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Global Container Glass Industry - An Analysis

The global market for glass packaging is thriving on the back of the increasing consumer demand for pure, green, and sustainable food and beverage packaging. Glass the fact that glass containers are chemically inert and pure, and thus safer to be used, their popularity and demand is notably high among consumers. Further, the perception of glass containers as having a high quality or premium image compared to plastic and metal containers is also facilitating its growth.

Its key property of being chemically inert and transparent makes glass the most suitable medium of packaging of liquor, pharmaceutical/life saving drugs and food items. Recyclability is another major advantage of glass which makes a preferred choice for packaging. In addition to the above benefits of glass, factors like increasing demand from emerging markets of India and China, rising cosmetic sales, changing lifestyle, increasing per capita income are also driving the growth of the glass container industry.

Unlike plastic, cans, and multi layered cartons, glass containers do not need a petroleum-based plastic layer or other chemical additive to preserve the taste of foods and beverages, avoid corrosion or decrease gas permeability. Glass does not deteriorate, corrode, stain or fade, so products inside glass container remain as fresh and pure as they were bottled.

The report titled "Global Container Glass Industry: An Analysis" discusses the global glass container market and offers a geographic assessment with a study of each of its segment. It analyzes the global industry in the context of its growth patterns, future growth, and key opportunities that are yet to be leveraged. In addition to covering the American and European container glass industry, the report also assesses the major consuming regions and also the potential application in various industries. The report also presents the competitive structure of the industry and profiles major players in the glass packaging market including Owen-Illinois, Saint-Gobain, Vidrala and Ardagh. Also, key trends in the container glass industry have been identified and major factors that are expected to drive growth have been analyzed. Forecast for the global container glass industry has been done for the period 2010–2013.

We have predicted the future growth of the global glass container market by combining SPSS Inc.'s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS to determine the future direction of the industry.

1. Glass Industry: An Overview

1.1 An Introduction to Glass Industry

1.2 Glass Manufacturing Process

1.3 Glass Characteristics

1.4 Glass Recycling Process

1.5 Glass Industry – Demand & Capacity

1.6 Comparison of Hollow Glass & Flat Glass

1.7 Decorative Glass Overview

1.7.1 Methods of Decorating Glass

1.7.2 Major Trends in Decorative Container Glass

2. Glass Container Industry

2.1 Glass Container Industry: Geographic Segmentation

2.2 Container Glass by End-Use

2.3 Glass Industry by Sub-Sectors

2.4 Container Glass Producing Regions

2.5 Major Glass Consuming Regions

2.6 Benefits of Container Glass Vs Other Materials

3. The US Container Glass Industry

4. European Container Glass Industry

5. Market Dynamics

5.1 Key Trends

Global Glass Container Shipment

Glass Shipment Trends by Geography

Global Beer Market Trend

5.2 Growth Drivers

Increasing Beverage Demand

Emerging Economies Drive Future Glass Growth

Rising Cosmetic Sales

Rising Glass Food Container Demand

Indian Glass Packaging Industry Driving the Global Glass Container Industry

6. Competitive Landscape

6.1 Owens-Illinois

Business Overview

Revenue and Income Analysis

Key Strategies

6.2 Vidrala

Business Overview

Revenue and Income Analysis

Key Strategies

6.3 Ardagh

Business Overview

Revenue and Income Analysis

6.4 Saint-Gobain

Business Overview

Key Strategies

7. Market Outlook

7.1 Market Forecast

7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables

7.2.2 Correlation Analysis

7.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Figures

Industry Glass Capacity Vs Demand (2009E Vs 2006)

Total Number of Units of Products Sold in Glass Packaging (2001-2009E)

World Glass Container Per Capita Consumption (Kg): 2009

Transaction Cost in Packaging Industry by Material: 2009

US Glass Container Shipment by Category (%)-2007 Vs 2008

The US: Export & Import of Container Glass (2007-2008)

The US: Shipments of Beer Bottles (1990-2008)

The US Beer Packaging Mix (Metal Cans & Glass Bottles) (1998-2008)

Glass Units Sold (Billion): 2001-2009

Share of Production of Beer by Continent (%): 2003-2008

Global Beverage Demand Growth: 2007-2011E

Glass packaging Growth in Emerging Countries (%): (2008-2013E)

Global Cosmetic Sales (2001-2008)

Indian Food Market Growth (2009-2012E)

Indian Pharma Market Growth (2008-2012E)

Indian Liquor Market Growth (2009-2012E)

Owen-Illinois: Revenue and Income Analysis (2005-2009)

Vidrala: Revenue and Income Analysis (2005-2009)

Ardagh: Revenue and Income Analysis (2005-2009)

Saint-Gobain Revenues: 2004-2009

Forecast: Global Glass Container Unit Sales: 2008-2013E

Forecast: Glass Container Growth by Geography (%): 2009-2013

List of Charts

Container Glass Composition (%)

Schematic Diagram of Glass Container Manufacturing Process

Global Glass Packaging Industry

Breakup of Moulded Glass Packaging Industry: 2009

Glass Container Industry By Region (%): 2009

Market Share of Container Glass by End-Use (%): 2009

Breakup of the Glass Industry

Glass Container Producing Regions: 2008

Glass Units Sold by Geography (Billion): 2009

Europe Union Glass Industry Sector (%):2009

Europe: Export of Glass by Type (%): 2008

Europe: Import of Glass by Type (%): 2008

Indian Packaging Industry Breakup (%):2009

Indian Packaging Industry Revenue Mix by Volume (%): 2009

Global Container Glass Supplier Market Share (%): 2008

List of Tables

Comparison of Hollow Glass Vs Flat Glass

European Glass Container Production (Million Tonnes): 2004-2008

Number of Units Product Sold (Billion) in Glass Packaging by Geography (2000-2009E)

World Glass Food Container Demand By Region (US$ Million):1998-2018E

Dependent & Independent Variables (2001– 2009)

Correlation Matrix

Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination

Regression Coefficients Output

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