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Rf Interference And The Future For Vehicle Entry

Prevalence of deliberate RF interference for criminal activity is a global issue...

In the 1990s, RF interference was a recurring issue with customers being locked out of their cars due to keyfobs being susceptible to both in-band and out-of-band interference. As keyfob technology has improved over the past twenty years, background interference has become less of an issue, however there are still areas of Europe where interference is a problem and for drivers of smart key vehicles it can also prevent the car being started causing a major inconvenience.

The latest SBD research in vehicle security shows that thieves know that even the latest keyfob systems are vulnerable to simple RF blocking techniques. Whilst background interference may not be the issue it once was, organised theft gangs are now regularly exploiting driver reliance upon RF transmissions in order to steal possessions from vehicles.

This report will enable you to:

  • Understand real theft methods being used to exploit RF entry systems
  • Be aware of the scale of the problems that are affecting RF keyfob design
  • Learn how deliberate interference with RF keyfobs is becoming a global issue
  • Find out the latest market trends and which regions have the greatest interference issues

1. Executive summary

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Conclusions

1.2.1 Frequency bands

1.2.2 Theft methods

1.2.3 Future for vehicle entry

2. Background

2.1 RF interference

2.2 Alternatives for RF

3. Frequencies in Use

4. Environmental issues

4.1 Extent of interference issues

5. Theft methods

5.1 RF blocking

5.2 Code grabbing

5.3 Code breaking

5.4 Popular myths

6. Potential solutions for RF interference

7. The future for vehicle access

7.1 Biometrics

7.2 Keypads

7.3 Near Field Communication (NFC)


Fig. 1 Global map of homologated frequencies

Fig. 2 Out-of-band interference explanation

Fig. 3 In-band interference explanation

Fig. 4 Theft tools summary table

Fig. 5 RF communication development over time

Fig. 6 Rolling code grabbing attack

Fig. 7 Advantages and disadvantages of biometrics in vehicle access

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