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Report Description

The integration of photonics with electronics revolutionized the microelectronics industry. However, the use of this combination remained limited to high-end devices and applications due to the high cost of optical fibers and other optoelectronic components. This led to the introduction of silicon in photonic applications, giving rise to the new field of silicon-photonics. Silicon is a low-cost and readily-available substance that presents tremendous potential for use in optoelectronics.

Silicon has since then become a crucial ingredient in microelectronics through its potential to address limitations of speed and bulk data transfer. Products such as silicon photonic waveguides, silicon optical modulators, silicon optical interconnects, silicon LED and silicon photo detectors have crossed the stages of initial research and have already entered the market. The silicon-photonics market is still in the nascent stage, and presents huge opportunities for the early movers. However, companies would require to make huge R&D investments for long-term growth.

Scope of the report

The silicon-photonics market can be divided into major products like silicon photonic waveguides, silicon optical modulators, silicon optical interconnects silicon LED and silicon photo detectors. All these important products along with their sub-segments have been covered in detail in our report. We have also analyzed in-depth major application areas for silicon photonics that include telecommunications, defense, consumer electronics, medicine, metrology, robotics, and information processing. In addition, major types of silicon and their growth techniques have been analyzed and explained in our report. We have also done a geographic analysis for each of the markets and their sub-segments, covering the major regional markets, viz. the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Rest of the World.

What makes our reports unique?

1. We provide the longest market segmentation chain in the industry with our three-level market breakdown and our analysis of minimum 40 collectively exhaustive and mutually exclusive micro markets.

2. We provide 10% customization to ensure that our clients find the specific market intelligence they need.

3. Each report is about 150 pages, featuring 30+ market data tables, 30+ company profiles, and an analysis of 200 patents.

4. No single report by any other publisher provides market data for all market segments (i.e. products, services, applications, ingredients, and technology) covering the four geographies of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and ROW.

5. 15 pages of high level analysis identifying opportunities, best practices, entry strategies, benchmarking strategies, market positioning, product positioning, and competitive positioning.

Key questions answered

1. Which are the high-growth segments and how is the market segmented in terms of applications, products, services, ingredients, technologies, Stakeholders?

2. What are market estimates and forecasts; which markets are doing well and which are not?

3. Where are the gaps and opportunities; what factors are driving market growth?

4. Which are the key playing fields and winning-edge imperatives?

5. What is the competitive landscape; who are the main players in each segment; what are their strategic directives, operational strengths, key selling products, and product pipelines? Who is doing what?

Powerful Research and analysis

The analysts working with MarketsandMarkets come from renowned publishers and market research firms globally, adding their expertise and domain understanding. We get the facts from over 22,000 news and information sources, a huge database of key industry participants and draw on our relationships with more than 900 market research companies.

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