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Mobile Traffic Growth+Cost Pressures=New Solutions?

  • Mobile voice is still growing and broadband usage is exploding. Mobile Broadband usage already up to 1.4 Gbytes per month and >30% of all broadband in leading countries.
  • Data wave turns into a tsunami. Consumers' usage is changing with on demand media taking a more prominent role in consumption.
  • Capacity & coverage crunch. Current 3G/HSPA networks built for voice and low speed data are likely to be overwhelmed by data demand and will fail to meet customers wide area service needs.
  • Fragile business case for network build – cost per subscriber could increase 100%. Using current techniques, network build would be costly and in many cases uneconomic in the long term as new investment in cells will be required to support rapidly increasing mobile broadband traffic demand.
  • New solutions come to the rescue. Network sharing, femtocells, sophisticated tariffing and spectrum refarming all have a key role to play in bringing down network build costs and making network expansion economically feasible.
  • Scalable backhaul networks. To remain cost competitive with mobile broadband, operators need to move to transport solutions that break the link between capacity and cost.
  • The distinction between fixed and mobile will blur. Customers will buy a wide area mobility service but this may be delivered by a combination of fixed and mobile.
  • Embracing new ways will be key for cost effective growth. Successful operators and suppliers will have already recognised the approaching capacity chasm and already be implementing new solutions and products to address the changing market.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Trends, Technology and Capacity Issues

  • Network Demand Is Growing – Analyses voice and broadband trends for mobile and fixed networks.
  • Traditional Network Buildout – Looks at how mobile networks are traditionally built out and the cost structure for sites.
  • Established Technologies Underpin Network Growth – Provides an overview of the key technologies, the data rates that can be delivered and the typical capacity of cells using the technology.
  • Backhaul Is A Significant Factor In Network Buildout – Looks at the backhaul solution, identifies how backhaul will be impacted by radio upgrades and emerging dimensioning challenges.
  • Networks Insufficient For Mobile Broadband Growth – Examines capacity both at the cell and network level for best effort traffic and illustrates the impact of on demand media streaming service support on network dimensioning.
  • Cost Per MByte Will Increase With New Media Services – Analyses how changing consumption could have a cost impact on network costs at the cell and network level.
  • Summary of Issues Facing Operators – Summarises the key issues operators face.

Part 2 – The New Solutions & Issues

  • Femtocells Provide A New Way To Build Networks – Provides an overview of femtocell technology, deployment scenarios and potential deployment options.
  • Network Sharing – Analyses the different types of network sharing, its impact on network build and how it can be used to reduce costs.
  • New Backhaul Solutions – Presents the key features of next generation backhaul networks, how they can help more cost effectively scale and potential cost savings.
  • Spectrum Migration – Identifies the opportunities that could be opened up by 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum becoming available for WCDMA usage.
  • Innovative Tariffs to Optimise Profitability – Looks at the techniques being used by some operators to control usage, make network utilization more efficient and hence improve profitability.

Part 3 – Likely Outcome

  • Distinction Between Fixed And Mobile Will Become Irrelevant – This section examines what the likely outcome of current trends will be and what it means for the industry.
  • Implication For Operators – Presents recommendations for operators on how to address the issues presented in this document.
  • Implication For Vendors – Presents recommendations for suppliers on how to address the issues presented in this document.

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Consumer Electronics Industry: Mobile Traffic Growth+Cost Pressures=New Solutions?

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