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Global Farm Equipment Market: BRIC Countries to Drive Growth

The global industry of farm equipment and machinery has registered a significant growth in the previous decade both in terms of revenues and production. Like all other industrial sectors, the global economic slowdown also influenced the farm equipment and machinery market; however, the market is set to regain its pace following the recovering economy and changing market trends in the years ahead.

Europe and the US are two of the major markets for farm equipment representing a considerable share of the global market. However, the biggest contributor to the industry revenues is the BRIC market which continued to record high profits even during the worldwide economic recession. Brazil, India, and China, three of the major BRIC countries, are projected to be the key regions to drive the demand for farm equipment and machinery. Further, the industry will also reap profits on account of increasing mechanization of the agricultural sectors of the major markets like China and India. Factors like the increasing global population, world GDP, per capita agricultural land, worldwide agricultural production, the US and European net farm income are also cited to be responsible for driving the industry growth in the years to come.

The present report, titled "Global Farm Equipment Market: BRIC Countries to Drive Growth," offers a comprehensive analysis of the global agricultural equipment and machinery market. It analyzes the global market in the context of growth patterns of the industry, future growth, and key opportunities that are yet to be leveraged. In addition to covering the American and European agricultural equipment and machinery market, this report also gives exclusive coverage of the farm equipment markets of three key BRIC countries – India, China and Brazil. For all these regions/countries, key trends have been identified, major factors that are expected to drive growth has been analyzed and key challenges likely to be faced by each geographical region has been assessed. Further, the study analyzes the performance and functioning of the leading players in the farm equipment industry. Forecast for the global farm equipment market has been done for the period 2010-2014.

By combining SPSS Inc.'s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the farm equipment industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1. Farm Equipments: An Introduction

1.1. Farm Equipments: Supply Chain Analysis

1.2. Kinds of farm Equipments

1.2.1 Farm Tractors

1.2.2 Primary Tillage Machine

1.2.3. Secondary Tillage Machine

1.2.4. Sowing and Planting Machine

1.2.5 Harvesting Machines

1.2.6. Crop Processing Machine

2. Global Farm Equipment and Machinery Market: An Overview

2.1. Market Size and Growth

2.2 Product Segmentation

2.3 Geographical Segmentation

3. North American Farm Equipment Market

3.1 Market Size and Growth

3.2 Market Trends

3.2.1. Reduction in Number but Growth in Size of Farms

3.2.2. Maximum Exports to Industrialized Economies

3.3 Growth Drivers

3.3.1. Development of Biofuels

3.3.2. Adequate Food to Sustain the World Population

3.3.3. Government subsidies

3.4 Challenges

3.4.1. Economic Conditions

3.4.2. Weather Conditions

4. European Farm Equipment Market

4.1 Market Size and Growth

4.2 Market Trends

4.2.1. Large high-yield commodity farming:

4.2.2. Specialized Smaller scale farming:

4.2.3. Precision Farming: GPS-Based Control Systems

4.2.4. Overall decrease in the Tractor Market

4.2.5. High Sales Potential in Eastern Europe Market

4.3 Growth Drivers

4.3.1. European Agricultural Policy

4.3.2. Agricultural Incomes

4.3.3. Growing Non Food Demand for Bioenergy

4.3.4 Ban of certain pesticides by 2011

4.4 Challenges

4.4.1. Decreasing EU budget for agricultural policy

4.4.2. Greater Machinery Output

4.4.3: Compliance with Exhaust Emission Directives

5. Chinese Farm Equipment Market

5.1. Market Size and Growth

5.2. Market Trends

5.2.1. Rapid Development

5.2.2. New Integrated Agricultural Machinery Structure

5.2.3. Industrialized Agriculture

5.3 Growth Drivers

5.3.1. New Favorable Government Policies

5.3.2. Rapidly Increasing Exports in International Market

5.3.3. Industry Restructuring and Impact of Higher Wages

5.4. Challenges

5.4.1. Reuse of Agricultural Machinery:

5.4.2. The Main Products are Small Size and Moderate to Low Quality

6. Brazil Farm Equipment Market

6.1. Market Size and Growth

6.2. Market Trends

6.2.1. International platform for exports of Farm Equipments

6.2.2. Huge Demand for Tractors

6.3. Growth drivers

6.3.1. Government Support to Agriculture

6.3.2. High Conversion of Pasture Land into Crop Land

6.4. Challenges

6.4.1. High Prices of Equipments in Local Market

7. Indian Farm Equipment Market

7.1. Market Size and Growth

7.2 Market Trends

7.2.1 Significant Tractor Market

7.2.2. Varied Pace of Farm Equipment Market Growth across States

7.3 Growth Drivers

7.3.1. Improved Availability of Loans and Subsidies

7.3.2. Focus on Productivity to maximize ROI from agriculture

7.3.3. Increased Competition due to WTO Norms

7.4 Challenges

7.4.1. Lack of Awareness in Farmers

7.4.2. Inadequate Infrastructure and Services in Rural Areas

7.4.3. Increasing fragmentation of land

8. Global Farm Equipment Market: Key Drivers

8.1. Growth in Net Farm Income

8.2. Rising Population

8.3 Shifts towards Richer and Vegetarian Diets

8.4 Limited Availability of Cultivation Land

9. Global Farm Equipment Market: Major Challenges

9.1 Government Actions and Change in Government Policies

9.2 Weather, Climate and Natural Disasters

9.3 Availability of Credits to Farmers

10. Competitive Landscape

11. Company Profile

11.1. John Deere

11.1.1 Business Overview

11.1.2 Revenue and Income Analysis

11.1.3. Business Strategies

11.2. CNH Global

11.2.1. Business Overview

11.2.2. Revenue and Income Analysis

11.2.3. Business Strategy

11.3. AGCO

11.3.1. Business Overview

11.3.2. Revenue and Income Analysis

11.3.3. Business Strategy:

12. Market Outlook

12.1 Market Forecast

12.2 Forecast Methodology

12.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables

12.2.2 Correlation Analysis

12.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Figures and Charts

Global Agricultural Equipment Sales, 2000-2010

World Demand of Major Agricultural Equipment Products (% Breakup) 2009

Market Size of Farm Equipments-Geographical Breakup in 2009

US Farm equipment exports in US $ Billion to Various Countries in 2007

Farm Equipments with Percentage increase in sales in US, 2009

Farm Equipments with Percentage increase in sales in US, 2009

Percentage Change in sales of Farm Equipments in Canada in 2009

Trend of Farm Equipment Sales Volume in Europe, 2004-2009

Production of Farm Equipments in Europe, 2004-2009

Farm Equipment Production in Europe (Country wise Breakup), 2008

Farm Equipment Sales in Europe (Country wise Breakup), 2008

European Tractor Market (Country wise sales breakup), 2008

Trend of Registrations of Tractors in Europe from Jan-Sep 2009

Equipment Sales in the newer EU Member States in Central & Eastern Europe

Percentage change in real agricultural income per worker in Europe in 2009

Expenditures structure of European Union (1988-2013)

Domestic sales of farm Equipments in Brazil, 1983-2008

Trend of Exports of Brazilian Farm Equipments in last 25 Years

Continent wise Breakup of Exports of Brazilian Farm Equipments, 2009

Sales Trend of Tractors in Brazil, 2000-2009

Growth Trend of Indian Agricultural Industry

Market Share of Various Farm Equipments v/s Tractor in India

Net Farm Income in US, 2000-2010

Net Farm Income in EURO27, 2000-2009

World Population Prospects, 2000-2050

Rising GDP in world, 2006-2050

Global Trend of Per Capita Agricultural Land, 1965-2010

Global Trend of Urbanization, 1965-2010

Percentage Change in Wheat Production during El Nino Year

Competitive Landscape of Global Farm Equipment Market Players in 2009(Based on Sales)

John Deere Revenue Growth: FY06-FY09

John Deere Income Growth: FY06-FY09

CNH Global Revenue Growth: FY06-FY09

CNH Global Income Growth, FY06-FY10

AGCO Revenue Growth, FY06-FY10

AGCO Income Growth, FY06-FY10

Global Farm Equipment Market Forecast: 2009A-2014F

List of Tables

World's Region-wise Agricultural Equipment Growth Rate, 2000-10

United States Sales of Tractors (by Type) 2008 & 2009

State wise Breakup of Sales of Tractors in India, 2009

Product Portfolio of Farm Equipment Market Players

Financial Status of Major Players in Farm Equipment Market, 2009

Dependent & Independent Variables (2000– 2009)

Correlation Matrix

Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination

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