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Packaging Machinery in China


This study analyzes Chinese supply of and demand for machinery used to package products. The following types of equipment are included: filling and form/fill/seal machinery; labeling and coding equipment; wrapping, bundling and palletizing machinery; other types of packaging equipment (such as accumulators, collators and feeders; cartoning machines; case forming, packing and sealing equipment; and checkweighing machinery); and packaging machinery parts (including bearings, pulleys, power units, sensors, temperature regulators and wires). Excluded from the scope of the study are certain products sometimes considered to be packaging machinery, including converting equipment (e.g., blow molders, can making machinery, extruders and other equipment used to form packages, unless an integral part of a packaging machine such as form/fill/seal equipment) and associated line equipment like conveyors.

Also excluded are used packaging machines of all types and related services such as equipment rebuilding, retrofitting and systems integration. All of the national market statistics presented exclude packaging machinery supply and demand in Hong Kong and Macau, even though these special administrative regions formally became part of the People's Republic of China during the late 1990s -- Hong Kong in 1997 and Macau in 1999. Taiwan, which is economically independent from the rest of China and not under the administration of the central government, is also excluded from the scope of this study. Historical data for 1999, 2004 and 2009 and forecasts to 2014 and 2019 are provided for packaging machinery demand, shipments, imports and exports by product type, and for demand by market and by region, valued in current yuan (including inflation).

The overall value of packaging equipment demand is also provided in US dollars, converted using the official currency exchange rate in each year (with the exchange rate on April 30, 2010 being used for 2014 and 2019). The term "demand" actually refers to "apparent consumption" and is defined as production (also referred to as "output" or "supply") from Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing facilities plus imports minus exports. It is used interchangeably with the terms "market," "sales" and "consumption." The renminbi (or RMB) is the official currency of the People's Republic of China, and the base unit of the renminbi is the yuan. The term "yuan" is used throughout this report when referring to currency amounts. In addition, major packaging machinery manufacturers active in China are identified and profiled, and key competitive variables are discussed. The entire report is framed within the Chinese packaging equipment industry's economic and market environments, and therefore environmental variables affecting packaging machinery supply and demand in the country (such as government plans and regulations, inflation and interest rates, manufacturing production and overall economic performance) are emphasized. Packaging equipment market share data by enterprise presented in the "Industry Structure" section are estimated based on consultation with multiple sources. Tabular details may not always add to totals due to rounding. Economic and demographic indicators presented in this study were obtained from The Freedonia Group Consensus Forecasts dated March 2010.

A wide variety of primary and secondary information sources were also used in the compilation of this report. For example, officials at the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association and the China Packaging Federation were contacted directly to obtain relevant information. Secondary data sources include Chinese government statistical agencies (principally the National Bureau of Statistics of China), the Ministry of Commerce, the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the United Nations, the US State Department, the World Bank, industry experts, financial sources and packaging machinery companies. In addition, data and background information were obtained from various news and trade publications, including Beverage Daily, China Packaging Industry, China Packaging News, Food & Drug Packaging, Food Production Daily, Packaging Digest China, Packaging Machinery Technology, Packaging Magazine, Packaging Pro, Packaging World, Pallet Enterprise, Shanghai Packaging, Verpackungs-Rundschau and World Food and Packaging Machinery. Corporate annual reports, product literature and unpublished data obtained through personal contacts were also used in framing the industry and market environments and as input for market size assessments. Statistics from various sources were carefully examined during the preparation of this study, and contradictions and discrepancies among data sources were noted. The accuracy and reliability of figures from each source was evaluated, and adjustments were made where deemed necessary. This was done in order to arrive at a consistent set of packaging machinery industry statistics, which are based on the best available information at the time this study was published. As a result, the data presented here may differ, sometimes substantially, from figures issued by official governmental sources.



General 4

Economic Overview 4

Recent Economic Performance 5

Economic Outlook 7

Demographic Overview 11

Population 11

Urbanization 14

Households 15

Personal Income Trends 16

Gross Fixed Capital Formation Outlook 19

Industrialization & Manufacturing Trends 20

Packaging Outlook 27

Technology Trends 29

Legal & Regulatory Environment 30

The Eleventh Five-Year Plan 33


Supply & Demand 37

Pricing Trends 40

International Environment 42

World Outlook 42

Foreign Trade 45


General 48

Filling & Form/Fill/Seal Machinery 51

Liquid Filling 53

Dry Filling 54

Form/Fill/Seal 55

Labeling & Coding Machinery 56

Labeling 58

Coding, Dating & Marking 59

Wrapping, Bundling & Palletizing Machinery 60

Wrapping & Bundling 62

Palletizing 63

Other Packaging Machinery 64

Case Forming, Packing & Sealing 65

Cartoning 66

All Other 67

Packaging Machinery Parts 68


General 70

Food 73

Fruits & Vegetables 75

Bakery & Confectionery 76

Meat Products 77

Other Food Products 77

Beverages 78

Beer & Alcohol 80

Milk 81

Carbonated Beverages 82

Water 83

Fruit Beverages 83

Tea & Coffee 84

Other Beverages 85

Medical, Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Products 86

Medical & Pharmaceutical Products 88

Personal Care Products 89

Chemical Products 89

Detergents & Cleaners 91

Agricultural Chemicals 92

Paints & Coatings 93

Other Chemical Products 93

Other Markets 94

Electrical & Electronic Equipment 95

Tobacco Products 96

Textiles & Apparel 97

All Other 98


General 100

Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 102

Population Patterns 103

Economic Outlook 104

Regional Manufacturing Activity 106

Regional Packaging Machinery Demand 107

Central-North 111

Overview 111

Packaging Machinery Demand 113

Northeast 115

Overview 115

Packaging Machinery Demand 117

Central-East 119

Overview 119

Packaging Machinery Demand 121

Central-South 123

Overview 123

Packaging Machinery Demand 125

Southwest 127

Overview 127

Packaging Machinery Demand 129

Northwest 131

Overview 131

Packaging Machinery Demand 133


General 136

Industry Composition 137

Market Share 140

Shanghai Tobacco Machinery 140

Tetra Laval International 141

Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group 141

Krones 141

Bosch 142

Other Leading Companies 142

Product Development & Manufacturing 143

Marketing & Distribution 144

Cooperative Agreements 147

Foreign Participation in the Chinese Market 148

Legal & Regulatory Issues 149

Joint Ventures 151

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises 153

Representative Offices 154

Company Profiles 155

Avery Dennison Corporation 156

Beijing Omori Changkong Packing Machinery

Company Limited 158

Bosch (Robert) GmbH 159

Changsha Chutian Science & Technology

Company Limited 161

Coesia SpA 163

GD, see Coesia

Guangzhou Tech-Long Packing Machine

Company Limited 166

Hanguang Packaging Equipment Division, see National

Hanguang Machinery Plant

Hangzhou Youngsun Machinery Company Limited 167

Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Company Limited 169

Harbin Saide Hi-Tech Company Limited 170

Hualian Machinery Group Company Limited 171

Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery

Company Limited 173

Jiangsu Tengtong Packing Machinery Company Limited 174

JS Corrugating Machinery Company Limited 175

KHS, see Kloeckner-Werke

Kloeckner-Werke AG 176

Krones AG 179

Linao Company Limited 181

MeadWestvaco Corporation 182

Mettler-Toledo International Incorporated 184

Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group

Company Limited 186

National Hanguang Machinery Plant 187

Sato Corporation 188

Shaanxi Jinlong Packing Company Limited 190

Shanghai BOZN Packing Machinery Manufacturing

Company Limited 191

Shanghai Saidone Technologies 192

Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Company Limited 194

Shantou Jinxin Machinery Company Limited 195

Shenyang Baihualin Light Industry Food Machinery

Company Limited 196

Sidel, see Tetra Laval International

SIG Holding Limited 197

Sirius Machinery, see Coesia

Strapack & Xutian Packing Machine, see Xutian Packing


Tetra Laval International SA 199

Tianjin Huayi Company Limited 203

Volpak, see Coesia

Wuxi Changjiang Mechanical & Electrical

Company Limited 204

Xutian Packing Machine Company Limited 205

Yanbian Longchuan Packaging Machinery

Company Limited 207

Zhejiang Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery

Company Limited 208

Other Companies Mentioned in Study 210



Summary Table 3


1 Gross Domestic Product in China 11

2 Population of China 13

3 Households in China by Region 16

4 Consumer Income & Expenditures in China 18

5 Gross Fixed Capital Formation in China 20

6 Manufacturing Value Added in China 23

7 Packaging Demand in China 28


1 Packaging Machinery Supply & Demand in China 39

2 Pricing Patterns for Packaging Machinery in China 41

3 World Packaging Machinery Demand by Region 44

4 Chinese Foreign Trade in Packaging Machinery 47


1 Packaging Machinery Supply & Demand in China

by Product 50

2 Filling & Form/Fill/Seal Machinery Supply & Demand

in China 53

3 Labeling & Coding Machinery Supply & Demand in China 57

4 Wrapping, Bundling & Palletizing Machinery Supply

& Demand in China 61

5 Other Packaging Machinery Supply & Demand in China 65

6 Packaging Machinery Parts Supply & Demand in China 69


1 Packaging Machinery Demand in China by Market 72

2 Food Market for Packaging Machinery in China 75

3 Beverage Market for Packaging Machinery in China 80

4 Medical, Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Product Market

for Packaging Machinery in China 87

5 Chemical Product Market for Packaging Machinery in China 91

6 Other Markets for Packaging Machinery in China 95


1 Population of China by Region 104

2 Gross Domestic Product of China by Region 106

3 Manufacturing Value Added in China by Region 107

4 Packaging Machinery Demand in China by Region 110

5 Central-North Region of China Packaging Machinery

Demand 115

6 Northeast Region of China Packaging Machinery

Demand 119

7 Central-East Region of China Packaging Machinery

Demand 123

8 Central-South Region of China Packaging Machinery

Demand 127

9 Southwest Region of China Packaging Machinery

Demand 131

10 Northwest Region of China Packaging Machinery

Demand 135


1 Revenue Data: Selected Packaging Machinery

Companies, 2009 139

2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 148



1 Population of China by Age, 1999-2019 14

2 Manufacturing Value Added in China by Product, 2009 24


1 Pricing Trends for Packaging Machinery in China 41

2 World Packaging Machinery Demand by Region, 2009 44


1 Packaging Machinery Demand in China by Product, 2009 51


1 Packaging Machinery Demand in China by Market, 2009 73


1 Packaging Machinery Demand in China by Region, 2009 111

2 Central-North Region of China 113

3 Northeast Region of China 117

4 Central-East Region of China 121

5 Central-South Region of China 125

6 Southwest Region of China 129

7 Northwest Region of China 133


1 Packaging Machinery Market Share in China

by Company, 2009 140

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