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Insecticides China News 1102 - Annual Subscription

Entering 2011, increasing prices of raw materials still boost that of insecticides like chlorpyrifos TC, imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC. It's said that insecticide production has stepped into a highcost phase consequently.

Production safety is another theme calls for special attention during the Spring Festival. On 17 Jan., a leak accident of pesticide occurred in Hunan Haili's subsidiary, which directly caused the poisoning of several staff and delay of its ongoing project.

After a short rest during the Spring Festival, domestic insecticide producers keep moving on in 2011. More insecticide players are estimated to go public in the coming months. Let's look forward to insecticide industry in 2011 with blessing.

In 2010, field efficacy evaluation of 31 new insecticides have been completed, including 30 chemical ones and 1 biopesticides.

Entering 2011, the production of insecticides steps into a high-cost phase.

Jiangsu Tianrong keeps relocating and expanding pesticide production lines.

A leak accident of pesticide occurred in Hunan Haili's subsidiary on 17 Jan. 2011.

Jiangsu Huangma is relocating production lines of 200t/a cypermethrin TC, 500t/a thiamethoxam TC into Jiangsu Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park.

In Dec. 2010, Fengshan Group finished building 600t/a imidacloprid TC, 300t/a acetamiprid TC and 400t/a quizalofop-p-ethyl TC production lines.

More pesticide enterprises will go public in 2011.

Bisultap used in China for over 30 years has showed sluggish development.

Abamectin is to enjoy promising market prospect in 2011 thanks to the issue of Pesticide Industry Policy.

In 2010-2011 slack sales season, pesticides surprisingly see demand rising.

Eight new insecticides have been developed and registered during the past ten years.

CCM will continue to introduce the relatively moderate insect pest occurrence in 2011 on cotton, rape and potato in China.

The export volume of chlorpyrifos TC will keep increasing in 2011.

Market price of STCP begins to climb in early 2011.

Acetamiprid has been registered by more and more producers in China since 2007.

Overview of new insecticides in 2010–field efficacy evaluation of new products

Insecticide production steps into high-cost phase

Jiangsu Tianrong relocation going on

Leak accident occurs in Haili Changde

Jiangsu Huangma relocating cypermethrin, thiamethoxam production lines

Fengshan Group finishes building imidacloprid TC, acetamiprid TC production lines

Pesticide enterprises accelerate speed of going public

Bisultap tends to aging

Market outlook of abamectin industry in 2011

Pesticide: slack sales season but rising demand

China self-develops eight new insecticides in 2000-2010

2011 pest occurrence on cash crops

Chlorpyrifos TC export keeps increasing

Monthly ex-factory prices of key raw materials, Feb. 2011

Monthly ex-factory prices of main insecticides in China, Feb. 2011

Monthly Shanghai Port prices and FOB Shanghai price of main insecticides, Feb. 2011

Average market price of main crops in China (30 Jan. 2011)

Market price of STCP climbs

Acetamiprid registration remains hot

China agrochemical industrial investment exceeds USD3.03 billion

China pesticide export hits record high 2010

Shandong to carry out new pesticide regulations after Hainan

Lier Chemical net profit declines by 23.2% in FY 2010

Global biopesticide market value to reach USD2.8 billion in 2015

Companies mentioned Jiangsu Tianrong Group Co., Ltd.,Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu Huangma Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd.,Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd.,Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,Fujian Funong biochemical Co.,Ltd., Ningbo Shunhong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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