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NEW YORK, March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: FY 2011-2015

This global market analysis includes 146 pages covering every aspect of the linear resistor markets worldwide. Linear resistor markets include thick film ruthenium chip, resistor network, resistor array, integrated passive devices; wirewound resistor, nichrome metal film resistor, bulk metal foil resistor, carbon film resistor, tantalum nitride resistors, NiCr chip resistors and carbon composition resistors.  The study contains all available market data associated with a high level market research report including consumption by type and resistive element; consumption by end-se market segment, market shares by sub-category, forecasts for 2011 through 2015, technical economic analysis, including movements away from ruthenium to nickel in resistors.  The study shows technology by resistor type and construction, markets by type and construction; markets by world region, markets by end-use market segment; market shares in chips, networks and throughole resistors; forecast for unit volume shipments, unit value shipments, and average unit pricing by component sub-type.  Includes lead times for 17 different types of resistor category and case size; trends for resistors in emerging markets.  This study also includes a detailed analysis of changes in revenues for the top vendors of linear resistors worldwide for FY 2011. Published March 2011, 146 pages. ISBN # 1-893211-24-X (2011).

Scope of Coverage

: Thick Film Chip and Array; SIP and DIP Networks; Nichrome Film and Foil, Wirewound, Tin-Oxide, Carbon and Integrated Passive Devices.


Global resistor markets can be broken down into two distinct categories- linear resistors and non-linear resistors. Linear resistors (which are discussed in this report) are used primarily for creating ohmic values in almost every electronic "black box" device produced in 2011. In fact, digital electronics products are passive component intensive with emphasis upon large volumes of resistors and resistors per printed circuit board. In fact, resistors and resistors account for 80% to 90% of the volume for all components per board, regardless of application or circuit design. Thus, resistor shipments are counted in the hundreds of trillions of pieces. Non-Linear resistors are considered specialty designs, and include the NTC thermistor, the PTC thermistor and the Metal Oxide Varistor. These components, which act more like circuit protection devices and sensors, are included in another Paumanok report in our circuit protection component practice.

Furthermore, resistor markets can be broken down into those products that go into digital electronics (handsets, TV sets, computers) and represent mass volume shipments of thick film (ruthenium or palladium based inks screen printed in mass volumes onto 96% alumina substrates); and those components that offer a "bespoke" or more "custom" solution due to the unique nature of the markets into which it is being sold- automotive, industrial, power, lighting, telecom switch, server computing, defense and specialty electronics. These are usually the axial and radial leaded linear resistors in nichrome, wirewound or tin oxide; or the Dual-In-Line Package networks.

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