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The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2015

The rapid progress of the NPWT sector has changed this sector fundamentally. This report examines the market, product ranges and growth drivers, and provides market share data by company for major product sectors and growth forecasts to 2015. Also included are competitor reviews of over 100 leading and developing companies.

Competition intensifies as healthcare spending comes under pressure

Identify pressure points and opportunity areas!

The advanced wound care sector is feeling the pressure...

In terms of the overall market, growth in the advanced wound care sector slowed significantly between 2008 and 2009. This was mainly the result of intensifying competition and lower healthcare spending as governments attempt to reduce deficits following the global economic downturn. Both of these factors have led to weaker pricing. Currently, there is much uncertainty as to when market conditions will improve, or how planned changes to healthcare budgets will impact the advanced wound care market.

...but will still grow by 4%

This new analysis forecasts market growth of around 4% for both 2010 and 2011. Although pricing is likely to remain weak at least in the short term, growth will come from the increasing numbers of chronic wounds and the introduction of new products.

The rise of biologics, but at what cost?

The biologics products market is characterized by more innovation than any other sector, although this is the smallest segment of the industry and barriers to market entry are the highest. While Espicom predicts solid market growth for biologic products to 2015, this will be dependent on companies having the funds to bring products to market and successfully completing their clinical development programmes.

Key statistics and forecasts provide a real insight to the future of this critical device sector

About the Author

This report has been researched and written by senior Espicom medical market analyst Joanne Maddox. For over 10 years she has played a pivotal role in tracking trends in medical device and equipment markets and companies. A former editor of Medical Device Companies Analysis she has also written:

Point of Care Diagnostics: Players, products and future prospects

All Change in the Coronary Stent Market: will new technologies challenge current market leaders?

The Global Market for Orthobiologic Products.

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What this report will give you…

Extensive competitive comparisons and evaluation of 113 major and emerging companies

Market share for leading companies

Growth forecasts and market share to 2015 by product area and geographical region

Answering key questions...

What next for Kinetic Concepts in the NWPT sector?

What % of the European market will moist dressings account for in 2015?

Who's developing products in the much debated silver dressings market?

Who's partnering whom, and on what?




Wound Care Products .2

Fig.1: Global Wound Care Market by Product Type, 20093

Advanced Wound Care Products3

Fig.2: Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 20094

Complex Wounds: The Role of Advanced Wound Care....5

Diabetic Ulcers..6

Pressure Ulcers..6

Venous Stasis Ulcers..7


Select Manufacturers' Wound Care Sales, 2004-2009 (US$ million)...8

International Manufacturers' Wound Care Sales, 2005-2010 (million)...9

Fig.3: Advanced Wound Care Market Shares, 2009....9

Changing Industry Landscape..9

Advanced Wound Care Acquisitions, 2008-20010....11


Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2007-2009 (US$ million)..12

Professional Wound Care Market Forecast, 2010-2015 (US$ million)12

Global Wound Care Market Growth by Product, 2008-2015E (%)....12

Regional Perspective 14

Advanced Wound Care Market by Region, 2008-2015E (US$ million)...14

Advanced Wound Care Market Growth by Region, 2009-2015E (%)15

Fig.4: Advanced Wound Care Market by Region, 2009..15

Fig.5: North American Market by Major Product Type, 2009...15

Fig.6: European Market by Major Product Type, 2009...16

Fig.7: Rest of the World Market by Major Product Type, 2009.16


Fig.8: Advanced Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2009..17

Fig.9: Advanced Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2015...18


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy..19

Competitive Environment19

Current Challenges and Opportunities in the NPWT Market...21

Fig.10: NPWT Market by Region, 2009..21

Fig.11: NPWT Market, 2006-2015E (US$ million).22

Safety and Effectiveness of NPWT 22

Kinetic Concepts' V.A.C. Therapy....23

Smith & Nephew's NPWT Systems.26

Boehringer Technologies' Engenex NPWT System..26

Genadyne Biotechnologies' A4 and XLR8 NPWT Systems.27

Getinge's WoundASSIST TNP System.27

Innovative Therapeutics' Svedman and Sved Systems..28

Kalypto Medical's NPD 1000 System..28

Medela's Invia NPWT Systems...28

Mölnlycke Health Care's Avance29

Prospera's PRO NPWT Systems..29

Talley Group's Venturi Systems .29

Electrical Stimulation30

BioElectronics' RecoveryRx...30

Biofisica's POSiFECT Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy...30

Synapse Microcurrent's Accel-Heal31

Vomaris' PROCELLERA..31

Ultrasound .31

Arobella Medical's Qoustic Wound Therapy System.31

Celleration's MIST Therapy System32

Misonix' SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement System.32

NanoVibronix' PainShield and WoundShield..33

Söring's Sonoca Systems...33

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy33


Tissue Regeneration Technologies' DermaGold ..35

Other Wound Care Devices 36

Regenesis Biomedical's Provant Wound Therapy System 36

SanoMed's Photizo Light Therapy .... 36

Vibrant Medical Vibration Therapy.... 36

Advanced Oxygen Therapy's Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy..37


Fig.12: Moist Wound Care Market, 2007-2015E (US$ million).39

Fig.13: Moist Wound Care Market, 2007-2015E (US$ million).39

Moist Wound Care Market, 2008-2015E (US$ million).39

Moist Wound Care Market Growth, 2008-2015E (%)...40

Fig.14: Moist Wound Care Market by Region, 2009.40


Key Hydrogel Products and Manufacturers...41

New Hydrogel Technologies.41

Hydrocolloid Dressings. 44

Key Hydrocolloid Products and Manufacturers..44

New Hydrocolloid Technologies.... 45


Key Alginate Products and Manufacturers....46

Foam Dressings... 46

Key Foam Products and Manufacturers...47

New Foam Technologies...47

Composite Dressings.50

Key Composite Products and Manufacturers.51

3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI technology51

ConvaTec's AQUACEL Hydrofiber Dressings51

Derma Sciences' Xtrasorb Super Absorbent Dressings..52

First Water's Pro-ionic Matrix53

URGO's Lipido-Colloid Technology Dressings.53

Activated Charcoal Dressings..54

Key Charcoal Products and Manufacturers....54

Transparent Film Dressings54

Key Transparent Film Products and Manufacturers55

Mölnlycke's Mepitel One...55

Antimicrobial Dressings55

Fig.15: Antimicrobial Wound Care Market, 2007-2015E (US$ million)...56

Silver Dressings... 56

Key Silver Products and Manufacturers....58

Honey Dressings. 64

Iodine-based Dressings ....67

PHMB Antimicrobial Dressings. 69

Other Antimicrobial Dressings. 69

Other Products In Development... 72


Fig.16: Wound Care Biologics Market, 2007-2015E (US$ million)75

Regulatory Environment....75

Collagen-Based Wound Care Products .76

Human BioSciences' Kollagen ...76

Collagen Matrix' Matrix Collagen Dressing 77

Covalon Technologies' Biostep and ColActive 77

Dr Suwelack Skin & Health Care's Puracol Plus.... 78

Eucare Pharmaceuticals... 78

Hartmann's CollaSorb.. 78

Innocoll's CollaRx Technology . 78

Lescarden's Catrix Wound Dressing... 79

Synovis Life Technologies' Unite Biomatrix.... 80

Systagenix Wound Management's Collagen-Based Dressings.. 80

Wound Management Technologies' CellerateRx 80

Products in Development.81

Skin Substitutes... 84

ACell/Medline's MatriStem Extracellular Matrix Wound Sheet.. 84

Advanced BioHealing's Dermagraft.. 84

Cook Biotech's Oasis Wound Matrix.. 85

Dr Suwelack Skin & Health Care's Matriderm. 85

Fidia Advanced Biopolymers' HYAFF. 85

Genzyme's Epicel Cultured Epidermal Autografts... 86

Integra LifeSciences' Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan Matrix... 86

LifeCell's AlloDerm.. 87

Medestea Internazionale's Veloderm 87

Mölnlycke's Xelma... 87

Organogenesis' Apligraf.. 87

Promethean LifeSciences' GammaGraft 88

UDL Laboratories/S&N's Biobrane 88

LifeCell/Wright Medical Group's Graftjacket .. 88

Products in Development .... 89

Growth Factors90

Systagenix Wound Management's Regranex (becaplermin) Gel 0.01%

Autologous Growth Factor Products .92

Cell-Based Therapies.95

Avita Medical's ReCell.. 95

Tissue Genesis' Cell Isolation System. 95

Products in Development 96

Garnet BioTherapeutics' GBT 009. 98

Other Biologic Products ...101

Brennen Medical's Oat Beta-Glucan .... 101

Polyheal's Microsphere-Based Technology.. 101

Products in Development... 101

Enzymatic Debriding Agents.103

Healthpoint's Collagenase Santyl Ointment 103

Products in Development... 104


Oxygen-Based Wound Dressings...106

AcryMed's OxygeneSys Dissolved Oxygen Dressing.. 106

Archimed's Oxyzyme. 106

Oxygen Biotherapeutics' Wundecyte.. 107

Sangui BioTech's HemoSpray.. 107

Chitosan Dressings..107

HemCon Medical Technologies... 108

Marine Polymer Technologies 108

Sangui BioTech's Chitoskin 109



3M Health Care...110

Recent Key Events. 110

Current Alliances....111

Financial Performance....111

3M Health Care - Operating Results, 2007-2009 (US$ million)...111

Coloplast ...113

Current Alliances....113

Financial Performance....113

Coloplast - Operating Results, 2006-2010 (DKr million).. 114

Coloplast - Revenue by Product Line, 2007-2010 (DKr million).. 114

Fig.17: Coloplast: Percentage of Revenue by Product Line, 2010.115

Fig.18: Coloplast - Wound & Skin Care Revenue, 2003-2010 (DKr million)115


Recent Key Events. 116

Current Alliances....117


Financial Performance....118

Fig.19: Covidien - Revenue by Division, 2010 119

Hartmann Group ....120

Current Alliances... 120

Financial Performance....121

Hartmann - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (EUR million).... 121

Hartmann Wound Management Results, 2007-2009 (EUR million).. 121

Fig.20: Hartmann - Revenue by Division, 2009122

Fig.21: Hartmann Wound Management - Revenue by Geographic Region, 2009..122

Latest Results.... 122

Kinetic Concepts.123

V.A.C. Therapy... 123

LifeCell Products124

Recent Key Events. 125

Current Alliances... 125

Litigation.. 126

Financial Performance... 128

KCI - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ million). 129

KCI - Revenue by Product Type, 2005-2009 (US$ million)130

KCI - AHS Revenue, 2005-2009 (US$ million)....130

KCI - AHS Revenue by Region, 2006-2009 (US$ million)..130

Fig.22: KCI - Percentage of AHS Revenue by Region, 2009....130

Fig.23: KCI - Percentage of AHS Revenue by Type, 2009... 131

Medline Industries ..133

Current Alliances....133

Mölnlycke Health Care.135

Recent Key Events. 135

Current Alliances... 136

Litigation.. 136

Financial Performance... 136

Mölnlycke - Operating Results, 2006-2009 (EUR million).... 136

Fig.24: Mölnlycke - Percentage of Revenue by Product Type, 2009*... 137

Fig.25: Mölnlycke - Percentage of Revenue by Region, 2009*... 137

Smith & Nephew.138

Recent Key Events. 139

Current Alliances... 139

Litigation . 140

Financial Performance....141

S&N - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ million).... 142

S&N Advanced Wound Management Results, 2005-2009 (US$ million). 142

Fig.26: S&N Advanced Wound Management Sales by Region, 2009.. 143

Fig.27: S&N Advanced Wound Management Sales by Product Type, 2009... 143

Latest Results.... 143

Fig.28: S&N Advanced Wound Care Sales by Region, Q3 2010..144

Systagenix Wound Management...145



AcryMed (Kimberly-Clark)146

Financial Performance....147

I-Flow Operating Results by Segment, 2008 (US$ thousand)... 147

Fig.29: I-Flow - Revenue by Segment, 2008 147

Advanced BioHealing...148

Advanced Medical Solutions 148

Recent Key Events.149

Current Agreements.. 149

Financial Performance... 150

AMS Advanced Wound Care Division- Operating Results, 2005-2009 (£ thousand)...150

Fig.30: AMS - Revenue by Division, 2009150

Latest Results.... 150

Advancis Medical151


AGT Sciences ..152

R&D Projects. 152

Angioblast Systems.153



Argentum Medical LLC.155

Ark Therapeutics155

Current Agreements.. 156

Financial Performance... 156

Ark Therapeutics - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (£ thousand).... 157

Arobella Medical.157

Aspen Surgical Products...158

Avita Medical.158

Financial Performance ... 159

Avita Medical/C3 - Operating Results, 2006-2010 (A$ thousand).. 159

Avita Medical/C3 - Regenerative Medicine Results, 2007-2009 (A$ thousand).160

B. Braun ....160

Financial Performance... 160

B Braun - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (EUR million)... 161

Fig.31: B Braun - Revenue by Division, 2009 161


BioElectronics ....162


Biotec Pharmacon...163

Boehringer Laboratories..163

Brennen Medical 164

Cardium Therapeutics..164

Celleration 165

Collagen Matrix..166


Financial Performance... 167

Comvita - Operating Results, 2005-2010 (NZ$ million)...167

Fig.32: Comvita - Revenue by Division, 2010168

Fig.33: Comvita - Revenue by Region, 2010.168

Concept Health/Gentell....168

Covalon Technologies..169

Financial Performance... 169

Covalon Technologies - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (C$ million).... 170

Fig.34: Covalon Technologies: Collagen Dressing Revenue, 2006-2009 (C$). 170



Financial Performance... 172

Cytomedix - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ thousand) 172

DermaRite Industries...173

Derma Sciences...173

Recent Key Events. 174

Current Alliances and Licensing Agreements175

Financial Performance....176

Derma Sciences - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ million). 176

Derma Sciences - Wound Care Division Results, 2006-2009 (US$ million)....177

Derma Sciences - Advanced Wound Care Results by Product, 2008-H1 2010 (US$ million)...177

Fig.34: Derma Sciences - Net Sales by Division, 2009..177

Fig.35: Derma Sciences - Net Sales by Region, 2009... 178

Fig.36: Derma Sciences - Advanced Wound Care Sales by Product, 2009. 178


Diapulse Corporation of America...179

Dr Suwelack Skin & Health Care.179

Eucare Pharmaceuticals ...180


FibroGen ...181

Fidia Advanced Biopolymers (Anika Therapeutics)181

First Water.182

Garnet BioTherapeutics....183

Genadyne Biotechnologies...183

Genzyme Biosurgery....184

Getinge 184

Greystone Pharmaceuticals...185


Healthpoint Ltd..186

Recent Key Events.187

HemCon Medical Technologies..188

Recent Key Events.189

Current Alliances... 189

Hollister Wound Care ..190

Human BioSciences 190


Innocoll 191

Innovative Therapies ...192

Integra LifeSciences Holdings ...192

Integra LifeSciences - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ million) 193

IR BioSciences (ImmuneRegen BioSciences).193

IYIA Technologies ...194

Kalypto Medical..194

Kikgel ...194

Kuros Biosurgery ....195

Laboratoires Brothier..196

©Espicom B November 2010 usiness Intelligence ix

The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2015 Table of Contents


Financial Performance... 197

Lescarden - Operating Results, 2006-2010 (US$ thousand).197

LM Farma...198

Lohmann & Rauscher...198

Marine Polymer Technologies....199


Medestea Internazionale 200

MediWound.. 200

Milliken Chemical... 202

Misonix 202

Nanotherapeutics .. 203

NanoVibronix 203

Noble Biomaterials. 204

Oculus Innovative Sciences.. 204

Financial Performance...205

Oculus Innovative Sciences - Operating Results, 2006-2010 (US$ thousand)....205

Oculus Innovative Sciences - Product Sales by Region, 2008-2010 (US$ thousand)....205

Organogenesis.. 206

Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine 207

Osiris Therapeutics 207

Osteotech. 208

Oxygen Biotherapeutics.. 208

Synovis Life Technologies 209

Polyheal.... 209

PolyNovo Biomaterials211


Promethean LifeSciences.212


Quick-Med Technologies..212

Recent Key Events. 214

Licensing and Development Agreements 214

Financial Performance....215

Quick-Med Technologies - Operating Results, 2006-2010 (US$ thousand)... 216

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals..216

Relationship with Sigma-Tau...217

Financial Performance ....217

RegeneRx - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ million) 218

Regenesis Biomedical..218

SafeBlood Technologies...219

Sangui BioTech International ....219

Financial Performance....219

Sangui BioTech - Operating Results, 2004-2008 (US$ thousand)..220

SanoMed Manufacturing 220

SANUWAVE Health. 220

Financial Performance... 221

SANUWAVE Health - Operating Results, 2008-2009 (US$ thousand).222

Söring.. 222

Southwest Technologies.. 223

Synapse Microcurrent 223

Talley Group . 224

Tissue Genesis.... 224

Tissue Regeneration Technologies 225

Triticum .... 225

UDL Laboratories.... 226

The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2015

ULURU . 226

Recent Key Events.227

Financial Performance... 227

ULURU - Operating Results, 2006-2009 (US$ million)228

URGO... 228

Financial Performance...229

URGO - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (EUR million)..229

Fig.37: URGO - Revenue by Product Line, 2009.230

Vibrant Medical. 230


Wound Management Technologies231

Financial Performance... 232

Wound Management Technologies - Operating Results, 2005-2009 (US$ thousand)232


APPENDICES...... 234



Secondary Sources..235

Primary Sources. 236

Market forecasts 236

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