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NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

NGA Regulation - A rocky road to the data superhighway (2nd edition)

This report will shortly present the different NGA architectures and their specific challenges before taking a deep dive into the regulatory toolkit. After closely examining the EU's common of rules and some member states' individual regulatory approaches, the report will conclude by putting the EU's NGA debate in a broader geographic and regulatory context.

Key questions

• What are the tools available to regulators to favour widespread competition between and on NGA networks?

• With the switch from copper to fiber, access networks undergo radical change. Is the" ladder of investment" still the right concept to deal with the arising regulatory issues?

• Which are the approaches adopted in some of the major EU countries when Market conditions vary significantly between member states?

• While Europe has an excellent track record in legacy broadband services, fibre seems to struggle to gain traction. Can the Commission's recent NGA recommendation reinvigorate network investment?

• Different regulatory models for NGA have emerged around the globe, ranging from largely unregulated telco/cableco duopolies as in the US to service competition on mutualised infrastructures in Australia and Singapore. Will the EU's approach allow it to reclaim leadership in broadband?


1. Executive Summary

2. Network architectures

and deployment

2.1. Network architectures

2.1.1. FTTC

2.1.2. FTTH

2.2. Cost of NGA deployment

3. Wholesale products

3.1. Passive wholesale products for FTTC

and FTTH networks

• Duct access

• Dark fibre

• Unbundling in an FTTC setting

• Unbundling in an FTTH/B setting

• In-house wiring

3.2. Active wholesale access

4. Regulatory approaches

4.1. The European Commission's draft


4.1.1. The June 2009 draft recommendation

• Access obligations

• Co-investment and wholesale pricing

• Migration towards NGA

• Wholesale broadband access

4.1.2. BEREC comment on the April 2010 draft


4.2. Remedies adopted in selected countries

4.2.1. France

4.2.2. United Kingdom

4.2.3. Spain

4.2.4. Germany

4.2.5. Australia and Singapore

5. Quo vadis, Europe: can the old continent

turn into an NGA powerhouse?

5.1. Putting Europe into global context

5.1.1. Different regulatory regimes

5.1.2. Broadband dynamics

5.2. Broadband players under pressure

5.2.1. The financing challenge in the

intersection of regulatory debates

• Net neutrality and NGA

• State aid

5.3. Summing it up

Tables & Figures

Table 1: Available SMP remedies

Table 2: SDFs per MDF

Table 3: NGA deployment cost estimate (EUR)

Table 4: Cost comparison multicast (UK)

Table 5: French telcos' NGA architecturesOperator

Figure 1: NGA share of BB lines

Figure 2: NGA regulatory approaches

Figure 3: FTTX architectures

Figure 4: Average investment per subscriber

for an incumbent carrier (EUR)

Figure 5: Network layers

Figure 6: Duct access (FTTH)

Figure 7: Duct space requirements

Figure 8: FTTH P2P unbundling

Figure 9: PON unbundling

Figure 10: WDM-PON

Figure 11: CAPEX 10G PON vs. WDM-PON

Figure 12: Bitstream options

Figure 13: Multicast

Figure 14: Ofcom's proposed FTTH products

Figure 15: Openreach's GEA over FTTC

Figure 16:CMT's remedies markets 4, 5

Figure 17: Selected German ANOs' fibre projects

Figure 18: OpenNet flow of financial transactions

Figure 19: NBNCo access portfolio

Figure 20: Stylised view of predominant regulatory

models by geography

Figure 21: Broadband penetration

(2010F, % of pop)

Figure 22: FTTx share of total broadband lines

(Dec. 2009)

Figure 23: Local access bandwidth demand (Tbps)

Figure 24: EU15 fixed revenues (EUR bn)

Figure 25: NGA ladder of investment

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