.6 Controlled Environment Agricultural Machinery

3.6.1 Overview of Controlled Environment Agriculture

3.6.2 Development of Controlled Environment Agricultural Machinery

4. Key Provinces & Municipalities

4.1 Competition Layout

4.2 Shandong

4.2.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment

4.2.2 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization

4.2.3 Agricultural Machinery Services

4.3 Hebei

4.3.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment

4.3.2 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization

4.4 Henan

4.4.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment

4.4.2 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization

4.5 Anhui

4.5.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment

4.5.2 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization

4.5.3 Agricultural Machinery Operation

4.6 Hunan

4.6.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment

4.6.2 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization

4.6.3 Development Strategies

4.7 Jiangsu

4.7.1 Total Amount of Agricultural Machinery Equipment

4.7.2 Agricultural Machinery Mechanization

4.7.3 Agricultural Machinery Services

4.7.4 Development Strategies

5. Major Foreign Agricultural Machinery Companies

5.1 Overview


5.2.1 Profile

5.2.2 Operation

5.2.3 Development in China

5.3 CNH

5.3.1 Profile

5.3.2 Operation

5.3.3 Development in China


5.4.1 Profile

5.4.2 Operation

5.4.3 Development in China

5.5 AGCO

5.5.1 Profile

5.5.2 Operation

5.5.3 Development in China


5.6.1 Profile

5.6.2 Operation

5.6.3 Development in China


5.7.1 Profile

5.7.2 Operation


5.8.1 Profile

5.8.2 Operation

6. China's Major Agricultural Machinery Companies

6.1 Overview

6.2 YTO Group Corporation

6.2.1 Profile

6.2.2 Operation

6.2.3 Competition Advantages

6.2.4 Strategies


6.3.1 Profile

6.3.2 Operation

6.3.3 Competition Advantages

6.4 Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery

6.4.1 Profile

6.4.2 Operation

6.4.3 Development Strategies

6.5 Shifeng Group

6.5.1 Profile

6.5.2 Operation

6.5.3 Development Strategies

6.6 Wuzheng Group

6.6.1 Profile

6.6.2 Operation

6.6.3 Development Strategies

6.7 Luoyang Zhongshou

6.7.1 Profile

6.7.2 Operation

6.7.3 Development Strategies

6.8 Shandong Juming Group

6.8.1 Profile

6.8.2 Operation

6.8.3 Innovation


6.9.1 Profile

6.9.2 Operation

6.9.3 Development Strategies

Selected charts

Agricultural Machinery Mechanization Process in Key Countries

Germany's Agricultural Machinery Sales by Product, 2008

Output and Sales of Japan's Main Agricultural Machinery, 2009

China's Agricultural Machinery Subsidy, 2004-2010

Total Power of China's Agricultural Machinery, 1978-2009

Ownership of Large and Medium-sized Tractors and Combine harvesters in China, 2000-2009

Agricultural Machinery Power per Hectare Infield in China, 2007-2009

China's Crop Plowing, Sowing & Harvesting Mechanization Level, 2006-2009

General Mechanization Level of China's Crop Plowing, Sowing & Harvesting, 2006-2009

General Mechanization Level of China's Top Three Grain Crops, 2007-2009

Output Value of China's Agricultural Machinery Industry, 2009-2010

China's Agricultural Machinery Product Export Volume & Value, 2009

China's Large and Medium-sized Tractor Output, 2003-2010

China's Large and Medium-sized Tractor Output Distribution, 2009

China's Small-size Tractor Output, 2003-2010

China's Top Ten Provinces & Municipalities by Small-size Tractor Output, Jan-May, 2010

China's Harvesting Mechanization Level

China's Harvester Output, 2003-2010

China's Field Machinery Output, 2003-2010

China's Top Ten Provinces & Municipalities by Field Machinery Output, 2009

China's Low-speed Truck Output & Sales, 2007-2009

China's Tri-wheel Vehicle Output & Sales, 2007-2009

China's Top Ten Companies by Low-speed Truck Output & Sales, 2009

Ratios of Total Agricultural Machinery Power of Major Provinces & Municipalities in China, 2009

Shandong Total Power & Value of Agricultural Machinery, 2003-2009

Shandong Corn Combine harvester Ownership & Growth Rate, 2006-2009

General Mechanization Level of Shandong Crop Plowing, Sowing & Harvesting, 2006-2009

Total Output Value & Added Value of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Service, 2006-2009

Hebei Total Power of Agricultural Machinery, 2005-2009

Hebei Major Agricultural Machinery Ownership, 2007-2009

Henan Total Power of Agricultural Machinery, 2005-2009

Henan Tractor Ownership, 2005-2009

Henan Major Agricultural Machinery Ownership, 2005-2009

General Mechanization Level of Henan Crop Plowing & Sowing, 2005-2009

Anhui Agricultural Machinery Investment, 2003-2009

Anhui Total Power of Agricultural Machinery, 2003-2009

Anhui Major Agricultural Machinery Ownership, 2006-2009

General Mechanization Level of Anhui Plowing, Sowing & Harvesting, 2007-2009

Total Operating Income of Anhui Agricultural Machinery, 2003-2009

Total Power of Hunan Agricultural Machinery Equipment, 2006-2009

General Mechanization Level of Hunan Rice Plowing, Sowing & Harvesting, 2007-2009

Jiangsu Total Power of Agricultural Machinery, 2005-2009

Jiangsu Major Agricultural Machinery Ownership, 2007-2009

General Mechanization Level of Jiangsu Crop Production, 2007-2009

Jiangsu Rice Planting Mechanization Level, 2005-2009

JOHN DCERE Net Sales & Net Profit, FY2006- FY2010

JOHN DCERE Net Sales by Business, FY2007- FY2009

CNH Net Sales & Net Profit, 2006- 2010

CNH Net Sales by Business, 2007-2010

CNH Agricultural Equipment Net Sales by Region, 2007-2010

Shanghai CNH Sales Income, 2005-2009

KUBOTA Operating Income & Net Profit, FY2007-FY2010

KUBOTA Operating Income by Region, FY2009-FY2010

KUBOTA Operating Income by Business, FY2009-FY2010

KUBOTA Suzhou Sales Income & Y-o-Y Growth, 2006-2009

AGCO Net Sales & Net Profit, 2006-2010

AGCO Net Sales by Region, 2008-2009

AGCO Tractor Retail Value Y-o-Y Growth by Region, 2009-2010

Claas Net Sales & Net Profit, FY2006-FY2009

Claas Oversea and Domestic Net Sales Ratios, 2006-2009

Claas Net Sales by Region, FY2009

Claas Net Sales by Business, FY2009

Same Deutz-Fahr Net Sales & Net Profit, 2007-2009

Same Deutz-Fahr Tractor Market Demand Y-o-Y Growth by Region, 2009

Same Deutz-Fahr Combine harvester Market Demand Y-o-Y Growth by Region, 2009

Same Deutz-Fahr Net Sales by Product, 2007-2009

Same Deutz-Fahr Tractor Net Sales by Brand, 2007-2009

Same Deutz-Fahr Tractor Net Sales by Horsepower, 2007-2009

Kverneland Operating Income & Net Profit, 2006-2009

Kverneland Operating Income by Business, 2008-2009

Kverneland Operating Income by Region, 2008-2009

YTO Group Corporation Turnover & Net Profit, 2007-2009

YTO Group Corporation Sales & Y-o-Y Growth by Division, 2009

YTO Group Corporation Agricultural Machinery Sales & Growth Margin by Product, 2009

OTON LOVOL H.I. Sales & Y-o-Y Growth, 2006-2009

Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Sales & Y-o-Y Growth, 2006-2010

Shifeng Group Operating Income and Profit & Tax, 2006-2009

Shifeng Group Agricultural Machinery Output by Product, 2006-2008

Shifeng Group Major Projects, 2010

Wuzheng Group Sales, 2006-2009

Shandong Juming Group Sales & Y-o-Y Growth, 2005-2009

GIFORE Sales & Net Profit, 2006-2009

GIFORE Direct-sale Store Number & Sales per Store, 2006-2009

GIFORE Agricultural Machinery Sales by Product, 2006-2009

GIFORE Excess Funds Application as of Jul, 2010

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