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Herbicides China News 1102 - Annual Subscription

In February 2011, Chinese agrochemical industry still runs normally even though the most important festival of Chinese people, the Spring Festival, approached as expected. In other word, the whole Chinese agrochemical market still goes ahead rapidly as usual.

As for Chinese herbicide industry, incentive news is heard continuously in February. For one thing, regular constructions are still ongoing or have been launched, such as Fengshan Group's 400t/a quizalofop-P-ethyl plant. For another, momentous reforms for agrochemical enterprises are also carried out meanwhile, such as Shandong Dacheng's reorganization and Huayang Technology's public share auction.

With the rapid development, Chinese government's stricter regulation on pesticide industry is achieved quietly for Low Carbon Economy. Under Pesticide Industry Policy, it's predicted that more detailed regulations will come out in 2011.

Whatever, intense competition still exists in Chinese agrochemical market, though negative influence of the financial crisis is fading, so careful attitude is still necessary. For example, many Chinese agrochemical enterprises adopt cautious attitudes, such as Jiangsu Tianrong's relocation for stronger competitiveness.

Lianhe Technology still boomed in 2010.

Jiangsu Tianrong is undergoing relocation step by step into Jiangsu Xiangshui Chemical Industrial Park now.

Shandong Dacheng hasn't resumed share trade yet for the asset reorganization at present.

Huayang Technology's 20.38% share was sold publicly to Hongda Mining on Jan. 31st 2011.

Noposion decided to offer a loan to Changlong Agrochemical on Feb. 11th.

2,4-D production still faces dilemma for stricter requirements on environmental protection though it becomes a hot herbicide all over the world supported by GM technology.

Total export quantity of dicamba in China witnessed growth but its export price kept stable in the first three quarters of 2010.

Chinese pesticide trade witnessed growth in value and quantity in H1 2010.

Lianhe Chemical tries its best to consolidate herbicide business all the time.

Jiangsu Tenglong invests in a new pesticide plant in Inner Mongolia.

Yifan Biotechnology plans a series of new herbicide production lines, including 200t/a oxyfluorfen, 200t/a clethodim, 200t/a glufosinate-ammonium, 200t/a bromacil, 200t/a tebuthiuron and 200t/a mesotrione.

Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd. (Fengshan Group) expands total quizalofop-P-ethyl capacity to 1,300t/a with a 400t/a production line.

Jiangsu Jiannong is having a trial run of its new 1,800t/a clomazone production line currently.

The prices of most amide herbicides involving acetochlor, butachlor and metolachlor in China are rebounding now.

Rimsulfuron is an excellent but small breed corn herbicide in China.

Lianhe Technology booms in 2010

Jiangsu Tianrong to relocate into Jiangsu Xiangshui Chemical Industrial Park

Shandong Dacheng suspends share trade for asset reorganization

Huayang Technology's share auctioned publicly

Noposion loans Changlong Agrochemical

Hot 2,4-D also faces dilemma

Dicamba export in the first three quarter of 2010

Chinese herbicide trade in H1 2010

Lianhe Technology consolidates herbicide business

Jiangsu Tenglong invests in Inner Mongolia

Yifan Biotechnology to enrich herbicide product mix

Fengshan Group finishes 400t/a quizalofop-P-ethyl expansion

Jiangsu Jiannong trials 1,800t/a clomazone production line

Most amide herbicide prices witness rebound

Rimsulfuron: An excellent but small breed corn herbicide

Companies mentionedLianhe Technology, Jiangsu Tianrong, Shandong Dacheng, Huayang Technology, Noposion, Jiangsu Tenglong, Yifan Biotechnology, Fengshan Group, Jiangsu Jiannong

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