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Mobile Platforms and Application Stores - Who is battling for what?

The concept of mobile application stores, together with the platform or operating system they run on, has quickly become a pivotal talking point when discussing the current and future mobile landscape. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the types of players involved (device manufacturers, Internet giants, developers and telcos), and their respective strategies and what is at stake for them in this market.

Key questions

  • Is the market about becoming the best application store, or becoming the dominant OS?
  • What are the roles to be played by the different players involved; handset manufacturers, Internet giants, developers and telcos?
  • In terms of revenues, how much impact does this market have for the players involved?
  • How will the value of application stores evolve?
  • What are the key applications in terms of popularity and also revenues?

> Facts & Figures about the key players and technologies


1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Mobile handsets

and Applications Storefronts

3.1. The App Store concept

3.1.1. A device that initially doesn't support

native applications…

3.1.2. From one business model to another

3.1.3. The App Store recipe

3.1.4. All in all: The App Store recipe for


3.1.5. App store in figures and charts

3.1.6. App Store cons

3.2. Mobile devices market

3.2.1. Worldwide device shipments

3.2.2. Device manufacturer and Internet giants'


3.2.3. Recent innovation in the mobile device


4. Mobile platforms

and Internet players

4.1. Software value chain

4.2. Software players

4.3. Application storefront strategies and

players segmentation

4.3.1. Handset manufacturers

4.3.2. Mobile network operators

4.3.3. Third party players

4.3.4. Software / internet players

4.3.5. Silicon vendors

4.4. Case Studies

4.4.1. Google

4.4.2. RIM

4.5. Comparison with Web 2.0 platforms

4.5.1. The rise of social media

4.5.2. From a closed model to an open model

5. Developers

5.1. Origins of developers

5.2. Major categories of applications

5.2.1. Games

5.2.2. Mobile VoIP

5.2.3. Video

5.2.4. Location-based services (LBS)

5.2.5. Augmented reality

5.2.6. ebooks

5.2.7. Press

5.3. Developers business models and


5.3.1. Traditional "Upload and Pray" business


5.3.2. The Freemium business models

5.3.3. Ad sponsored Application business


5.3.4. Other business models

5.4. Developer needs

5.4.1. Addressable market and profitability

5.4.2. Visibility

5.4.3. Stable APIs and developing tools

5.4.4. Efficient Payment processing methods

5.5. Drivers for growth (of mobile apps

via App stores)

6. Mobile operators

6.1. Operators join the application store craze

6.1.1. The Wholesale Application Community

6.2. Strategies for mobile operators

6.2.1. To avoid becoming a dumb pipe

7. Evolution

7.1. Market value

7.2. Strategic Analysis

Markets and Data

Examined markets:

  • Games
  • Mobile VoIP
  • Video
  • Location-based services
  • Augmented reality
  • ebooks
  • Press

Market data:

  • Mobile apps revenues (Europe & North America - forecasts up to 2013)
  • Market shares (2007-2009)
  • Apps downloaded (Apple, Google, RIM)
  • Mobile handset and smartphone sales

- Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America (2008-2010)

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