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China is the second largest seed production country in the world, showing great vitality and potential in world's seed market. CAGR of market value in domestic seed market reaches 16.69% from 2001 to 2009. However, such a large seed market is currently in turmoil, with too many companies but weak R&D capability, and great challenges have to be faced from many overseas seed companies.

In a bid to consolidate current chaotic market of domestic seed industry, the Ministry of Agriculture is now formulating the new policy of "Seed management regulations". With the upraised threshold for this industry after implementation of the new policy, the number of seed companies in China is expected to witness reduction in the future since lots of seed companies can not meet these requirements.

Some insiders from small companies expressed their discontentment for the new policy, because they might be eliminated or acquired by other big companies due to the rising threshold. However, the leading seed companies in domestic market, such as the listed companies, may benefit much from the policy. Actually, some companies, such as GNSGC and Winall Hi-tech, already have taken the M&A strategy to seek further development. They invested in several companies in the past few months.

Meanwhile, overseas seed companies continue to strengthen their business in China, such as expanding vegetable seed business in Guangdong, cooperating with domestic companies, etc.

Domestic corn seed market will still be in oversupply in 2011, but the price of corn seed may witness some increase.

The competition in Guangdong vegetable seed market is estimated to be increasingly intense, with more and more overseas seed companies entering this market.

Although Tianjin Kernel still accounts for the largest share in domestic cucumber seed market, it is facing huge challenges at present.

CNSGC, the only central seed enterprise in China, is expected to benefit most from recent policy regarding domestic seed industry.

Winall Hi-tech takes the strategy of M&A and has invested in four companies since it got listed on A-share market in May 2010.

KWS enhances its corn seed business in China by setting a joint venture (JV) with Xinjiang Condy.

Performance of all the listed seed companies in 2010 is far better over last years, with profit increase in


Beijing Dabeinong recently releases a notice to invest in five new projects, including building a rice seed production plant in Hubei Province.

Jimai 22 has become the biggest wheat variety in China, with the planting area reaching 2.38 million ha. for 2010/2011 season.

As seed treatment can improve crop performance under unfavorable weather conditions and improve crop unit yield, Chinese government has attached great importance to seed treatment in recent years.

Analysis into corn seed market 2011

Oversea companies eye Guangdong vegetable seed market ? 2

Tianjin Kernel facing challenges

CNSGC benefits much from government policy

Winall Hi-tech invests 4 companies within six months

Xinjiang Condy cooperates with KWS

Good performance of listed seed companies in 2010

Beijing Dabeinong to build rice seed plant in Hubei

Jimai 22, the biggest wheat variety in China

Wheat and corn dominate Chinese seed treatment market

Companies mentioned Seminis,Syngenta,Tianjin Kernel Cucumber Research Institute, China National Seed Group Co., Ltd.

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