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Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting Strategies and Commercial Analysis 2010-2020

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– how will the industry and regulators stem the tide of counterfeits?

The pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting market has been generating increasing revenues in recent years, with strong growth to come, as our new report explains and quantifies. Counterfeit drugs cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars annually in lost revenues, with risk to patients and brands. Drug counterfeiting is increasing worldwide, with greater sophistication by counterfeiters and increased online drug purchasing. The rising prevalence of counterfeiting yields significant commercial opportunities for companies offering anti-counterfeiting solutions, as well as for their clients. Companies worldwide are investing in technologies to fight this threat to pharma stakeholders.

As our new report – Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting Strategies and Commercial Analysis 2010-2020 – shows, the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting sector offers substantial benefits to the pharmaceutical industry and to suppliers of technology. All segments of the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting market have been growing, but which will grow fastest in years to come? What are the main technological and commercial trends to watch? What factors will drive growth of the market from 2010-2020? What will be the main restraints facing the market? How will the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting market appear in 2020? This report covers those and other questions, providing the information that you need.

>From 2010 onwards, success in the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting sector will be characterized by the launch of new solutions with superior performance. Our report describes how emerging technologies will set higher barriers for drug counterfeiters, impeding the flow of counterfeits into distribution channels. Our new report also discusses steps the authorities are taking, in conjunction with industry.

Detailed analysis of the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting sector

Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting Strategies and Commercial Analysis 2010-2020 examines that sector through a comprehensive review of information sources. We use primary and secondary research. This report provides unique sales forecasts, market share analyses, discussions of R&D developments and analyses of commercial drivers and restraints, including SWOT analysis. There are comprehensive tables and figures, as well as an interview with experts from the sector. The result is a detailed market- and industry-centered study with analyses and opinion to benefit your work.

Why you should buy Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting Strategies and Commercial Analysis 2010-2020?

This report gives you the following benefits in particular:

• You will receive a comprehensive analysis of prospects for the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting sector from 2010 to 2020, including predicted revenues, growth rates and other data for the world market and leading geographical markets

• You will find out where the sector is heading – technologically and commercially – from 2010 onwards

• You will receive sales forecasts for the overall market and its leading segments

• You will discover steps that pharma companies, technology providers and the authorities are talking to resist drug counterfeiting

• You will identify prominent companies, market developments and up-and-coming products/technologies/services

• You will discover the drivers, restraints, competition and opportunities influencing the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting sector

• You will investigate under-met needs in that sector, with commercial opportunities discussed

• You will discover expert views from our survey, discussing the sector from 2010 onwards – challenges and opportunities.

Severe adverse events – even death – occur through drug counterfeiting each year, making it one of the most important challenges in the pharma sector. The pharma industry and related sectors, regulators and other bodies strive to counter that illicit trade. Our new report explains the implications and opportunities there, with technologies and commercial potential discussed in depth.

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This report is essential reading for everybody interested in the pharmaceutical supply chain and intellectual property. With rising levels of drug counterfeiting, increased investment by pharmaceutical companies and new legislation, this sector holds potential for significant revenue growth. You can stay ahead by ordering this report today.

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Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting Strategies and Commercial Analysis 2010-2020

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