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Our new defence report The Warships & Naval Vessels Market 2011-2021 reviews major programmes related to combatant vessels, non-combatant vessels and submarines. The report examines the market for new vessels, refurbishment of old vessels and research and development of future naval platforms. The report reviews leading naval procurement and re-fit programmes and examines the prospects and outlook for government spending on warships and naval vessels. Visiongain calculates that in 2011 the global market for warships and naval vessels will amount to $75.4bn.The report reviews the state of the market in 2011 and projects future prospects for the market in the forecast period of 2011-2021.

Warships and naval vessels are an integral part of most armed forces. They are a physical manifestation of economic and military power, as well as being essential to force projection. As countries such as India and China continue their economic rise, they will seek to back up their would-be superpower credentials with naval power.

Moreover, in spite of the recent economic turmoil, many countries have affirmed their commitment to the procurement of prestige naval platforms. As a result, the market for warships and naval vessels is guaranteed to be strong, almost regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. This report reviews the major programmes and reveals opportunities for companies engaged in the production of naval platforms and systems.

Visiongain reviews the warships and naval vessels market and provides global market forecasts for three submarkets -

         Combatant Vessels

         Non-Combatant Vessels


In terms of combatant vessels, a host of Western and emerging nations are seeking to acquire a range of capabilities. The US has resurrected production of Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, as well as continuing to build three Zumwalt-class vessels. Moreover, the US Navy is in the process of procuring a new fleet of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

The UK Royal Navy has scrapped some existing vessels, but is pushing ahead with the procurement of two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, as well as Type 45 destroyers. The Franco-Italian FREMM frigate programme is continuing, while the French Navy is also taking delivery of Mistral-class amphibious warfare ships.

Both China and India are expanding their surface fleet, which has give impetus to naval developments in the region, with both Japan and South Korea planning to acquire improved naval capabilities.

The Russian Navy is to benefit from an ambitious programme to replenish equipment, with plans to introduce modern vessels in place of ex-Soviet platforms. Elsewhere, countries such as Brazil and Indonesia are also looking to expand their naval capabilities.

In terms of non-combatant vessels, the general expansion in amphibious warfare capabilities will necessarily entail procurement of supply ships. Numerous countries are looking to establish or improve their expeditionary forces, while demand for mine counter-measures vehicles is also expected to be in evidence.

Submarines are among the most complex and expensive of naval platforms, but developed and developing countries alike are in the process of procuring them. The US is continuing the commissioning of Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarines. The UK is also pushing ahead with plans to field up to seven Astute-class submarines. Moreover, both countries are formulating plans to replace their ballistic missile submarines.

China and India are likewise upgrading and expanding their submarine fleets. Developing countries are keen to buy platforms from countries such as Germany, France and Russia as well as developing indigenous submarine capabilities.

A comprehensive analysis of the warships and naval vessels market

The Warships & Naval Vessels Market 2011-2021 report examines the market critically through the review of a rich and broad range of available information. The sources include government and company reports, news and interviews of experts in the field. Visiongain applied financial forecasting and qualitative analyses to provide a comprehensive market report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.

In particular, The Warships & Naval Vessels Market 2011-2021 report focuses on the following aspects of the market -

-Forecasts of the global warships and naval vessels market from 2011-2021.

-Forecasts of the three warships and naval vessels submarkets from 2011-2021.

-Forecasts of twenty leading national warships and naval vessels markets from 2011-2021, as well as five regional markets.

-Review of significant warships and naval vessels programmes.

-Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting the warships and naval vessels market.

-Information on leading companies in the warships and naval vessels market.

Why you should buy this report: 

-You will get a comprehensive analysis of the global prospects for the warships and naval vessels market over the period 2011-2021.

-You will learn the forecast sales for three key warships and naval vessels submarkets from 2011-2021:

-Combatant Vessels.

-Non-Combatant Vessels.


-You will discover the predicted government spending for twenty leading national warships and naval vessels markets from 2011-2021, as well as five regional markets.

-You will be able to examine over 100 tables, charts and graphs quantifying and forecasting the warships and naval vessels market over the period 2011-2021.

-You will understand the forces that are influencing and characterising the market for warships and naval vessels.

-You will receive a SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting the warships and naval vessels market.

-You will learn about the leading companies involved in the warships and naval vessels market.

-You will also read an original interview from a leading company involved in the warships and naval vessels market:

-Selex Galileo

Thewarships and naval vessels market is a crucial sector in the defence industry. Even as countries move to reduce defence spending in the face of economic pressures, governments are keen to preserve warship and naval vessel procurement programmes. This Visiongain defence report will be valuable to those involved in the warships and naval vessels market or who wish to take part in it in the future.

You can order this report today. Anyone with an interest in the development of the warships and naval vessels market should acquire the information and insight provided by this new report.

Gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market by ordering The Warships & Naval Vessels Market 2010-2020.

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