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The world online advertising market - Mobile Internet, social networks and video online Markets & forecasts 2006-2014, 3rd edition

This report provides a thorough analysis of the online advertising market through an examination of the positioning of the top players, the techniques being used, the main approaches being taken to advertising on the Web and the central issues facing the sector, along with forecasts up to 2014 by country and by ad format. Particular focus will be given to emerging markets such as: the mobile Internet, online video and social networking.

Key questions

• What is the size of the online advertising market, worldwide and

in the main Western markets?

• What weight does search marketing really have?

• How are emerging online advertising markets developing,

especially on the mobile Internet, online video and social

networking sites?

• To what extent has the recession affected the advertising


• What new technologies are revolutionizing the market?


- The online advertising market by format (Display, Search,

other), emerging markets (mobile Internet, social networking

sites, online video), mobile Internet user and subscriber numbers

- World, EU-27, EU-5, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,

South Korea, Spain, the United States, the UK


1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Market structure & key elements

3.1. Market overview

3.1.1. Definitions

3.1.2. Market segmentation

• Display and sponsoring

• Search marketing

• Mobile advertising

• Other formats

3.2. Consumption habits spurring the online

advertising market's growth

3.2.1. Internet, a growing mass medium

3.2.2. Search, a major online service

3.2.3. Internet vs. traditional media

3.2.4. Online video is booming

3.2.5. Social networking sites

3.2.6. Is mobile a new ad medium?

3.3. Current market estimates

3.3.1. Global online advertising market

3.3.2. The market by ad format

3.3.3. Emerging advertising markets

• Mobile Internet

• Online video

• Social networking sites

3.4. Key technologies

3.4.1. Audience measurement

3.4.2. Targeting

3.4.3. Contextualisation

• Matching ads to content

• Contextualized video ads

3.4.4. Web Analytics

3.4.5. Respecting privacy and regulatory


3.5. Trends in products & services

3.5.1. Emergence of a new generation of


3.5.2. Video and new ad formats

3.5.3. Using semantic technologies for online


3.5.4. Emergence of ads on social media sites

• Social networking sites, hosting branded


• Social marketing and special events

• How to monetize users: the crux of the issue

on social networking sites

3.5.5. Mobile advertising

• New opportunities

• Interactivity, key to innovations in mobile


• Location-based ads

• More effective ads?

• Growth enablers and impediments

3.5.6. Developments in audience measurement

4. Industry organization & strategy

4.1. Industry structure

4.1.1. Player categories

• Service providers

• Ad brokers

• Agencies

• Advertisers

• Platforms

4.1.2. Search & display value chains

4.1.3. Competition structure

4.1.4. Business models

4.2. Player profiles

4.2.1. All-purpose ad brokers

4.2.2. Specialized ad brokers

4.2.3. Support sites

4.2.4. Web analytics and behavioural targeting

4.2.5. Agencies

4.3. Strategic analysis

4.3.1. Developments in the main online ad


• Segmentation of the display market

• Growing maturity of search marketing

• Video ads: a new growth outlet for display

4.3.2. Local advertising

4.3.3. Telcos' strategies

5. Markets & forecasts

5.1. Growth factors

5.1.1. Analysis of growth and disruptive factors

5.1.2. Forecast hypotheses

5.2. Market forecasts

5.2.1. Forecasts 2010-2014

5.2.2. The market by ad format

5.2.3. Emerging advertising markets

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