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Global Cosmetics and Toiletries Market

Executive Summary

Over the last few years, cosmetics market has witnessed a sea change which has resulted in the entire shift in its value chain with cosmetics production being shifted to low-cost countries like India and China. At the same time new channels of distribution are emerging such as online retailing. Also, change in the consumer preferences like growing demand for natural and herbal cosmetics has forced the companies to change and adapt their strategies according to the changing consumer preferences.

The present report on Cosmetics and Toiletries talks about global market demand and prospects for the industry. Geographically it has discussed the US market, European Union, Russia, Asian markets (China, Hong Kong and Japan). In the US market various factors of the industry have been discussed such as: the overall market size, product segments, performance of the US Suncare market & market players.

The US Cosmeceuticals market in 2008 grew with highest growth rate compared to last 10 years performance, while economic slowdown left its impact over cosmeceutical demand in 2009, resulting decline in growth rate.

The US and Europe are the two leading markets for sun care products driven by rising consumer awareness about sun protection and skin health, which is fuelling growth across all segments including sun-protection and self-tanning.

There are many players operating in the cosmetics and toiletries market of which Colgate-Palmolive, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble and Unilever (United Kingdom) represents large percent of the total market.

Russian market for cosmetics has shown a continuous growing trend from last several years, offering high potential for foreign players to participate. Key market segments are: hair care, make-up, bathing, anti-aging and anti-blemishing skin care products and cosmetics for men and children. Year 2009 registered a slowdown in the growth of cosmetics demand in Russia, affected from higher prices and weak purchasing power.

Best opportunities are expected for products that are marketed as part of a total facial care system or that target specific areas such as the eyes or other wrinkle-prone areas. China is a rapidly growing developing country which has gauge the interest of many foreign players to participate. China's cosmetics market is showing bright prospects.

Table of Contents

1. Global Cosmetics and Toiletries Market

1.1 Market Size and Performance

2. United States Cosmetics and Toiletries Market

2.1 Market Size and Performance

2.2 Product Segments

2.3 The US Sun care market

2.4 Market Players in the US

3. European Union Cosmetics and Toiletries Market

3.1 Market Size

3.2 Product Segmentation

3.3 EU Production of Cosmetics

4. Cosmetics and Toiletries Market in Russia

4.1 Market Size and Developments

5. Asian Cosmetics and Toiletries

5.1 Cosmetics and Toiletries Market in China

5.2 Cosmetics and Toiletries Market in Hong Kong

5.3 Cosmetics and Toiletries Market in Japan

5.3.1 Market Outlook

6. Industry Trends

6.1 Consumers Rising Interest in Natural Products

6.2 Opportunities in Australian Cosmetics Market

6.3 Brazilian Cosmetics Overview

6.4 Packaging becomes more trendy

7. Market Competition and Players Profiling

7.1 Market Competition

7.2 Procter & Gamble

7.2.1 Business Overview

7.2.2 Financial Highlights

7.2.3 Business Strategies

7.3 L'Oreal

7.3.1 Business Overview

7.3.2 Financial Performance

7.3.3 Business Strategies

7.4 Unilever

7.4.1 Business Overview

7.4.2 Financial Performance

7.4.3 Business Strategies

List of Charts

Figure: Global Cosmetics and Toiletries market by Value (2004-2010E)

Figure: Global Market for Perfumes and Cosmetics in 2009

Figure: The US Cosmetics Market by Value (2002-2009)

Figure: Cosmeceutical Demand by Segments in 2009

Figure: The US Suncare Market by Value (2005-2009)

Figure: The US Sun Care Market Share by Industry Players in 2009

Figure: European Market for Cosmetics by Geography in 2008

Figure: European Market for Cosmetics by value (2006-2008)

Figure: European Cosmetics Market by Product Segments (%) in 2008

Figure: Production of Cosmetics in Europe (2003-2009)

Figure: Cosmetics Market Demand in Russia by Value (2009-2012E)

Figure: Russian Cosmetics Market by Distribution Channels 2009

Figure: Cosmetics and Toiletries Trade in Hong Kong (2008-2010E)

Figure: Cosmetics and Toiletries Products Imports by Geography and Market Share in 2008

Figure: Cosmetics and Toiletries Imports by Product Segments in 2008

Figure: Japan Hand and Body Care Market by Value (2005-2009)

Figure: Japan Hand & Body Care Market by Volume (2005-2009)

Figure: Japan Hand & Body Care Market Forecast (2009-2012E)

Figure: Procter and Gamble Net Sales (2008-2010)

Figure: Procter and Gamble Sales in Beauty Segment (2009&2010)

Figure: L'Oreal Net Sales (2005-2009)

Figure: L'Oreal Cosmetics Sales by Business Segments in 2009

Figure: Unilever Net Sales (2007-2009)

List of Tables:

Table: Global retail consumption of packaging material for colour cosmetics (2003 & 2008)

Table: Fortune Ranking in Household and Personal Products in 2008

Companies mentioned

Proctor & Gamble, L'oreal, Unilever

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