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The Worldwide WiMAX Subscriber Market, 2010 Update

The global economy has been significantly affected by the financial crisis starting in the third quarter of 2008. However, the development of WiMAX continued to go strong in various countries in 2009. The development of WiMAX has not only been part of the national telecom infrastructure for many countries but also been pushed by various governments as a means to stimulate economic growth. Therefore, the global WiMAX subscriber base almost doubled in 2009 compared with 2008. This research will analyze the development of WiMAX in different regional markets around the world, looking into the aspects of subscriber base, spectrum development, technology application, carrier type, and equipment vendor market share.

Table of Contents

1. Current Status of the Worldwide WiMAX Subscriber Market

2. Development of Worldwide WiMAX Subscriber Market by Region

2.1 The Asia-Pacific Region

2.2 North America

2.3 Latin America

2.4 Western Europe

2.5 Central and Eastern Europe

2.6 Middle East, Pakistan and Africa

3. Conclusion

3.1 Subscriber Growth to See Tiered Development in Different Regional Markets

3.2 The Rise of Second-tiered Markets Expected to Create Business Opportunities for New Equipment Vendors and Drive the Growth of Mobile WiMAX Applications


List of Topics

  • Profiling the current status of the worldwide WiMAX subscriber market
  • Analyzing the development of worldwide WiMAX subscriber market by region
  • Forecast of the worldwide WiMAX subscriber market
  • Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include: Airspan, Alcatel-Lucent, Altitude Telecom, Alvarion, Axtel, Bayanat Al-Oula, BrT (Brasil Telecom), BSNL, Cisco-Navini, Clearwire, Czech Radiokom, DBD, DigitalBridge Communications, DOPC (Direct On PC), Embratel, Enforta, Entel, Exatel, Huawei, Iberbanda, Inukshuk Wireless, Irish Broadband, KT, Libya T&T, Mobitel, Motorola, Navini Networks, Neovia, Packet One Networks, Pipex, PointRed Telecom, Redline Communications, Samsung, Scartel, Smart Broadband, TDF, Telmex, Telsima, UQ Communications, Wateen Telecom, WiMAX Telecom AG, Yota, ZTE

List of Figures

Figure 1 The Worldwide WiMAX Subscriber Market, 1Q 2008 - 4Q 2009

Figure 2 The Worldwide WiMAX Subscriber Share by Region, 1Q 2008 - 4Q 2009

Figure 3 Worldwide WiMAX Development by Subscriber Base, 2009

Figure 4 WiMAX Subscriber Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region, 1Q 2008 - 4Q 2009

Figure 5 WiMAX Development in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2009

Figure 6 WiMAX Subscriber Growth in North America, 1Q 2008 - 4Q 2009

Figure 7 WiMAX Development in North America, 2009

Figure 8 WiMAX Subscriber Growth in Latin America, 1Q 2008 - 4Q 2009

Figure 9 WiMAX Development in Latin America, 2009

Figure 10 WiMAX Subscriber Growth in Western Europe, 1Q 2008 - 4Q 2009

Figure 11 WiMAX Development in Weste

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