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Production and market of Stevia Sweetener in China

From 2007 to 2009, more and more countries, including the US and European countries, have approved consumption of stevia sweetener as ingredient in food and beverage, which has greatly boosted the global demand for this sweetener. Additionally, owing to advantages like completely natural and low-calorie, it is very likely that much more countries would continue to open up the market for stevia sweetener in the future.

China, the largest stevia sweetener production base and supplier in the world, has witnessed significant development within the industry in the past three years, reflected by the increasing output to 3,096 tonnes in 2009 from 2,073 tonnes in 2007 and 80% of the total exported.

Attracted by promising future prospect, many producers, including some large foreign investors like GLG and PureCircle are endeavoring to enlarge capacity and accelerate technology innovation, aiming to grasp future commercial opportunity and obtained more profit. It is estimated that China's stevia sweetener capacity has been expanding to 11,789t/a in 2009 from around 5,000t/a in 2007.

As for consumption, though not the most important, China is an emerging consumption country for stevia sweetener, with total consumption volume of around 620 tonnes in 2009. Stevia sweetener can be used in all the fields needing sucrose, such as food, beverage, medicine, agriculture, animal feedstuff, as well as personal care and skin care products.

Besides the aspects mentioned above, what other changes can be seen from 2007 to 2009? Which segments within the industry may hide the most profit business? Where will Chinese stevia sweetener industry go to and what are the challenges? Basing on such questions, CCM has updated the stevia and sweetener report compiled in 2007.

In the 2009 edition, aspects as follows can be expected:

- With detail description and smart analysis on China's stevia sweetener industry, future investment opportunities may be found in the report or enlightened after reading the report;

- With introduction on capacity expansion, that of foreign investors in particular, a clear picture of competitive landscape within the industry is available;

- As for the sales, how much has it been changed from 2007 to 2009? What about the market value?

- With relaxing market environment globally, how is Chinese stevia sweetener market being driven?

- Future forecast on China's stevia sweetener industry, by different scenario;

- Future commercial opportunity for new investors in China's stevia sweetener industry;

- For the planting of stevia, raw material for stevia sweetener production, how much has the planting area increased boosted by the enlarging demand? What new species have been developed? And has any new planting technology newly applied to heighten the quality and output?

Executive summary 1

Methodology, source and definition 2

I Supply and demand of stevia & stevia leaf in China 4

I-1 Brief introduction to stevia and stevia leaf 4

I-1.1 Botanical property of stevia and stevia leaf 4

I-1.2 Stevia planting in the world 5

I-1.3 Stevia development in China 5

I-1.4 Stevia species in China 6

I-2 Output and distribution of stevia planting in China 2009 9

I-2.1 Stevia planting in China 9

I-2.2 Stevia dry leaf output in China 11

I-2.3 Forecast on Chinese stevia planting in the future 13

I-3 Estimated stevia planting cost in China 14

I-4 Pricing of stevia leaf in China 15

I-4.1 Factors influencing stevia leaf price 15

I-5 Stevia leaf supply in China 17

I-6 Stevia leaf consumption in China 19

I-7 Planting of stevia 21

I-7.1 New stevia planting pattern 21

I-7.2 Propagation 22

I-7.3 Growth condition of stevia 23

I-7.4 Pests 24

I-8 Collection of stevia leaf 25

I-9 Packaging of stevia leaf 26

I-10 Patents of stevia 27

II Supply and demand of stevia sweetener in China 28

II-1 Brief introduction of stevia sweetener 28

II-2 Stevia sweetener production 30

II-2.1 History of stevia sweetener industry 30

II-2.2 Production development 31

II-2.3 Producers of stevia sweetener 33

II-2.4 Price change of stevia sweetener 39

II-2.5 Brief introduction to technology and manufacturing cost structure 42

II-3 Consumption and end-use segments 45

II-3.1 Characteristics of stevia sweetener consumption in China 45

II-3.2 Consumption structure of stevia sweetener in China 46

II-4 Export analysis of stevia sweetener 50

II-5 Industrial standard of stevia sweetener 55

II-6 Patents of stevia sweetener 56

II-6.1 Patents about refined technology 56

II-6.2 Patents about RA refining 58

II-6.3 Patents about enzymatic-modified stevia sweetener 59

II-6.4 Patents about peculiar smell removal 60

II-6.5 Patents about application in glycoside 62

II-6.6 Patents about other applications 63

II-7 Forecast of stevia sweetener industry 65

III Opportunities and conclusion 67

III-1 Opportunities 67

III-2 Conclusion 68

IV Profile 69

IV-1 Major research institutes in China 2009 69

IV-2 Major stevia sweetener producers in China 2009 71

IV-3 Major associations in China 2009 95


Table I-1.1.1 Property of stevioside and RA

Table I-1.4.1 Different species of stevia leaf in China, 2009

Table I-2.1.1 Detail info of different stevia planting bases in China, 2009

Table I-2.2.1 Output and price of stevia dry leaves in different planting bases

Table I-3.1 Estimated stevia planting cost in China, 2009

Table I-4.1 Price of stevia dry leaf, 2005-2009

Table I-4.1.1 Standard of stevia dry leaf in China (Tentative Specifications)

Table I-7.2.1 Different propagation methods in China, 2009

Table I-10.1 Major patents of stevia, 2002-2008

Table II-1.1 Key components of steviol glycosides

Table II-2.3.1 Basic information of stevia sweetener producers in China

Table II-2.3.2 Major specification and material source of stevia sweetener by producer, 2007-2009

Table II-2.3.3 Production of stevia sweetener producers in China, 2002-2009

Table II-2.3.4 Stevia sweetener production of GLG subsidiaries, 2007-2009

Table II-2.3.5 Stevia sweetener production of Shandong Shengwang subsidiaries, 2007-2009

Table II-2.4.1 Stevioside quotation, 2006-2009, USD/kg

Table II-2.4.2 RA quotation, 2006-2009, USD/kg

Table II-2.4.3 Quotation of non-bitter stevioside, 2006-2009, USD/kg

Table II-2.5.1 Price of raw materials and power used in stevioside production, 2006-2009

Table II-3.2.1 Application of stevia sweetener in major downstream products

Table II-4.1 Export price of stevia sweetener, 2003-2009, (Quantity: Kg, price: USD/Kg)

Table II-4.2 Export destinations of stevia sweetener, 2007-2009, (Quantity: Kg, value: USD)

Table II-4.3 Export of stevia sweetener by producer, 2007-2009, (Quantity: Kg, value: USD)

Table II-4.4 Active exporter of stevia sweetener, 2007-2009, (Quantity: Kg, value: USD)

Table II-5.1 GB8270-1999 in China

Table II-6.1.1 Steviol glycoside refining process

Table II-6.1.2 Process of stevioside extraction with membrane method joint technology

Table II-6.1.3 Process of stevioside extraction with common resin

Table II-6.2.1 Manufacturing process of a-glucityl stevioside

Table II-6.2.2 Process of separation and concentration of high-quality stevia sweetener

Table II-6.2.3 Enrichment and separation of RA with adsorption resin

Table II-6.3.1 Transfer of stevia and the manufacturing technique using enzymatic

Table II-6.4.1 Process for removing peculiar smell of stevia

Table II-6.4.2 Production technique for smell-removal of stevia sweetener

Table II-6.4.3 Technique for modifying taste quality of stevia sweetener

Table II-6.4.4 Smell-removal process of stevia solution

Table II-6.5.1 Sanli Harmonic sucrose- composite of stevia sweetener

Table II-6.5.2 Manufacturing process of paper sucrose of sweetener, especially stevia sweetener

Table II-6.6.1 Application of stevia sweetener R1 and related derivative as medicine for prevention and treatment of neurodegeneration disease

Table II-6.6.2 Technique of chlorophyll extraction from stevia lixivium

Table II-6.6.3 Manufacturing method of liquefied endo medicine containing stevia extracts

Table II-6.6.4 Manufacturing method of stevia powder and concentrated solution


Figure I-1.1.1 Photograph of stevia in China

Figure I-1.2.1 Stevia planting in the world, 2009

Figure I-1.4.1 Planting proportion of different stevia species in China, 2007

Figure I-1.4.2 Planting proportion of different stevia species in China, 2009

Figure I-2.1.1 Stevia planting area in China, 2005-2009

Figure I-2.1.2 Distribution of stevia planting area in China, 2009

Figure I-2.2.1 Stevia dry leaves output in China, 2005-2009

Figure I-2.3.1 Forecast on stevia planting area in China, 2010-2020

Figure I-2.3.2 Forecast on stevia dry leaf output in China, 2010-2020

Figure I-4.1.1 Price of stevia dry leaf in China, 2010-2015

Figure I-5.1 Supply of stevia dry leaf in China, 2009

Figure I-6.1 Stevia dry leaf consumption volume in China, 2005-2009

Figure I-6.2 Market value of stevia dry leaf in China, 2005-2009

Figure I-6.3 Consumption pattern of stevia leaf in China, 2009

Figure I-7.1.1 New stevia planting pattern in China, 2009

Figure II-1.1 Relationship between stevia sweetener and steviol glycosides

Figure II-1.2 Relationship between stevia leaf and stevia sweetener

Figure II-2.2.1 Output and market value of stevia sweetener in China, 2003-2009

Figure II-2.3.1Number of sweetener producers in China by status, 2006-2009

Figure II-2.3.2 Output share of different enterprises in stevia sweetener, 2008-2009

Figure II-2.3.3 Sales value share of different enterprises in stevia sweetener in China, 2009

Figure II-2.3.4 Capacity distribution of stevia sweetener in China, 2009

Figure II-2.4.1 Price of stevia sweetener by specifications in China, 2003-2009

Figure II-2.5.1 Production flow of stevia sweetener

Figure II-3.1 Stevia sweetener consumption in China, 2003-2009

Figure II-3.2.1 Consumption structure of stevia sweetener in China, 2005-2009

Figure II-7.1 Projected output volume of stevia sweetener in China, 2010-2020

Companies mentioned

33 companies including:

PureCircle(Jiangxi)Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huaxian Stevia Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Runde Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Hailin Stevioside Factory

Shandong Haigen Stevia Products Co., Ltd.

Dongtai Runyang Stevia High Tech Co., Ltd.

Shandong Aoxingg Stevia products Co., Ltd.

Chuzhou Runhai Stevia High Tech Co., Ltd.

Henan New Industrial Business Center Stevioside Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Nantong Huakang Stevioside Co., Ltd.

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