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Family life will be the main focus for most Gen Xers over the review period. While the youngest among them will be settling down, the oldest may have older children at home or university by 2013. Therefore, they will continue to represent a core market for family-related goods and services.

A certain proportion of Gen Xers will remain single or in a couple without children over the forecast period. Affluent, 30-something singles will be a key target for premium goods and services, including full-service restaurants, holidays and beauty services.

Families will in the future continue to become more centred on the house and home, as "uber-cocooning" takes a hold. This will spell bad news for the consumer foodservice and tourism industries, although these markets should pick up in the longer term, as economies begin to recover.

The ongoing stay-at-home trend will also benefit companies such as electronic goods manufacturers (specifically of TVs and entertainment centres, and PCs), the home movies industry, video game developers, DIY retailers and snack foods companies.

A tendency for mothers to cook more at home should benefit specific product categories like frozen processed food, pasta, noodles and sauces; while sectors such as confectionery and savoury snacks will tap into trends towards affordable indulgence both for parents and their children.

With regards to employment, Gen Xers will move into their peak earning years and hold more responsible positions at work over the forecast period. Nevertheless, the fear of job losses will prevent them from spending too freely and they will demand a high quality to value ratio in their purchases.

Furthermore, although retirement is still a long way off for most Gen Xers, they are worried about their financial futures, as many are struggling with large, long-term mortgages, while pensions are dwindling.

Longer life expectancy, later retirement and the "forever young" syndrome mean that current Gen Xers will be highly concerned with staying youthful.

By 2013, the older people in this age group will be approaching 50 and will be taking measures to combat the signs of ageing by turning to anti-ageing creams, beauty supplements, tooth-whiteners, hair colourants and hair loss treatments, slimming products and cosmetic surgery.

Over the forecast period, Generation Y will begin to take the place of current younger Gen Xers as 30-somethings. In the West, this means a larger cohort (largely the children of the Baby Boomers), with a different mentality.

In China, however, the implementation of the one-child policy in 1979 left the country with a relatively small Generation Y. These in turn will have very few babies, which will have implications both for baby-related products and the long-term future of China.

Consumerists by nature, many of the Millennials will continue to live in their parents houses and borrow from the "Bank of Mum and Dad". This means they may have more money available for discretionary spending, for example on clothing and going out.

The next generation of 30-somethings will be the first to have grown up with Web 2.0, and are completely at ease with social networking, instant messaging and digital downloading. Marketers will need to approach this market with savvy, interactive campaigns.

The current Gen Yers are highly aware of environmental issues and the need to look after their health. In the future, this generation will be significant purchasers of healthier foods, natural cosmetics and toiletries and anti-ageing products, as well as all things green.

Euromonitor International's The World's Gen Xers: Latchkey Kids (29-44s) Come Into Their Own Strategy Briefings is a series of reports that alert you to global trends predicted to influence consumer markets. They offer insight to changing market conditions and the opportunities and challenges companies need to consider to maintain a competitive advantage.

List of Contents and Tables

Executive Summary .... 1

Drivers ... 1

Summary 1 Gen X Characteristics 3

Demographic Trends..... 3

Chart 1 Leading Countries by Number of People Aged 30-44, and % Growth 2003/2008 . 4

Outlook .. 4

Introduction ..... 5

Definitions ... 5

Summary 2 Consumer Groups . 6

Profile of Gen X. 6

Chart 2 Gen X Characteristics 2009 ... 8

Drivers .. 9

Gen X Moves into Family Stage ..... 9

Table 1 Average Age of Women at Childbirth 2003-2008 .. 10

Table 2 Birth Rates 2003-2008 ... 10

Chart 3 Global Sales of Selected Baby and Child-Related Products 2003-2008 .... 13

Single Living .... 13

Table 3 Share of Single-Person Households in Selected Countries 2003-2008 14

Education and Work .... 15

Income and Finance .... 16

Table 4 Average Annual Gross Income by Age Group 2008 .... 17

Table 5 Average Gross Income by Age Group: % Growth 2003/2008 . 17

Shopping Habits .... 20

Attitudes Towards Technology and the Internet .... 21

Table 6 US Internet User Profile By Age 2008 .. 22

The Gen X Traveller .... 23

Attitudes Towards Health . 25

Chart 4 Sales of Selected OTC Products 2003-2008 ..... 26

Attitudes Towards Beauty . 27

Summary 3 Skin Care Brands Targeting Consumers in their 30s .... 27

Chart 5 Sales of Selected Cosmetics and Toiletries 2003-2008 28

At-home Eating Habits 29

Chart 6 Global Sales of Selected Packaged Foods 2003-2008 .. 31

Eating Out . 31

Chart 7 Sales of Selected Types of Consumer Foodservice 2003-2008 32

Drinking Habits ..... 33

Chart 8 Off-trade Sales of Selected Alcoholic and Soft Drinks 2003-2008 34

Home Entertainment ... 35

Chart 9 Sales of Selected Consumer Electronics 2003-2008..... 36

Demographics 36

Chart 10 Global Population by Generational Breakdown 2008 .. 37

Chart 11 Share of 30-44 Year-olds By Region 2008 . 38

Chart 12 % Growth in Number of 30-44 Year-olds by Region 2003/2008 .. 38

Country Trends 38

Table 7 Number of 30-44 Year-olds by Major Market 2003/2008 . 39

Table 8 Share of 30-44 Year-olds by Major Market 2003/2008 40 Strategy Briefings: GenerationX World ? Euromonitor International Page ii

Marketing to Gen Xers ... 41

The Challenge to Marketers ... 41

Marketing to Families . 42

The Search for Value... 43

Nostalgia Marketing ... 43

Key Market Trends ... 44

China ... 44

Chart 13 China: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013. 44

Table 9 China: Sales of Selected Products and Services 2003/2008 ..... 46

France .. 47

Chart 14 France: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013 ..... 47

Table 10 France: Sales and Growth of Selected Products 2003/2008 ..... 49

Germany .... 49

Chart 15 Germany: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013 . 49

Table 11 Germany: Sales and Growth of Selected Products 2003/2008 . 52

Japan ... 52

Chart 16 Japan: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013 . 52

Table 12 Japan: Sales and Growth of Selected Products 2003/2008 . 54

Spain .... 55

Chart 17 Spain: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013 . 55

Table 13 Spain: Sales and Growth of Selected Products 2003/2008 . 57

UK .. 58

Chart 18 UK: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013 .... 58

Table 14 UK: Use of Internet by Age Group, May 2009 . 60

Table 15 UK: Sales and Growth of Selected Products 2003/2008 .... 62

US .. 63

Chart 19 US: 30-44s Population Trends 2003/2008/2013 ..... 63

Table 16 US: Types of Debt Among Gen Y and Gen X Internet Users 2008 ..... 65

Table 17 US: Sales and Growth of Selected Products 2003/2008 ..... 66

Future Trends 66

Trends to Watch .... 66

Table 18 Forecast Global Sales of Selected Family-Related Products and Services 2008/2013 ..... 67

Table 19 Forecast Global Sales of Age-Defying Products and Services 2008/2013 69

Table 20 Number of 30-44 Year-olds by Major Market 2008/2013 . 70

Table 21 Share of 30-44 Year-olds by Major Market 2008/2013 71

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