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Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2009 Edition

Polysilicon, being the base for Semiconductor and Photovoltaic (PV) industry, has a major influence on its end markets. With the robust growth in its end markets i.e. solar and semiconductor, more in solar industry, the world market for polysilicon has been growing rapidly since 2004 leading to an imbalance in polysilicon supply and demand. However, realizing the need of the hour, the major producers started thinking of increasing their capacity by working out plans for polysilicon capacity addition.

This report analysis the past trends in global polysilicon market reflecting the growth in demand surpassing the growth in supply of polysilicon. However, with the addition of new polysilicon capacities, the imbalance in global supply-demand of polysilicon is shifting from shortage of polysilicon to oversupply in the coming years. The future will see an oversupply in polysilicon driven by the entrance of new players and also capacity addition by the existing ones.

This report also analysis the movement of global polysilicon prices with the shift in the imbalance in polysilicon supply-demand model. Previously, due to shortage in polysilicon supply, the spot prices saw a sharp rise in 2008, but with the ease in supply of polysilicon in the coming years, the prices are expected to decline to much lower levels.

Another aspect that the report covers is the analysis of polysilicon end-markets which have been the major drivers behind the robust growth in polysilicon demand. The high growth in demand from semiconductor and PV industry has forced the existing polysilicon producers to increase their capacity and has given an opportunity for new entrants in the market.

The report also profiles the major players in the industry. More than ninety percent of polysilicon is being supplied by seven companies: Hemlock, Wacker, REC, Tokuyama, MEMC, Mitsubishi and Sumitomo. However, it is estimated that now about seventy producers are present in the market.

By combining SPSS Inc.'s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1. Introduction

Polysilicon Value Chain

Silicon Supply Chain for Solar Application

2. Market Overview

2.1 Global Demand/Supply Scenario

Polysilicon Supply by Application - Solar & Semiconductor

Upstream and Downstream Processes

Polysilicon Market Growth

Polysilicon Demand and Supply Scenario

2.1.1 Pricing Trend

Price Movements of Polysilicon

Growth in Polysilicon Contract & Spot Market Prices

Polysilicon Cost Analysis

2.2 Consumption by Application Segment

Growth in Polysilicon Consumption: Solar vs. Semiconductor

3. End Market Analysis

3.1 Solar

3.1.1 Market Growth

Global Photovoltaic Market Size and Growth

Solar Cell Polysilicon Demand, Supply and Market Growth

3.1.2 Top Markets

Global Polysilicon Demand by Regional Markets

European Photovoltaic Market

Global PV Installations by Main Markets

3.2 Semiconductor

3.2.1 Market Growth

Global Semiconductor Market Growth and Projections

3.2.2 Top Markets

Developments in Key Semiconductor Markets

Market Share of Key Semiconductor Markets

4. Key Growth Drivers

4.1 Growth in End Markets

4.2 Increasing Consumer Spending and World GDP

5. Competitive Landscape

Major Global Polysilicon Players

Polysilicon Production Capacity by Type of Players: Tier I, II and III

Polysilicon Profiles of Major Producers

6. Company Profiles

6.1 Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation

Business Overview

Significant Developments

Capacity Expansion Programme

New Polysilicon Capacity

6.2 Wacker Chemie

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Closing Solar Wafer Business: Focus on Polysilicon Production

Polysilicon Production Capacity Expansion

Focus on Emerging Markets

6.3 Renewable Energy Corp (REC)

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Production Capacity Expansion Plan

Cost Reduction

6.4 Tokuyama Corp

Business Overview

Business Strategies

Strengthening Competitiveness by Improving Productivity

Concentration on Polysilicon Production

Promoting Three-year Management Plan

6.5 MEMC

Business Overview

Significant Developments

Acquired Stake In Eversol Corp.

Agreement with Irvine Unified School District

Completion of Acquisition of SunEdison

Joint Venture with Q-Cells SE

7. Market Outlook

7.1 Market Forecast

7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables

7.2.2 Correlation Analysis

7.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Tables

Global Polysilicon Supply Model (2006-2011E)

End Market Contribution to Polysilicon Consumption (2006-2011E)

Global Annual PV Market Installation (2006-2013E)

Regional Semiconductor Market Value (2004-2008)

Polysilicon Capacity: Tier-I (2006-2011E)

Polysilicon Capacity: Tier-II (2006-2011E)

Polysilicon Capacity: Tier-III (2006-2011E)

Polysilicon Producer Profiles (2008-2011E)

Wacker's Competitive Position

Polysilicon Production Capacity: Tokuyama Corp. (2006-2011E)

MEMC Business Lines

Dependent & Independent Variables (2003–2009)

Correlation Table

Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination

Regression Coefficients Output

List of Charts

Polysilicon Production Chain

Silicon Supply Chain: Solar

Global Polysilicon Capacity (2006-2011E)

Global Polysilicon Oversupply/Shortage (2006-2011E)

Growth in Polysilicon Demand and Supply (2006-2011E)

Polysilicon Average Contract Prices (2004-2010)

Polysilicon Spot Market Price (2007-2012)

Polysilicon Cost Sensitivity

Cell Efficiency Sensitivity

Worldwide Polysilicon Consumption/Demand: By End-Markets (2006-11E)

Growth in Polysilicon Consumption/Demand: By Markets (2006-2011E)

Global Revenues by Photovoltaic Installation (2008-2013E)

Global Annual PV Market Installation (2005-2013E)

Solar Cell End Market Demand (2006-2013E)

Regional PV Market Installation (2008)

Global Semiconductor Market Value (2006-2011)

World GDP Statistics (2005-2013)

Ownership Structure: Hemlock Semiconductor

Revenues by Business Segments: Renewable Energy Corp. (2008)

Revenue by Geographic Segments: Renewable Energy Corp. (2008)

Revenues by Segments: Tokuyama Corp. (2008)

Revenues by Geographic Segments: MEMC (2008)

Global Polysilicon Supply Forecast (2009-11E)

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