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Graphics DRAM - A New Competitive Landscape

The market for graphics DRAM is currently in a stage of massive changes. In 2008, the market was well structured with only three of the main DRAM suppliers engaged in this market segment, namely Samsung, Hynix and Qimonda with a combined market share of greater than 90%. However, Qimonda's insolvency in January 2009 has disrupted this oligopoly. In May, Micron announced its intention to enter the Graphics DRAM market, followed by Elpida in August. Both companies managed to acquire know-how from the leftover Qimonda assets. Nevertheless, it will be a challenge for both newcomers to establish themselves in the graphics DRAM market.

Forward Insights' first publication on DRAM, Graphics DRAM – A New Competitive Landscape analyzes the current status of the graphics DRAM market and provides an outlook for the following years. In the first section, the market for GPUs and related graphics card platforms which is dominated by AMD and nVidia is discussed. An overview of the characteristics of different application segments as well as the current platforms of the two market leaders is provided. The major part of this report analyses the market for graphics DRAM till 2012. This will include a detailed assessment of the memory I/Os and densities needed with forecasts for bit growth rates and memory speed requirements. An ASP and revenue forecast will be presented as well.

The last section focuses on the competitive situation in the graphics DRAM market. A thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and the competitiveness of the four players as well as the rise and fall of Qimonda's graphics business is provided.


List of Figures

List of Tables

Executive Summary


Graphics Card Market


Application Segments



AMD and nVidia Platforms


AMD Desktop

nVidia Desktop

AMD Notebook

nVidia Notebook


Graphics DRAM Market


Graphic Card Framebuffer

Graphic Card Units

DRAM Density and I/O Trends

ASP Forecast




Revenue Forecast

Trends in Graphics DRAM

Evolution of Memory Types in the Graphics Market

Evolution of Memory Speed in the Graphics Market

Competitive Landscape

Supplier Product Roadmaps









A Closer Look At Qimonda's Graphics Business


About the Author

About Forward Insights



Report Offerings

List of Figures

Figure 1. Desktop Framebuffer Forecast

Figure 2. Notebook Framebuffer Forecast

Figure 3. Overall Framebuffer Forecast

Figure 4. Desktop Graphic Card Unit Shipmen Forecast

Figure 5. Notebook Graphic Card Unit Shipment Forecast

Figure 6. Total Graphic Card Unit Shipment Forecast

Figure 7. Graphics DRAM Share as a percent of MB

Figure 8. Graphic DRAM I/O Share as a Percent of MB

Figure 9. Share of x16 and x32 Graphics DRAM Share as a Percent of MB

Figure 10. Detailed Density and I/O Forecast for Graphics DRAM

Figure 11. Demand Forecast of DDR3 Components (in 1Gb Equivalents)

Figure 12. Demand Forecast of GDDR5 Components (in 1Gb Equivalents)

Figure 13. ASP forecast for DDR3 (1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb) till 2012

Figure 14. ASP forecast for GDDR5 (1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb) till 2012

Figure 15. ASP forecast for DDR2 , GDDR3 and GDDR4 till end of 2010 (end-of-life)

Figure 16. Revenue forecast for the Graphics DRAM market till 2012

Figure 17. Share of Different I/Os in Graphics Notebook Market from 2004-2012

Figure 18. Share of I/Os in Graphics Desktop Market from 2004-2012

Figure 19. Trend Graphics DRAM speed.

Figure 20. Supplier Roadmaps DDR3

Figure 21. Estimated Die Sizes for the 1Gb DDR3

Figure 22. Supplier Roadmaps for GDDR3

Figure 23. Estimated die sizes for 1Gb GDDR3

Figure 24. Supplier Roadmaps for GDDR5

Figure 25. Estimated Die Sizes for 1Gb GDDR5

Figure 26. Qimonda's Market Share 2004-2008

Figure 27. Market Shares End 2008 before Qimonda Market Exit

Figure 28. Qimonda sales: Pieces Sold in DDR2, GDDR3, GDDR5

Figure 29. Qimonda sales: ASP for DDR2, GDDR3, GDDR5 for 1Gb equivalent

Figure 30. Price Level for DDR2 in Different Densities from 256Mb to 1Gb per 1Gb Equivalent.

List of Tables

Table 1. Overview of Desktop Application Segment

Table 2. Overview of Notebook Application Segment

Table 3. AMD Desktop Platforms

Table 4. nVidia Desktop Platforms

Table 5. AMD Notebook Platforms

Table 6. nVidia Notebook Platforms

Table 7. Major Components in Notebook Market Segment 2009-2012.

Table 8. Major Components in the Desktop Market Segment 2009-2012

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