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The Black Book of Outsourcing: State of the Outsourcing Industry 2010


The global outsourcing market is worth in excess of $600 billion annually. This report combines primary research on customer satisfaction with assessments of market activity to present a multi-faceted view of the outsourcing industry today.

Scope of this research

* Results of the world's largest primary research project on customer satisfaction with outsourced service provision.

* Analysis of activity by region, industry and service type in the global outsourcing market.

Research and analysis highlights

This report finds a high level of satisfaction among outsourced services users. The providers that received the highest rankings in the 2010 Black Book of Outsourcing survey tend to be smaller companies in the wider context of the global outsourcing market. Defense and the public sector are shown to be the largest client segments for the outsourcing industry.

Key reasons to purchase this research

* Which outsourced service providers provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction?

* Which factors do clients consider most important when assessing satisfaction with outsourced service delivery?


Overview 1

Introduction 1

Summary 1

Methodology 2

Executive Summary 4

Outsourcing works: 83% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied 4

Customers attach the greatest importance to providers' awareness of their requirements 4

KPO providers lead in terms of overall satisfaction 4

Big is not best for satisfaction 5

Public sector dominates spending 5

The US dominates the global outsourcing market 5

Annual spend on outsourcing will exceed $700 billion globally by 2013 5

2010 Survey Findings: Overall Satisfaction 19

Outsourcing works: 83% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied 22

KPO firms feature strongly among the top 10 24

Larger service providers rate lower for satisfaction 25

The survey successfully captures the views of service users 26

2010 Survey Findings: Performance Criteria 31

Requirements awareness is the most important of the nine performance criteria assessed 31

Global Outsourcing Contract Activity 61

The number of deals declined in H1 2010, but TCV and average contract value increased compared to H2 2009 61

Defense and the public sector dominate contract signings 63

Outside of the public sector, telecommunications is the largest sector for contracts by TCV 66

The financial services sector accounted for only 5% of TCV signed in H1 2010 66

Defense and telecoms continue to dominate signings by annual contract value 67

Almost half of all outsourcing contracts are signed in the US 69

11 European countries were among the most active in H1 2010 70

BRIC countries, with only 8% of contracts in H1 2010, do not reflect their hype 71

Despite a surge in the UK during H2 2009, the US still dominates outsourcing in terms of TCV 73

The US and the UK accounted for 76% of all global outsourcing by TCV in H1 2010 74

The vendor landscape in the global outsourcing market is diverse 77

US providers consistently rank highest in terms of aggregate TCV of contracts signed 79

The highest annual contract value was awarded to Nokia Siemens Networks in H1 2010 82

Global Outsourcing Market Size and Growth 84

The IT and BPO market will exceed $700 billion by 2013 84

Infrastructure-led outsourcing will grow to $305 billion by 2013 84

Application-led outsourcing will grow to $329 billion by 2013 86

BPO is the fastest growing market, and will reach $89.7 billion by 2013 87

Global Outsourcing Vendor Shares 89

The three largest outsourcers globally are diversified IT companies: IBM, HP and Fujitsu 89

IBM, HP and Fujitsu hold more than 25% of the market in ILO 92

Market leadership in ALO is remarkably stable among the leading vendors 93

Xerox is the largest global BPO service provider 94

Vendor Profiles 96

Acxiom Corporation 96

Adecco 98

ADP 100

Alpine Access 103

Amba Research 105

American Discovery 108

Amnet 110

Auriga 113

BNY Mellon 116

BT Global Services 118

Capgemini 121


Cognizant 125

Copal Partners 127

Critigen 128

Dell 130

eClerx Services 132

Fujitsu 135


Google 138

HCL Technologies 141

Headstrong Corporation 144

ICG Commerce 146

iGATE 148

Infosys 150

Logica 153

Microsoft Corporation 155

Mu Sigma 158

NIIT Technologies 160

Nokia Siemens Networks 163

OCE NV 165

OneNeck IT Services 167

Oracle 169

Orange Business Services 171

Pangea3 173

Patni Computer Systems 174

Rose Financial Services 176

SAP 178

SDD Global 180

SG Analytics 181


Stream Global Services 185

TechTeam Global 187

Teleperformance 189

The Smart Cube 191

UnitedLex 193

vCustomer 195

Vertex 196

Xerox 198


Methodology 201

Further reading 201

Ask the analyst 201

Disclaimer 201


Figure 1: Overall satisfaction with vendors meeting minimum response requirements (2,618 respondents) 23

Figure 2: Overall satisfaction with services provided, all respondents (5,937 respondents) 24

Figure 3: Role of respondents in their organization's outsourcing decisions (2,904 respondents; multiple responses allowed) 26

Figure 4: Word cloud of respondents' job titles 27

Figure 5: Respondents' place of work (n=6,539) 28

Figure 6: Respondents by location of their companies' headquarters (n=6,539) 28

Figure 7: Which sector does your organization primarily operate in? (n=6,540) 29

Figure 8: How many employees are there in your organization? (n=6,538) 30

Figure 9: Importance of performance criteria assessed (2,664 respondents) 32

Figure 10: Total contract value and number of deals, H1 2008–H1 2010 62

Figure 11: Annual contract value (£m), H1 2008–H1 2010 63

Figure 12: Number of contracts globally, by industry, H1 2010 65

Figure 13: Total global contract value, by industry, H1 2010 67

Figure 14: Annual global contract value ($m), by industry, H1 2010 69

Figure 15: Number of contracts, by signing region, H1 2010 72

Figure 16: Total contract value ($m), by signing region, H1 2010 75

Figure 17: Annual contract value ($m), by signing region, H1 2010 77

Figure 18: Number of contracts, by primary vendor, H1 2010 79

Figure 19: TCV ($m), by primary vendor, H1 2010 81

Figure 20: Annual contract value of contracts signed ($m), H1 2010 83

Figure 21: Global ILO and support services market size and growth to 2013 85

Figure 22: Global project services and ALO market size and growth to 2013 86

Figure 23: Global BPO market size and growth to 2013 87

Companies mentioned

Acxiom Corporation



Alpine Access

Amba Research

American Discovery



BNY Mellon

BT Global Services




Copal Partners



eClerx Services




HCL Technologies

Headstrong Corporation

ICG Commerce




Microsoft Corporation

Mu Sigma

NIIT Technologies

Nokia Siemens Networks


OneNeck IT Services


Orange Business Services


Patni Computer Systems

Rose Financial Services


SDD Global

SG Analytics


Stream Global Services

TechTeam Global


The Smart Cube





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