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M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Commercial Asset Valuation and Forecast


M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Commercial Asset Valuation and Forecast is the latest report from GlobalData that provides financial and operational analysis of M'Boundi Gas in Republic of Congo. The report identifies the remaining Net Present Value (NPV) of M'Boundi Gas through a detailed yearly forecast of oil and gas production and cash flows till the useful life of the asset. The results of the report are supported by an interactive excel model that provides all of the data, formulae and assumptions. The model also allows users to modify key parameters related to production, commodity prices, fiscal terms and costs to do custom valuation.

The remaining NPV of M'Boundi Gas is derived after estimating and forecasting key attributes of M'Boundi Gas including oil and gas production, commodity prices, costs and thereby applying all of them on the economic model prepared based on the fiscal information available for M'Boundi Gas.

Oil and gas production forecast, which is the key input for commercial valuation is performed using several models and analyst inputs in conjunction with upcoming development plans, field appraisals and planned enhanced recovery techniques that are announced by the operators. The peak production, developed reserves, probable reserves and possible and contingent resources are considered for accurate future production estimates of M'Boundi Gas.

Commodity prices for M'Boundi Gas are estimated and forecasted based on several attributes like quality (API), sulfur content, market conditions and inflation.

Capital cost and operational cost estimations include historic and forecast data on leasing cost, operational cost, development cost, appraisal cost, exploration capital, transportation and pipeline infrastructure cost, processing cost and abandonment costs.

Economic models are prepared using information on royalties, fees, rentals, bonuses, ad valorem tax, cost recovery limits, profit oil splits, corporate income tax, additional taxes, depreciation rules and additional schedules. These models are interactive platforms that carry all the specific asset level, contractual level and market level information on M'Boundi Gas.

The remaining value of M'Boundi Gas is sensitive to changes in commodity prices, costs, production levels and fiscal stability. Sensitivity section of the report highlights the possible variation in the asset values as a result of the changes in the key factors impacting the valuation.


- The report provides detailed information on oil and gas production, infrastructure, reserves, geology, operator and equity partners and the latest fiscal terms applicable to the asset and provides its fair value (Remaining Net Present Value) based on remaining reserves, forecast production, capital and operational costs, fiscal regime and commodity prices.

- The report also provides additional valuation parameters like Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index (PI), Pay Back (discounted and undiscounted), Entitlement Production (EP) and Working Interest (WI) to enhance your decision making process.

- This report provides detailed sensitivity analysis of the remaining NPV with changes in the commodity prices, discount rate, production and key fiscal terms.

- Detailed cash flows over the life of the asset are included in the report. These cash flows cover a wide range of calculations related to various payments to the government/licensing authority.

- Interactive Excel models can be used to derive custom valuations, sensitivities and cash flows based on the specific inputs by the user in the model. These custom inputs vary from production data, cost information, price information and fiscal terms information.

Reasons to buy

- Make well informed investment decisions based on detailed operational analysis and cash flow forecasts

- Estimate the fair value of your future investment under different economic and fiscal conditions

- Value a prospective investment target through a comprehensive analysis using focused forecasting and valuation methodologies.

- Supporting interactive excel model will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner

- Evaluate how the changes in the country's fiscal policies impact the cash flows and the present value of the asset

1 Table of contents 2

1.1 List of Tables 3

1.2 List of Figures 3

2 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Introduction 4

3 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Geology, Geography and Formations 6

4 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Equity Details 8

5 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Reserves 9

6 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Applicable Fiscal Regime 10

6.1 Contract Type 10

6.2 Royalties, Fees and Applicable Front-End Load Terms 10

6.3 Entitlement 10

6.4 Depreciation Rules 10

6.5 Taxation 10

6.6 Additional Taxes 10

7 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Infrastructure 11

7.1 Upstream Infrastructure 11

7.2 Midstream Infrastructure 11

8 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Development Plan, Investment and Expenditure 12

9 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Liquid and Gas Production 13

10 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Field Economics 16

10.1 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Economic Assumptions 16

10.1.1 Forecast Commodity Prices 16

10.1.2 Inflation 16

10.1.3 Discount Rate and Representation of Cash Flows 16

10.1.4 Sensitivity 16

10.1.5 Access to the Economic Model 16

10.2 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Cash Flow Analysis 17

10.3 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Remaining PV Sensitivity Analysis 18

10.3.1 Remaining NPV Sensitivity to Discount Rate and Commodity Price 18

10.3.2 Remaining NPV Sensitivity to Changes in Commodity Prices and Production Rates 19

10.3.3 Remaining NPV Sensitivity to Income Tax and Production Rate 20

11 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Summary Cash Flows 21

11.1 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Front End Load Due To Fiscal Policy 22

11.2 M'Boundi Gas, Republic of Congo, Tax Liability 23

12 Appendix 24

12.1 Methodology 24

12.2 Coverage 24

12.3 Secondary Research 24

12.4 Primary Research 24

12.5 E&P Forecasts 25

12.6 Capital Costs 25

12.7 Exploration and Appraisal (E&A) Costs 25

12.8 Operating Costs 26

12.9 Expert Panel Validation 26

12.10 Disclaimer 26

12.11 Contact Us 26

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