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The Top 10 CMOs in India: Market dynamics, competitive positioning and trends

India offers significant cost advantages over mature manufacturing hubs in Europe and North America. Both domestic pharmas and contract manufacturers (CMOs) are moving up the value chain into process development and drug discovery services. Many have evolved into Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) players.

The Top 10 Indian CMOs faced a challenging business environment in the fiscal year, 2010 – most saw revenues contract on the previous year. This report analyzes each of the Top 10 CMOs in turn, reviewing growth strategies and recent deals.

Key Features

  • Overview of the global contract manufacturing market
  • Market dynamics of Indian CMO market
  • Profile of the leading 10 players in Indian CMO/CRAMS market
  • Key contract manufacturing partnerships in the Indian CMO sector
  • Key trends and opportunities in Indian CMO market
  • Major success factors in Indian CRAMS market
  • Strategic growth analysis including SWOT profiles of leading 10 players in Indian CMO market
  • Short profile of other leading players

Key Benefits

  • Analyze the competitive positioning and outlook for each of the Top 10 Indian CMOs/CRAMS companies.
  • Develop insights on the Indian CMO market, including market size forecast, and future outlook of global CRAMS industry and opportunities in India.
  • Discover contract manufacturing deals that are shaping the development of the market.
  • Learn the key factors for success in the CMO market.
  • Understand the major issues affecting the Indian CMO industry.
  • Assess the financial performance and growth strategies of leading companies in Indian CMO market.

Key findings

The global pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market can be categorized into injectables, solid and liquid dosage forms. Solid dosage is the largest segment by revenue, but the injectable segment is expected to show greatest growth.

Asian CMOs started with large-scale manufacturing for generic and research driven companies are now acquiring assets in the US and Europe to enter the discovery and development segment of the pharmaceutical value chain.

India, riding on its cost-value proposition comprising low-cost skilled manpower and technical capabilities is strongly positioned to capture a significant portion of the growing CMO market. The CRAMS market will continue to provide high growth opportunity and companies which offer reliable services with a significant value proposition in terms of costs and technology will succeed.

India has already emerged as one of the leading cost-competitive and quality manufacturing hubs for many global players including big pharma companies. Moreover, the current economic crisis along with the continuous pricing pressure and pro-generic agenda are driving pharma companies to leverage the strengths of Indian pharma manufacturers.

Drivers of the Indian CMO market include the high number of FDA approved manufacturing facilities, large and growing talent pool and continuing cost advantages. Resistors include intellectual property concerns, competition from China, and safety concerns.

Key questions answered by this report

  • What are the key trends of Indian contract manufacturing industry?
  • Which companies will drive the future of the Indian CMO market?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the leading CMOs in India?
  • How was the financial performance of leading players in the Indian CMO market affected by the recent economic downturn?
  • Which companies are best positioned to succeed in Indian CMO market in the next five years?
  • How are the growth strategies of leading Indian CMOs such as Jubilant Organosys, Dr. Reddy's, Divis Laboratories, Dishman, Piramal Healthcare, Hikal, Shasun, and Biocon evolving?
  • Which are the key contract manufacturing partnerships that will shape the future of Indian CMO market?

Table of Contents

About the author 2

Disclaimer 2

Executive summary 11

Industry overview 11

Jubilant Organosys 11

Dr. Reddy's 12

AuroSource 13

Divis Laboratories 13

Dishman 14

Piramal Healthcare 15

Hikal 15

Shasun Chemicals and Drugs Limited (SCDL) 16

Biocon 17

Suven Life Sciences 17

Chapter 1 Scope 19

Scope 19

Methodology 19

Chapter 2 Industry overview 20

Summary 20

What are CMOs? 21

Structure of the CMO industry 21

CMO expansion in Asia 22

Contract manufacturing and research services in context 23

Custom synthesis 23

Contract manufacturing in pharma 24

Key success factors for CMOs 26

Value addition to end-users 26

Scientific skill-set 26

Respect for intellectual property rights 26

Cost-effectiveness 26

Strong relationship with innovators 26

The Indian CRAMS business 27

Factors impacting the growth momentum of CRAMS in India 27

India – a biopharmaceutical manufacturing hub 28

Regulatory and IP issues 29

Key contract manufacturing/research deals in India 29

Future outlook of the global CRAMS industry and opportunities for India 30

Market dynamics 32

CRAMS market size and structure 32

Competitive landscape of the Indian CMO industry 32

Drivers and resistors of Indian CMOs 34

Chapter 3 Jubilant Organosys 36

Summary 36

Company overview 37

Business segmentation 38

R&D focus 39

Financial performance 40

Growth strategies 43

Partnering with pharma and biotech clients 43

Full service provision 43

Diversified niche businesses reduce risks 43

SWOT analysis 45

Chapter 4 Dr. Reddy's 46

Summary 46

Company overview 47

Business segmentation 48

R&D focus 48

Financial performance 49

Growth strategies 50

mPEG alcohol manufacturing facility in Mexico 50

Strategic alliance with GSK for emerging markets outside India 50

SWOT analysis 51

Chapter 5 AuroSource 52

Summary 52

Company overview 53

Business segmentation 53

R&D focus 54

Financial performance 54

Growth strategies 55

Aurobindo's investment in CRAMS business 55

Diversified contract manufacturing capabilities 55

SWOT analysis 56

Chapter 6 Divis Laboratories 57

Summary 57

Company overview 58

Business segmentation 58

R&D focus 59

Financial performance 60

Growth strategies 60

Innovation driven pharma companies continue to be key clients 60

Strong chemistry skills and process development capabilities 60

Generic API business to maintain steady growth 61

SWOT analysis 62

Chapter 7 Dishman 63

Summary 63

Company overview 64

Business segmentation 65

R&D focus 65

Financial performance 66

Growth strategies 66

CRAMS business will continue to dominate 66

Dishman's Solvay operation rejuvenates with its recent acquisition by Abbott 67

High number of capacity expansions and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities 67

SWOT analysis 68

Chapter 8 Piramal Healthcare 69

Summary 69

Company overview 70

Business segmentation 71

R&D focus 71

Financial performance 72

Growth strategies 73

Strong distribution and marketing infrastructure in India 73

Rationalization of international contract manufacturing unit to increase its efficiency 73

SWOT analysis 74

Chapter 9 Hikal 75

Summary 75

Company overview 76

Business segmentation 77

R&D focus 77

Financial performance 78

Growth strategies 78

Long-term contracts with leading life sciences companies 78

Expansion of manufacturing base by adding new plants at its FDA site 79

SWOT analysis 80

Chapter 10 Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited 81

Summary 81

Company overview 82

Business segmentation 82

R&D focus 83

Financial performance 84

Growth strategies 85

Manufacturing higher quantities of existing products 85

Integrating CRAMS offering across geographies 85

SWOT analysis 86

Chapter 11 Biocon 87

Summary 87

Company overview 88

Business segmentation 89

R&D focus 89

Financial performance 90

Growth strategies 90

Strong manufacturing capabilities in wide range of segments 90

R&D collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb 91

Biopharmaceutical revenues to maintain steady growth in coming years 91

SWOT analysis 92

Chapter 12 Suven Life Sciences 93

Summary 93

Company overview 94

Business segmentation 94

R&D focus 95

Financial performance 96

Growth strategies 96

Certified facilities to cater for the needs of global pharmaceutical companies 96

Dedicated pharmaceutical product services in the form of Suven Nishtaa 96

SWOT analysis 97

Chapter 13 Other key players 98

Summary 98

Lupin (Novodigm) 99

Company overview 99

Recent financial performance 99

Intas 100

Company overview 100

Recent financial performance 101

Ranbaxy (under Daiichi Sankyo) 101

Company overview 101

Recent financial performance 102

Wockhardt 102

Company overview 103

Recent financial performance 103

Strides Arcolab 104

Company overview 104

Recent financial performance 104

Appendix 106

Glossary 106

Table of figures

Figure 1: Factors influencing manufacturing outsourcing in India 25

Figure 2: Drivers and resistors of Indian CMOs 35

Figure 3: Jubilant Organosys business segmentation 38

Figure 4: Jubilant Organosys SWOT analysis 45

Figure 5: Dr. Reddy's business segmentation 48

Figure 6: Dr. Reddy's SWOT analysis 51

Figure 7: AuroSource SWOT analysis 56

Figure 8: Divis Laboratories SWOT analysis 62

Figure 9: Dishman SWOT analysis 68

Figure 10: Piramal Healthcare SWOT analysis 74

Figure 11: Hikal SWOT analysis 80

Figure 12: Shasun SWOT analysis 86

Figure 13: Biocon SWOT analysis 92

Figure 14: Suven SWOT analysis 97

Table of Tables

Table 1: Key contract manufacturing or research deals in India, 2007–10 30

Table 2: Indian contract manufacturing market size forecast ($bn), 2009–15 32

Table 3: Leading 10 CMOs/CRAMS players in India, FY 2010 33

Table 4: Jubilant Organosys snapshot 37

Table 5: Jubilant Organosys financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 41

Table 6: Jubilant Organosys pharma services financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010


Table 7: Jubilant Organosys CRAMS financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 42

Table 8: Dr. Reddy's snapshot 47

Table 9: Dr. Reddy's financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 49

Table 10: AuroSource snapshot 53

Table 11: Divis Laboratories snapshot 58

Table 12: Dishman snapshot 64

Table 13: Dishman financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 66

Table 14: Piramal Healthcare snapshot 70

Table 15: Piramal Healthcare financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 72

Table 16: Hikal snapshot 76

Table 17: Hikal financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 78

Table 18: Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited snapshot 82

Table 19: Shasun total sales ($m), FY 2010 84

Table 20: Shasun financial performance by key segment ($m), FY 2010 84

Table 21: Biocon snapshot 88

Table 22: Biocon financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 90

Table 23: Suven Life Sciences snapshot 94

Table 24: Suven financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 96

Table 25: Lupin (Novodigm) snapshot 99

Table 26: Intas snapshot 100

Table 27: Ranbaxy (now Daiichi Sankyo) snapshot 101

Table 28: Wockhardt snapshot 102

Table 29: Strides Arcolab snapshot 104

Table 30: Strides Arcolab financial performance by segment ($m), FY 2010 105

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