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NEW YORK, March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Solar Cell and Modules Industry

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Solar Cells and Modules in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2007 through 2015. Also, a seven-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. The report profiles 86 companies including many key and niche players such as BP Solar, Bosch Solar Energy AG, EniPower S.p.A., First Solar, Inc., GE Energy, Gintech Energy Corporation, Global Solar Energy, Inc., Isofoton, JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd., Kaneka Corporation, Kaneka Solartech, Kyocera Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Photowatt International, Q-Cells SE, SCHOTT Solar GmbH, Sharp Corporation, Sharp Electronics, SolarWorld AG, Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., SunPower Corporation, Trina Solar Limited, and United Solar Ovonic LLC. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations 1

Disclaimers 2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level 2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics 3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study 3

Solar Cells 3

Solar Modules 3

Scope 3


Industry Highlights 4

Market Overview 5

PV Industry Quickly Rebounds from Recession Woes 5

World Solar Industry Poised for Robust Growth 6

Table 1: Global Cumulative PV Installed Capacity by Region

(In MW) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 7

Government Incentives Remain the Key Growth Propeller 7

Table 2: International Targets for Solar Photovoltaics by

Select Countries 8

Need to Achieve Grid Parity to Drive Future Growth 8

Solar Cells Market - An Overview 8

Outlook 9

China Outstrips Japan in Solar Cells Production 9

Table 3: World PV Cell Production by Country (2007 & 2008):

Production in MW for China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, US, and

Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 9

Table 4: World PV Cell Production by Country (1996- 2006 - A

Historic Data): Production in MW for Japan, Europe, US and

Rest of World (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 10

Table 5: Worldwide Solar Cells and Modules Market (2006 - A

Historic Perspective): Production and Production Capacity by

Major Regions - US, Japan and Europe (Production in MW,

Production Capacity in MW/Year) (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 10

Market Trends and Issues 11

Solar Energy: Riding on GREEN Strength 11

Solar: A Part of the Energy Mix Portfolio 11

Increasing Demand for Clean Energy to Drive Solar Cell

Equipment Market 12

China Leads Solar Cell Equipment Production 12

Price Trends in the Solar Module Retail Market 12

Advancements in Polysilicon & Metallurgical Silicon Upgrades

to Play a Key Role 13

Incentive Programs Drive PV Systems Installations 13

Photovoltaic Sector Exploring New Options 13

An Outline of the Changing Dynamics 13

North America to Garner Larger Share of the Photovoltaic Market 14

Germany Emerges as the European Leader 14

Japan - One of the Key Markets Worldwide 15

China: The Promising Solar Market 15

Table 6: Leading Countries in the Worldwide Solar Power

Market (2004-2006 - A Historic Review): Cumulative Installed

PV Power for Germany, Japan, USA, Spain, Australia,

Netherlands, Italy, France, South Korea and Switzerland in

MW (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 16

Table 7: Leading Countries in the Worldwide Solar Power

Market (2004-2006 - A Historic Review): Installed PV Power

in Calendar Year for Germany, Japan, USA, Spain, South

Korea, Italy, France, Australia, Austria and Netherlands in

MW (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 17

Spanish Photovoltaic Sector Thrives on Higher Feed-in Tariff

in 2008 17

Major Photovoltaic Power Plants 18

Table 8: World's Largest Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plants: As

of December 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 18

Table 9: Worldwide Major Photovoltaic Power Plants

(Proposed/Under Construction) 19

Developing Countries: Biggest Potential 19

Taiwan and China Gain Visibility on the Global Landscape 20

The Economics of Solar Energy: A Feasibility Study 21

Solar Competitiveness 21

Rising Ecological Economy Spurs Solar Market 21

Growing Energy Demands: Option Sun 22

Increasing Pollution Levels: Ringing Alarm Bells 22

Solar Photovoltaic Cells: Vying for Viability 22

A Turnaround in Fortunes Lurking Just Around the Corner 23

Government Participation: Providing a Helping Hand 23

World Bank Also Plays Active Role in Solar Energy Sector 24

Tax Concessions and Incentives: Giving Impetus to the Market 25

Remote Industrial and Habitational Markets: Putting the Solar

Industry in Overdrive 25

Semiconductor-based Solar Cells Ready for Terrestrial Invasion 25

A Focus on PV Technologies 26

Crystalline Silicon PV Systems: Here to Stay 26

Non-Si Solar Cells Market Continues to Grow 26

Thin Film Technology: Gaining Ground 26

Table 10: Cell and Module Efficiency of Commercial PV

Technologies: A Comparison 27

Table 11: World Solar Cells Production by Type (2007 &

2008): Production in MW for Crystalline Silicon Cells, and

Thin Film Solar Cells 27

Table 12: World Solar Cells Production by Type (2008 &

2011): Percentage Volume Share Breakdown for Crystalline

Silicon Cells and Thin Film Solar Cells 28

Table 13: Record Commercial Module Efficiency and Lab

Efficiency of Thin-Film Technology by Type 28

Concentrator PV: The Third Generation Photovoltaics 28

BIPV: A Promising Technology for Power Generation in

Residential or Commercial Buildings 28

Table 14: World's Largest BIPV Power Plants by Location

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 29

Prepackaged Systems: Heralding the Plug 'n' Play Era 30

A Focus on Production and Installed Capacity 30

Renewable Energy Technologies: The Road Ahead 30

Capacity Expansions: Order of the Day 30

Competitive Analysis 31

Reshuffle in Rankings, First Solar Outweighs Industry Majors 31

Table 15: Leading Photovoltaic Cells Producers Worldwide

(2009): Production (In MW) for First Solar, Suntech Power

Holdings, Sharp Electronics, Q-Cells, Yingli Green Energy,

JA Solar, Kyocera, SunPower Corp., Motech Industries,

Gintech Energy Corp., and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 32

Table 16: Leading Photovoltaic Cells Producers Worldwide

(2008): Production (In MW) for Q-Cell, Sharp Electronics,

First Solar, Suntech, Kyocera, Yingli Green Energy, JA

Solar, Motech Industries, SunPower, Gintech Energy, and

Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 32

Table 17: Leading PV Module Suppliers Worldwide (2009):

Market Share Breakdown of Shipments forFirst Solar, Suntech

Power Holdings, Sharp Electronics, Yingli Green Energy,

Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Solarfun Power Holdings,

Kyocera, Sunpower Corp., Sanyo, and Others (includes

correspondingGraph/Chart) 33

Table 18: World PV Cell/Module Production by Cell

Technology: 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 33

Japanese Players to Ramp Up Production to Regain Share 34

Table 19: Japanese Leading Solar Cell Producers Ranked by

Planned Capacity (In MW): 2010-2012 (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 34

Historic Market Share and Production Statistics: 35

Table 20: Leading Players in the Global Solar Cells Market

(2006): Percentage Breakdown of Solar Cells Production for

Sharp, Q-Cells, Kyocera, Suntech, Sanyo, Mitsubishi

Electric, Motech, Schott Solar, BP Solar, Deutche/Shell and

Others (Production in terms of MW) (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 35

Table 21: Leading Producers of Solar Cells Worldwide (2004):

Production Capacity Estimates for Sharp, Kyocera, BP Solar,

Mitsubishi Electric, Q-Cells, Shell Solar, Sanyo, Schott

Solar, Isofoton, andMotech (Capacity in MWp)

(includescorresponding Graph/Chart) 35

Table 22: Leading Players in the Global Solar Module Market

(2004 & 2005): Percentage Breakdown of Production for Sharp,

Kyocera, Shell Solar, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, Isofoton,

MSK, BP Solar, SOLON, SMD, Photowatt International and

Others (In terms of MW) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 36

Table 23: Leading Global PV/Cell Module Producers - Sharp,

Kyocera, BP Solar, Shell Solar, Schott Solar, Mitsubishi

Electric, Isofoton, Sanyo, Q-Cells, Solar World, Motech,

Photowatt and Suntech: 2003-2005 (Production in MW)

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 37

Table 24: World PV Cell/Module Market (2003): Production by

Cell Technology for Japan, Europe, US and Rest of World

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 38

Solar Cell Production Equipment Manufacturers 38

CIS Solar Cell Producers 39

Leading Thin-Film Solar Cell Producers 39

Table 25: Leading Thin-Film Producers Worldwide (2009):

Production (In MW) for First Solar, United Solar Ovonic,

Sharp, Sunfilm, Trony, Solar Frontier, Mitsubishi, Kaneka,

Moser Baer, and Würth Solar (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 39


Introduction 40

Sunlight - A Reliable Source of Energy 40

Limitations of Solar Cells 40

The Nitty-Gritty 40

Definition 40

From Becquerel to Fuller - The Background 41

Designing of Solar Cells 41

Working of a Solar Cell 41

Elements of a Solar Photovoltaic System 42

Solar Modules 42

Charge Regulators 42

Batteries 42

Inverters 43

Mounting Structure 43

Wiring/Interconnects 43

Backup Generator 43

Types of Solar Cells and Modules 43

A Sophisticated Technology Backed by Simple Basics 43

Crystalline Solar Cells 43

Single Crystalline Silicon Cells 44

Poly Crystalline Silicon Cells 44

Thin Film Solar Cells 44

Advantages of Thin Film Solar Cells 45

A Peek into the Market's Buzzing Activities 45

A Technical View of Different Thin Film Technologies 46

Copper Indium Diselinide (CIS)-based Solar Cells 46

CuInSe2-based Solar Cells 46

a-SiH-based Solar Cells 46

CdTe-based Solar Cells 46

Amorphous Silicon 46

Sunlight Exposure: Effect on Amorphous Silicon Cells 47

Gallium Arsenide Cells 47

Cadmium Sulphide/Copper Indium Diselenide (CdS/CulnSe2) 47

Cadmium Sulphide/Cadmium Telluride (CdS/CdTe) 47

Table 26: Comparison of Different Types of Solar Cells 48

Electrochemical Solar Cells 48

Solar Cell Technologies 48

First Generation 49

Second Generation 49

Third Generation 49

Comparison of Different Generations of PV Technologies 49

Photovoltaic Panels 50

Categories 50

Low Voltage/Low Power Panels 50

Small Panels 50

Large Panels 50

Tracking 50

Concentrators 51

Laser Grooved Buried Grid (LGBG) Cells 51

Arrays 51

Power Availability Determinants in PV Devices 51

Hybrid Systems 52

Solar + Wind Hybrid Systems 52

Thermophotovoltaics (TPV) 52

Solar Electricity: Advantages and Disadvantages 53

Raw Materials and Production Process 53

Semiconductor Materials Used 53

Aluminum: The Best Back Plane Material 54

Solar Cell Production Process 54

Solar Power Applications 55

Space 55

Building Integrated PV (BIPV) 55

Corrosion Protection 55

Electric Fences 56

Remote Lighting Systems 56

Telecommunications 56

Solar Water Pumping 56

Photovoltaic Electricity 57

Rural Electrification 57

Portable Light 57

Water Treatment Systems 58

Grids 58

Non-Grid Connected Systems 58

Remote Industrial Applications 58

Consumer Applications 58

Stand Alone/Remote Habitation 58

Grid Connected Systems 59

Consumer Electronics 59

Residential Photovoltaic Systems 59

Hot Water 59

Portable/Emergency Power Systems 60

Emergency Medicines Storage 60

Aeration Systems 60

Tourist & Holiday Homes 60

Industrial/Commercial Consumption 61

Central Power Stations 61

Other Applications 61

Photovoltaic Applications 61

Related Products and Technologies 61

Storage Devices 61

Batteries 61

Power Conditioning Equipment 62

Inverters 62

Auxiliary Power Systems 62

Solar Thermal Generating Systems 62

Collector Systems 62

Amonix Inc's PV Concentration System 63

Solar Hot Water Heating Equipment 63

Active Systems 63

Space Heating 63

Solar Powered Lasers 63

Distribution/Sales Channels 64


Dichtel Group at Cornell University Develops Novel Method for

Producing Solar Cells 65

Semprius Teams Up with Siemens to Develop Advanced Solar Power

Technology 65

Researchers at Shinshu University Develops Novel Solar Cells

Technology 65

NEDO to Develop Advanced Solar Cells 66

University of Illinois and Hangyang University Co-Develops

Novel Solar Cells Fabrication Technology 66

EPIR and Sunovia Expedite Development of New Solar Cell Materials 66

Peccell Develops Technology to Produce High-Voltage DSC Modules 66

CV21 Develops Cost Effective Solar Cell Production Methods 67

Durham University to Develop New Solar Cells 67

Dow Corning Develops the Latest Solar Grade Silicon Material 67

BP Solar Develops Mono2 67

Cadmium Telluride Based Solar Cells Get a Shot in the Arm 68

Japanese Bendable Zinc Oxide Solar Cell with an Efficiency of 5% 68

Nippon Oil Develops Organic Solar Cells with 1.5% Efficiency 68

CIGS Solar Cells: Focus on Tackling Drawbacks 68

Nanotechnology: A Possible Promising Option 68

Organic Solar Cells Gain Emphasis 69

Clare Develops New High Voltage Solar Cell 69

Solar Cells from Nanotube Hybrids 69

Berlin Institute Develops Ultra Thin Solar Cell 69

Showa Denko Develops Flexible Solar Cells 70

New Dye Sensitized Solar Cell 70

Sekisui Jushi and SunPower Develop Highly Efficient Solar Cell 70

German Researchers Develop New Process 70

New Transparent Solar Cell Developed 71

Duebendorf Develops Solar Drinking Water System 71

Heraeus Develops PV Coating Material 71

LBNL Discovers Hope for Superior Solar Cells 71

ANU and Origin Energy Produce Economical Solar Cell 71

Kaneka Develops New Solar Cell 72

AIST Joins Forces with HBL to Develop High Efficiency Solar Cell 72

South Korean University Develops SiN Films 72

ATS Automation Develops New Technology 72

University of California Develops Plastic Solar Cells 72

Silicon Films Through Vapor Deposition Process 73

Berkeley Lab and UCB Join Forces to Develop New Hybrid Solar

Cells 73

Lawrence Berkeley Scientists Create Plastic-based Solar Cell 73

Vanderbilt University Finds Applicability of Diamonds in Solar

Cells 73

Lunar Power Up: Solar Power Generation Through Thin Film PV 74

'Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth Technique' 74

SolarFlex Develops New Solar Cell Technology 74

Sandia Develops New Semiconductor Alloy for Solar Cells 74

Japan's NIMCR Develops Pigment-Based Solar Cells 74

Toshiba Develops Electrolyte Material for Organic Solar Cells 75

Research/Studies 75

NREL: Funding Solar Research 75

Fraunhofer Institute: High Efficiency Solar Cells/Modules for

Mobile Applications 75

Institute of Photovoltaics: New Technology to Manufacture

Cost Effective PV Modules 76

University of California: Nanomaterial Technology 76

University of Arizona: Organic Thin Films 76

CIS-Solartechnik: Copper-based Solar Cells 76


Renewable Energy Environment 77

Table 27: Energy Usage Growth Rates: Historic Data for 1995-

2001 77

The UN Summit for Sustainable Development 77

Solar Electricity and Environment 78


Samsung Electronics Introduces Solar Battery Modules in Germany 79

JA Solar Holdings Launches Secium 79

Molex Launches SolarSpec Junction Box and Cable Assemblies 79

Advanced Media Launches Polycrystalline Solar Modules 79

Shanghai ST Solar Launches ST Solar Module 80

Canadian Solar to Launch NewEdge Solar Panels in the US 80

Bluestar Silicones to Introduce New Solar Application Products

Line 80

Silfab Introduces SLA Series of Photovoltaic Modules 81

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. to Introduce PV Series of

Intelligent Power Modules for Solar Power Production Systems 81

IBM Develops Solar Cell 82

Kyocera to Expand KD Series with Advanced Solar Modules 82

Trina Solar Develops Square Shaped Mono-Crystalline PV Cell 82

Ritek to Introduce CIGS Thin Film Solar Panels in the US 83

Cyrium Technologies Rolls Out QDEC Product Line 83

Day4Energy Develops 48MC Photovoltaic Module 83

DayStar Launches CIGS Solar Cells 83

SunPower Introduces SunPower® T20 Tracker 84

LG Display Introduces Solar Cell Electronic Book Reader 84

Sharp Introduces Solar Cell with Highest Conversion Efficiency 84

IMEC Introduces Mechanically-Stacked High Performance

Multijunction Solar Cell 85

SANYO Develops HIT Solar Cell with 22.8% Cell Energy Conversion 85

GreenSun Develops Solar Panels that Capture Light Spectrum of

the Sun 86

Boeing's Subsidiary Develops Solar Cell with Highest Efficiency 86

Safaricom Launches Solar Cell Phone 86

Edwards Unveils iXL 500 Dry Vacuum Pump for Use in Solar Cells

Manufacturing 86

QuantaSol Rolls Out Single-Junction Solar Cell 87

SANYO to Introduce High Output HIT-HD Solar Modules in Europe 87

SunPower Launches SunPower® 315 Solar Panel 87

DuPont Unveils Photovoltaic Encapsulant Sheets 87

Kyocera Unveils New KD Modules 88

SunPower Unveils World's Most Efficient Solar Cell 88

Mitsubishi Unveils Multicrystalline Si Solar Cell 88

Peccel Unveils World's Largest Dye-sensitized Cell 89

China Sunergy Unveils Selective Emitter Solar Cell 89

Spire Plans to Launch an Integrated 25 MW Cell-Module 89

DRI Unveils a New Solar Panel Sticker 89



Evergreen Introduces Powerful 195W PV Panel 90

Suntech Launches New Solar Module 90

Solar Semiconductor Unveils High Quality PV Modules 90

IMEC Develops High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells 90

University of Delaware Develops Solar Cell with Record Efficiency 91

Suntech Announces Launch of Solar Modules 91

Lumeta Introduces Low-Slope Solar Product Range 91

Microsemi Rolls Out Compact Power Modules 91

Schott Launches New BIPV Modules 92

Conergy Introduces Conergy PowerPlus 92

DRI Energy Rolls Out New Roof Integrated Solar Product Range 92

Trina Solar Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Cell Range 92

SunWize Launches Solar Modules for Remote Site Power 92

Honda Soltec Launches Thin Film Solar Cell 93

University Researchers Introduce Organic Solar Cell 93

Solar EnerTech Announces Launch of First Solar Modules and

SolarE Brand 93

Sharp Rolls Out Two Novel Thin-Film Solar Modules 93

SunPower Introduces Solar Panel with High Efficiency and Power 94

Spire Corporation Introduces GaAs-based Solar Cells 94

Spire Corporation Unleashes Solar Cell Manufacturing Line 94


GCL-Poly Energy to Acquire Controlling Stake in Konca Solar Cell 95

Solarfun Power is Now Hanwha SolarOne 95

LDK Solar to Establish Solar Cell and Module Plant 95

Tempress Systems Clinches US$20 Million Solar Orders 96

BTU International Bags a Contract to Supply Solar Cell

Processing Systems 96

Sulfurcell Commences New Facility 96

Ubbink Commences Construction of Solar Unit 96

Yamaichi Electronics to Manufacture Solar Panel Connectors 96

Natcore Inks Agreement with Chuangke Silicon and Chinese

Government 97

LDK Solar Bags Contract from Gestamp Asetym Solar 97

Fidelis Energy and Lagofrio Energy Solutions Ink Supply Agreement 97

NREL Signs CRADA with Solarmer Energy 97

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings to Establish Solar Power Projects in

the US 98

VentureTech to Buy Minority Stake in Stion 98

Q-Cells SE Enters into Strategic Partnership with Innotech Solar 98

SunPower Enters into Partnership with AU Optronics 99

Air Liquide Inks Contracts with Asian Solar Cell Manufacturers 99

AQT Enters into Partnership with HelioPower and Solar Enertech 99

JA Solar Holdings Enters into Partnership with ECN 99

Kyocera Solar Commences Production of Solar Modules in US 100

BSP Signs Strategic Investment Agreement with PSP 100

Xunlight Corporation to Use its Solar Panels for Billboards 100

Suntech and Swinburne University Set Up Solar Facility in

Melbourne 101

Spire Semiconductor Bags Contract from Missile Defense Agency 101

Trina Solar Signs Research Agreement with SERIS 101

Senai High Tech Park Inks MoU with STX Energy 101

Solaria Commences Shipping of Crystalline Photovoltaic Solar

Module 101

Air Liquide Enters into Partnership with Sixtron Advanced

Materials 102

Basic Solar and 1 SolTech Sign Contract 102

Aide Solar Establishes Production Facility 102

SunPower and Flextronics Collaborate to Manufacture Solar Panels 102

Tata BP Solar Increases Production Capacity 103

Delta Electronics to Enter Japan 103

LDK Solar Inks Supply Contract with Phoenix Solar 103

CENTROSOLAR Adds New Production Line to Wismar Plant 104

Suntech Power Holdings Supplies 240 Solar Panels 104

Surana Telecom and Power Receives Supply Orders 104

Dow Corning Enters into a Partnership Contract with IMEC 104

BP Solar Shuts Down US Based Solar Cell Production Plant 105

Stirling Energy Enters into an Agreement with Boeing 105

Natcore Technology to Take Over Vanguard Solar 105

Sentinel Solar and SolGate Enter a New Business Alliance 105

Sharp Commences Operation in New Facility 106

Sulfurcell Solartechnik to Establish New Facility 106

SunPower Snaps Up SunRay 106

Voltaix to Build New Production Unit 107

NREL Signs a Series of Research and Development Agreements

with 3M 107

Q-Cells Signs Agreement with Flextronics 107

Motech to Set Up JV with Itogumi for Making PV Modules 108

Ascent Solar and Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Sign

Strategic Agreement 108

RENA and 1366 Technologies Partner to Deliver Enhanced Solar

Cell Process 108

Fidelis Energy Announces Solar Module Supply Contract with

TinSol Energy 109

Silex Systems Purchases Assets of Solar Systems 109

China Sunergy Takes Over Two Solar Module Producers 109

Alpha Omega Power and Chad Industries Partner to Comarket

Products 110

Yingli Enters PV Module Supply Agreement with SunDurance Energy 110

SunPower to Supply SunPower PV Panels to Toshiba 110

Mitsubishi Electric Completes Construction of PV Cell Facility 110

Solar Acquisition and Power-Save Energy Ink Joint Venture

Agreement 111

LDK Solar to Purchase Crystalline Module Production Plant of

Best Solar 111

Calisolar Snaps Up 6N Silicon 111

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Secures Contract to Produce Solar Systems 112

P2i Teams Up with Energy Launch Partners for Solar Cells

Coating Applications 112

SunWell Solar to Construct Film Solar Cell Production Plant in

Nanjing 112

Bosch Solar Inks Non-Prime Crystalline Solar Cell Supply Deal

with Innotech 113

Kyocera to Provide 3MW Solar Modules to Omuta Solar Power

Facility 113

Solar EnerTech Inks Agreement with Aussie Solar Installations 113

Suniva Plans to Form an Alliance with GS Battery 113

BP Solar Inks Manufacturing Deal with Jabil Circuit 114

EPOD Solar and ICP Solar Enters into Definitive Agreement 114

First Solar Snaps Up EMG's Solar Projects Development Pipeline 115

Panasonic to Invest in Sanyo's Solar Cell Operations 115

Sharp to Enter in Two Joint Ventures 115

Meyer Burger Merges with 3S Industries 116

Motech Acquires GE's Solar Module Assembly Facility 116

Panasonic Acquires SANYO 116

Yingli Green Energy Inks Agreement to Construct Solar Cell

Plant in Beijing 116

Racell to Construct Solar Cell plant in Denmark 117

Soitec Forays into Solar Energy Sector through the Acquisition

Concentrix 117

Tokuyama to Manufacture Solar Cell Components 117

Suniva® and Titan Energy Systems Conclude Collaborative Project 118

ATS to Manufacture Solar Modules with Photowatt 118

Canadian Solar to Establish a 200MW Module Manufacturing Facility 118

Roth & Rau Receives three New Orders for SiNA Series

Antireflective Coating Systems 119

Comtec Solar Partners with Neo Solar 119

MEMC Takes Over SunEdison 119

Linuo Expands Solar Cell Plant to Enhance Production Capacity 120

Hoku Materials and Jinko Solar Announce Amendment in Supply

Agreement 120

NRG Solar Acquires Blythe Solar Project 120

CIC Acquires 20% Stake in GCL-Poly Energy 121

Moser Baer to Set Up Solar Cells and Panels Facility in Hyderabad 121

Delta Greentech Announces Take Over of US Solar Cell Manufacturer 121

Suntech and Huadian to Jointly Develop Solar Power Plant in

Dongtai 121

CSP Acquires ThinSilicon 121

Applied Materials Takes Over Advent Solar 122

Solon Joins Forces with SunWize to Expand Distribution

Operations in North America 122

Suniva Partners with FLS Energy 122

CBD Energy Receives Solar Module Supply Order from Planet Power 123

Acro Energy Takes Over EE Solar 123

Sengu Announces Plans to Commence Operations in the New Solar

Cell Factory 123

UMC to Set Up Solar Cell Plant in Shandong Province 123

ENN Group Plans to form JV with Duke Energy 124

Signet Solar and BSC-Solar Embark on Joint Development of 1.

8MW Solar Plant 124

Bridgestone Announces Plans to Establish a New Solar Cell

Films Factory 124

NexPower Expands Production Capacity of Thin Film Solar Cells 124

Trina Solar and GCL-Poly Extends Supply Deal 125

Spire Setups Indian Subsidiary to Distribute Solar Modules and

Systems 125

Trina Solar and Kerself Ink a Supply Contract 125

Energy Focus Wins Solar Module Supply Contract from DuPont

University 126

PSEG Solar and juwi solar Collaborate for three Major Solar

Projects of 29.2 MW 126

INOX Air Products Inks Two Supply Contracts with Major PV

Manufacturers 126

DuPont Teams Up with Applied Materials to Increase PV Cell

Efficiency 127

Kaneka Enters into Alliance with IMEC for Developing Solar Cells 127

Showa Shell Announces Plans to Set Up a Solar Cell Plant in

Miyazaki Prefecture 127

First Solar Announces Plans to Establish 2 GW Solar Power

Plant in China 128

Hoang Sa Secures Central Province Approval for Construction of

Solar Cell Plant 128

ECP Merges with SIT 128

TNDF to Acquire 25% Stake in PV Next 128

GCL-Poly Acquires Jiangsu Zhongneng 129

GreenBrilliance and AngelusBVBA Ink Supply Deal for

Crystalline Solar Modules 129

DELTA to Teams Up with Scheuten for Solar Energy Joint Venture 129

Solar Semiconductor to Establish New Solar Cell Plant 130

Canadian Solar Bags Order for Supply of Solar Module from Systaic 130

Ellis Energy Snaps Up Pyron Solar 130

GCL-Poly Announces Plans to Acquire Polysilicon Supplier Jiangsu 130

China Sunergy Enters into a Non-Binding Agreement with

Renergies Italia 131

Silex Systems Announces Acquisition of Assets of SOP 131

Sunfilm to Merge Operations with Sontor 131

Solar Thin Films to Take Over BudaSolar Technologies 132

Prism Solar Technologies Acquires Manufacturing Facility in

New York 132

Suniva to Supply Solar Cells to Jacoby's Aerotropolis Atlanta 132

STPL to Establish New Solar Farm with 5MW Capacity 133

China Sunergy and Asola Signs Sales Framework Agreement 133

Kyocera to Expand Solar Module Capacity 133

Roth & Rau Acquires CTF Solar GmbH 133

GroSolar to Acquire Borrego Solar Systems' Residential

Installation Businesses 134

Akeena Solar Partners with Enphase Energy 134

SANYO forms ENEOS Solar with Nippon 134

JA Solar Inks Supply Agreement with for Solar Power for Solar

Cells 135

Government of Indonesia to Upgrade Solar Cell Facility 135

Solar Thin Films to Take Over Algatec Solar 135

Kyocera to Establish a New Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant 136

Hague Merges with Solterra 136

LG Electronics to Start Two Solar Cell Production Lines 136

ICP Solar to Takeover Ibersolar Energía, S.A. 137

3S Industries Snaps Up Somont 137

Evolution Solar Snaps Up Synergy Design and Development 137

SunPower Takes Over Solar Sales 138

Wincroft Takes Over Apollo Solar Energy 138

Tokyo Ohka Partners with IBM for New Solar Cells Production

Technology 138

BEL and BHEL Ink MoU to Form JV for Solar PV Business 139

Solon Announces Acquisition of 16% Stake in SpectraWatt 139

Q-Cells to Construct Solar Cells Facility 139

Suntech Takes Over MSK Corp. 139

Bosch Forays into PV Market through ersol Solar Acquisition 140

Centrotherm Takes Over GP Solar 140

Solar Thin Films Buys 15% Stake in CG Solar 140

Applied Materials Takes Over Baccini 141

Borevind Buys 65% Stake in Gallivare PhotoVoltaic 141

Solar Thin Films Acquires Stakes in CG Solar 141

Applied Materials Completes Baccini Acquisition 142

Quantum Fuel Systems Acquires Equity Interest in ASOLA 142

Centrotherm photovoltaics AG to Acquire GP Solar 142

Suntech Power Acquires Minority Stake in Nitol Solar 143

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Merges with ENTECH 143

Sunvim Group to Form Joint Venture with Aleo Solar 143

SolarTec Inks Joint Venture Agreement with Sumec and Other

Companies 143

Sharp Corp to Set Up Joint Venture with Tokyo Electron 144

EPIR and Sunovia to Collaborate with The Swiss Federal Institute 144

ersol Thin Film Collaborates with SCHOTT 144

Motech and Solar Semiconductor Enter into Partnership 144

Synova Joins Research Alliance for Solar Energy Systems 145

Qimonda Enters into Agreement with CENTROSOLAR 145

SOLON to Obtain Solar Cells from ARISE 145

Mitsubishi to Expand PV Module and Cell Manufacturing Capacity 145

Quantum Fuel Systems and Asola to Expand Solar Module Plant

Capacity 146

Evergreen Solar to Commence Production Capacity Expansion 146

Webel to Expand PV Production Capacity 146

Q-Cells Extends Agreement with aleo solar AG 146

SolarTec Inks License Contract to Distribute Telefunken Solar

Products 146

ENN Solar Energy Enters into an Agreement with E-Village 147

Spire Corporation Enters into a Contract with Jiangxi Gemei 147

LDK Solar Inks 10-year Contract with Moser Baer 147

Yingli Green Inks Polysilicon Supply Deal with DC Chemical 147

Yingli Green Inks Two Polysilicon Supply Deals with DC Chemical 148

Suntech Power Inks Agreement with Hanau Energies 148

Suntech Power Inks Supply Agreement with Enerray 148

Sunovia and EPIR Technologies Sign Agreement with NASA 148

ICP Solar Technologies Inks Development Deal with Ascent Solar

Technologies 149

Asola Wins Contract from Krannich Solar 149

Motech Inks Agreement with DC Chemical 149

Akeena Inks production partnership with Kyocera 149

Dow Building Selects Global for SAI Project 150

United Solar Enters into Agreement with AirTec 150

United Solar Inks Solar Laminates Supply Deal with Itochu 150

SCHOTT Signs Five-Year Agreement with Saclima 150

Canadian Solar Enters into Supply Contracts with JSGC and Others 151

Braggone Inks Agreement with Beneq 151

Recurrent Energy Enters into Agreements with Solar Module

Suppliers 151

LDK Solar and Neo Solar Enter into Long-Term Supply Contract 151

SunPower Inks Two Agreements in Saudi Arabia 152

ReneSola Signs Wafer Supply Agreements with Two Solar Cell

Manufacturers 152

Suntech Power Supplies Solar Modules to Belgium's Town Hall 152

Sharp Corporation to Establish a Thin-Film Solar Cell Facility

in Japan 152

SunPower to Establish Fabrication Facility for Solar Cells 152

Global Opens New Production Facility 153

SCHOTT Breaks Ground for New Mexico Facility 153

Q-Cells to Set Up New Plant in Malaysia 153

SolarWorld AG to Establish a Solar Module Unit 153

Sunfilm AG to Establish Second Applied SunFab Thin Film Line 154

NanoPV to Commence Operations of Its Solar Cell Plant in New

Jersey 154

SunPower Acquires Solar Solutions 154

GE Energy Acquires Majority Stake in PrimeStar Solar 154


Ameresco Acquires Southwest Photovoltaic Systems 155

ECOtality Acquires Innergy Power Corporation 155

Hydro Acquires Additional stake in Ascent Solar Technologies 155

SolarWorld Acquires the Hillsboro Facility of Komatsu 155

SunPower Takes over PowerLight 156

Innovative Systems Takes Over ICP Solar Technologies 156

Interactive Games Acquires Nuvo Solar Energy 156

SOLON Acquires an Additional Shareholding in Blue Chip Energy 156

Tempe's Amtech Completes Acquisition of R2D Ingenierie 156

Preformed Line Products Acquires Direct Power and Water

Corporation 157

ICP Solar Technologies to Take Over Solar Supplier of California 157

MBPV Acquires 40% Equity Stake in Solarvalue 157

Delta NV Acquires 90% of Solland Solar 158

Solaria to Take Over Solar Cells Capacity of Gintech 158

NuEdison and SV Solar Merge 158

Centrosolar Group Companies Merge To Form Centrosolar Ag 158

Q-Cells, Calyxo and Solar Fields Merge to Form Calyxo USA Inc 159

SunWize Completes GenSelf Merger 159

Q-Cells AG Increases Stake in Solaria Corporation 159

Westerns Solargenics and SOLON America Announce Cooperation

Agreement 160

CENTROSOLAR Inks Joint Venture with Pohlen Bedachungen 160

Solar World AG to Form Joint Venture with Solar Park Engineering 160

Webel Enters into a Joint Venture with European PV Cell Company 160

Energy Conversion Signs Joint Venture with Tianjin Jinneng 161

Wacker and Schott to Form a Joint Venture 161

NSTDA to Form Joint Venture with a Private Company to Export

Solar Cells 161

Evergreen Announces Alliance with NSTAR 161

Sunwell Partners with Oerlikon to Quicken Solar Cell Mass

Production 162

Moser Baer Signs Partnership Agreement with Applied Materials 162

ersol Solar Energy Enters into Partnership with Crystal,

Day4Energy and Roth & Rau 162

Tano China Capital Affiliates Enter into Three-Way Alliance 162

HelioVolt and Exeltech Collaborate to Commercialize Solar

Energy Generation 163

Photowatt Collaborates with Japanese Firms for Spheral Solar™

Technology 163

Emcore Signs MoU to supply and Install Solar Power Systems 163

Sumitomo Enters into Partnership with Solargiga Energy Holdings 163

Open Energy Inks LOI with Suntech America for BIPV Products 164

SOLON to Expand Production Capacity 164

XL Telecom to Expand Capacity of Solar Modules Plant 164

Fuji Electric Systems to Increase Annual Production of Solar

Cells 164

Solland Solar to Expand Cell Production Capacity 165

Kyocera Plans to Double Annual Solar Modules Production Capacity 165

Sharp to Increase Thin-Film Solar Cell Production 165

ersol Solar Inks Agreement with Silicon Valley Solar 165

SunPower and Jiawei Pens a Supplying Agreement 166

Hewlett-Packard Enters into a Contract with SunPower 166

MEMC Electronic Inks a 10-year Definitive Agreement with Conergy 166

Yingli Green Inks Agreement with Aplicaciones Técnicas 166

Yingli and Wacker Ink Polysilicon Supply Agreement 166

Yingli Green Energy Inks New Supply Deal with Wacker Chemie AG 167

Motech Enters into PV Cell Supply Agreement with SPI 167

Suntech to Supply Solar Modules to San Francisco International

Airport 167

United Solar and EDF Energies Sign Agreement for Supply of

Thin Film Laminates 167

United Solar and SunEdison Enter into Supply Agreement 168

United Solar Inks Deal with Advanced Green Technologies 168

Solar Integrated Bags Solar Power Project in Italy 168

Solar Integrated Bags Contract for BIPV Solar Project 169

Evergreen Signs Supply Agreement with DC Chemical 169

Open Energy Signs Open Purchasing Agreement with Motech 169

ersol Inks Agreement with Swiss Solar 169

Solar Semiconductor Signs a Long-term Contract with Q-Cell 170

China Sunergy Signs an Agreement with Aleo Solar 170

Solar Semiconductor Inks Agreement with ersol Solar Energy 170

SOLON Inks Supply Contract with ersol 170

SOLARIG Signs an Agreement with Leading Technological Partners

in China 171

Canadian Solar Signs Contract with pro solar Solarstrom 171

Silicon Valley and Gebäude-Solarsysteme Sign Agreement for

Sol-X™ Modules 171

Solarfun Signs Supply Agreement with UB Garanty for

Photovoltaic Modules 171

Canadian Solar and Amur Energy Sign Agreement 172

PowerLight Inks an Agreement with JingAo 172

Ecostream Signs Agreement with Solarfun 172

Pacific Power Inks Agreement with Mitsubishi Electric for PV

Modules 172

Evergreen Signs an Extended Sales Agreement with SunEdison 173

JA Solar Enters into a Solar Cell Supply Contract with

Canadian Solar 173

Trina Solar and Q-Cells Sign Solar Cell Agreement 173

Silicon Valley Inks an Agreement with Conergy for Sol-X

Technology 174

Ascent Solar Bags Contract from US DOE National Laboratories 174

Day4 Energy Selects Conergy as Channel Partner 174

ICP Solar and Shanghai Electric Sign Supply Agreement 174

LDK Solar Inks Contract to Supply Solar Wafers 175

Canadian Solar and Gintech Energy Sign Supply Contract 175

Canadian Solar Inks Sales Contract with City Solar 175

IBC Solar Signs Supply Contract with ersol Solar 175

EVP Solar Signs Supply Contract with unlimited energy GmbH 175

Trina Solar and EniPower Enter into Sales Agreement 175

aleo solar Signs Agreement with a+f GmbH 176

Yingli Green Bags Sales Contract from Control y Montages 176

LDK Solar and Canadian Solar Sign Wafer Supply Contract 176

IXYS Corp. Enters into Distribution Deal with Arrow Electronics 176

China Sunergy Inks Agreement for Supply of Solar Cells to Asola 177

GE to Supply Solar Modules to IBERDROLA 177

XinAo Group Enters into Contract with Applied Materials 177

ersol Solar Energy Signs Supply Agreement with ASOLA 177

Canadian Solar to Deliver 60MW Solar Modules for City Solar's

Spanish Project 177

Canadian Solar Signs Purchase Agreements with China Sunergy 178

Neo Solar Power Secures Solar Module Supply Order from

Scheuten Solar 178

Prism Solar Bags Contracts from NYSERDA to Develop PV Modules 178

Oerlikon Solar Signs Contract with CMC Magnetics 178

First Solar Signs Five Agreements for Supply of Solar Modules 179

Trina Solar Signs New Photovoltaic Supply Agreements in Europe 179

Canadian Solar Inks a Contract 179

First Solar Inks Supply Deal for Solar Modules 179

Solar EnerTech and Sky Solar Enter into a Sales Contract 180

United Solar Ovonic Signs Long Term Supply Deal with Enfinity

Management 180

Q-Cells Enters Inks Multi-Year Supply Deal with Elkem Solar 180

United Solar Ovonic Bags Two Orders from Unimetal 180

Suntech Enters into an Agreement with Wuxi Airport 180

Premier Enters into Supply Agreement with SCHOTT 181

Suntech Power Sets Up European Subsidiary 181

SE Asian Majors to Set up JV Facility for Solar Cells in West

Bengal 181

SOLON AG Establishes SOLON America Corporation 182

Q-Cells Inaugurates New Solar Cell Plant 182

Cleantech America to Build the Largest Solar PV Facility 182

Global to Establish Thin-Film Solar Cells Plant in Germany 182

BP Solar to Establish Module Assembly Factory 182

Evergreen Breaks Ground for Massachusetts Facility 183

Kyocera to Open a Photovoltaic Modules Power Solar Electric

Facility 183

Sumco to Setup a New Facility at Saga Prefecture 183

Nanowin Initiates Establishment of a Thin-Film Solar Cell

Facility 184

Genesis Energy to Establish Solar Cell Facility 184

Showa Shell to Increase Solar Cell Capacity 184

ersol Solar Cells Opens Solar Cell Production Plant in Germany 184

SunPower Opens Second Solar Cell Fabrication Unit 185

Sharp to Commence Solar Cells Operations in India 185

Titan Energy to Set up Solar Cell Production Facility 185

Yingli Green Completes Phase I of Production Expansion Plan 185

Signet Solar to Produce Thin-Film Modules 185

Odersun Inaugurates First Commercial Solar Plant 186

Tata BP Solar Opens 36MW Solar PV Manufacturing Line in India 186

Sunwize Inaugurates Production and Distribution Facility in

California 186

Kenmos to Commence Thin-film Solar Cell Volume Production 186

LDK Solar Begins Construction of Polysilicon Production Facility 187

Canadian Solar Inaugurates New Production Facility 187

Nexpower Commences Plant Construction 187

Suntech Begins Construction of Thin Film R&D and Production

Plant in Shanghai 187

Sunfilm AG Begins Construction of New Production Facility 187

ARISE Technologies Commences Construction of PV Cell Facility 188

EverQ Builds Second Solar Panel Plant 188

First Solar Initiates 120MW Solar Module Production Facility 188

SCHOTT Commences Production of Thin-films 189

PV Crystalox Launches Production Facility for Solar Grade Silicon 189

Sanyo to Set Up Advanced Photovoltaics Development Center 189

Schott Solar to Build New Photovoltaic Facility in the US 189

QS Solar Launches Solar Cell Production Project 190

SANYO to Restructure Shiga Plant and Establish HIT SCM Facility 190

NEPC to Enter the Solar PV Module Market 190

First Solar to Construct Production Facility in Malaysia

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