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NFC micro SD Report Stepping stone or Standard?

Could Near Field Communication-enabled microSD cards be the key to unlocking the use of your mobile phone for payments, ticketing and many other applications? The industry has been waiting a long time for NFC ready handsets to come to market in a sufficiently wide range and adequate volumes to stimulate this developing market, yet many existing handsets already have a microSD card slot and could use an NFC microSD card right now.

A major new report puts NFC microSD cards in the spotlight to reveal their true potential.

Now available, 'NFC microSD cards: stepping-stone or standard?' – from management consultancy The Human Chain – examines in detail the case for NFC microSD cards.

Whatever your role in the NFC value chain – whether you are a technology provider, a mobile network operator/carrier or a service provider – NFC microSD cards: stepping stone or standard? is essential reading.

Find out more about the key issues surrounding NFC enabled microSD cards, including:

o The extensive range of features and apps that consumers demand from a mobile handset;

o The technology's current development status and its implications;

o The business drivers;

o The technology's ability to deliver a richer user experience;

o The user experience compared with an integrated NFC-enabled mobile handset;

o The companies currently intending to provide NFC microSD cards;

o How the technology works;

o The patents registered by firms active in this market;

o Whether the technology can finally unlock the potential of NFC.

The Human Chain believes NFC microSD cards are a major development for the industry and this report tackles the fundamental question of whether they will simply be an interim step until fully fledged NFC mobile handsets are available in sufficient ranges and quantities, or whether they will become a standard solution for NFC services.

Starting from the premise that NFC is just one of the features that consumers may demand alongside a wider range of functions and apps, NFC microSD cards: stepping stone or standard? examines the factors that will trigger consumers to use the technology and handset suppliers to deploy it.

As part of its research, The Human Chain has spoken to every company involved in the technology that could finally shift deployment of NFC up a gear to get a clearer picture of what consumers really want. Its verdict? That NFC microSD cards need to provide the rich user experience that NFC offers if they want to be the alternative form factor that finally unlocks the NFC market.

For the technology to take off, The Human Chain believes the devices need to provide:

• Multi-application support;

• Multiple NFC mode support in the longer term, such as card emulation, reader mode and peer-to-peer;

• Over The Air (OTA) download and set-up.

NFC microSD cards: stepping stone or standard? also investigates some of the challenges facing microSD cards, explaining how the technology potentially undermines the position of the GSMA and GSM-based MNOs and carriers because it gives NFC service providers a greater degree of independence, something that MNOs/carriers have resisted up to now.

The report examines the key regions in which NFC microSD cards could achieve a foothold, revealing that:

• Interest is strongest in countries where there is a mix of mobile standards;

• Greater resistance to the technology from MNOs is likely in Europe, where GSM-based standards dominate.

Ease of use and a rich user experience are a vital part of driving adoption and ensuring the long-term success of this technology, and NFC microSD cards: stepping-stone or standard? highlights recent pilots, and considers how users want:

• Minimum key presses;

• Automatic triggering of applications;

• To be able to complete transactions with a single tap.

The appeal of being able to insert NFC microSD cards into your existing handset to get the twin benefits of extra features and NFC capability is compelling, and it is something the main companies in this market believe will prove a winning proposition. With their latest roadmaps and timescales indicating that they think 2010 could be a breakthrough year, The Human Chain will continue to provide valuable insights and commentary on this vibrant market.

Table of contents

Table of contents 1-3

About The Human Chain 1-5

Glossary 1-7

Executive summary 1-18

1 Introduction 1-20

1.1 Scope of the report 1-21

2 MicroSD memory cards and NFC 2-22

3 Business drivers for NFC and NFC microSD 3-25

3.1 Why NFC microSD cards? 3-26

4 The NFC ecosystem 4-28

4.1 Business drivers for ecosystem players 4-29

4.1.1 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) 4-29

4.1.2 Handset suppliers 4-30

4.1.3 Financial services 4-31

4.1.4 Transit authorities and operators 4-31

4.1.5 Trusted Service Managers (TSMs) 4-32

4.2 The availability of NFC capable handsets 4-32

5 Who is offering NFC microSD cards? 5-34

6 Summary of NFC microSD card features 6-35

6.1 Current status of development in microSD 6-39

7 How does NFC microSD work? 7-40

7.1 Smart card chip 7-43

7.2 NFC chip 7-43

7.3 Antennas 7-44

7.4 NFC modes 7-47

7.5 NFC microSD card compatibility with mobile handsets 7-48

7.6 NFC microSD business models 7-49

7.6.1 Distribution 7-49

8 What are the implications of deploying NFC microSD cards? 8-50

9 User experience 9-52

9.1.1 Finding, getting and setting up the service 9-52

9.1.2 Using the service 9-53

10 Issues still to be resolved 10-57

11 Conclusions 11-60

APPENDIX A: What is microSD and SDIO? 11-61

A.1 Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) 11-63

A.1.1 SDIO features 11-63

A.2 SDIO card internal operation 11-66

A.2.1 SDIO functions 11-66

A.2.2 Interrupts 11-66

A.2.3 SDIO fixed internal map 11-66

APPENDIX B: NFC microSD developers / suppliers 11-69

B.1 Giesecke & Devrient 11-70

B.1.1 G&D links 11-71

B.2 RFinity 11-72

B.2.1 RFinity links 11-73

B.3 Tyfone 11-74

B.3.1 Mobile handset applications 11-75

B.3.2 Middleware 11-75

B.3.3 Secure memory card 11-75

B.3.4 Tyfone patents/patent applications 11-76

B.3.5 Tyfone links 11-79

B.4 DeviceFidelity 11-80

B.4.1 In2pay product features 11-81

B.4.2 User experience 11-82

B.4.3 DeviceFidelity patents/patent applications 11-83

B.4.4 DeviceFidelity links 11-88

B.5 Logomotion 11-89

B.5.1 Logomotion links 11-90

B.6 SanDisk 11-91

B.6.1 Relevant SanDisk patents/patent applications 11-91

B.6.2 SanDisk links 11-92

B.7 Wireless Dynamics Inc. 11-93

B.7.1 WDI links 11-96

Companies mentioned

Giesecke & Devrient, Rfinity, Device Fidelity, Logomotion, SanDisk, Wireless Dynamics, Tyfone, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3UK, Ericsson, EDS, Accenture, Logica, Hilton, Assa Abloy, InfoWave, Intermec, Comfort Delgro, Cubic Corporation, Firethorn, British Nuclear Group, AT&T, O2, Apple, GSMA, The Human Chain, SD Card Association, iSuppli, Nokia, VISA, Mastercard, First Data Corporation, Blackberry, RIM, Microsoft, Google, Symbian, Palm, CPI Card Group, Inspire, Inside Contactless, Monitise, NXP Semiconductors, RSA, ABI Research, Toro, Discover, Panasonic, Toshiba Corporation, SD Association, Brigham Young University, OJAS Venture Partners, Global Platform, NFC Times, Contactless News, Near Field Communications News, Digital Transactions, American Express, AMEX, Oberthur, FDR, T-Sys, NFC Forum, Mobey Forum, Bank Card Association, Philips, Novatel Wireless

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