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TiO2 China Monthly Report 1009

RMB appreciation continues in September, which is expected to boost China's TiO2 export price and narrow the price gap between China's TiO2 and foreign TiO2. However, RMB appreciation will not impact on China's TiO2 export. After the first RMB appreciation in June this year, China consolidates its TiO2 export surplus in July, thanks to the continuous price hikes outside China.

At the back of the strong demand, RMB appreciation and rising price of raw materials, TiO2 price rises in September, especially the anatase TiO2 price, because some anatase TiO2 producers have shifted to rutile production, which tightens anatase TiO2 supply. Hence, the other anatase TiO2 producers benefits a lot from this situation and some of them are expanding their production capacity, such as Yunfu Huiyun and Pinggui PGMA. And the booming TiO2 industry has attracted some companies to invest in ilmenite.

In the future, Chinese government is to levy resource tax, environmental tax and raise the price of thermal power, which is to promote TiO2 price. Owing to the price hikes, TiO2 consumers' consumption habits are changing, which offset TiO2 import volume in July.

China consolidates TiO2 international trade surplus with the import volume decreasing by 9.1% while the export volume increased by 9.2% in July 2010.

Jinzhou Titanium is to operate two chloride TiO2 production lines simultaneously, with the total production capacity of 30,000t/a, to capture larger market share.

Dongfang Titanium, a new entrant of TiO2 production in 2009 and has been one of top 10 exporters in 2010, despresses that China's TiO2 industry brings benefit to consumers worldwide.

Titanium concentrate ore price sees increase primarily owing to the soaring demand and increasing exploitation cost.

Kunming Meichongda is to cooperate with AIR to exploit China's booming ilmenite market.

Anatase TiO2 price increases remarkably in September.

AkzoNobel acquires Prime to enlarge its vehicle refinishing business in China, which will help it to realize its target of doubling its revenue in China by 2015.

China consolidates TiO2 international trade surplus in July

Titanium concentrate ore price sees increase

Kunming Meichongda to cooperate with AIR

Jinzhou Titanium to operate two lines simultaneously

China TiO2 industry brings benefit to consumers worldwide

--Interview international business director of Dongfang Titanium

Price update in September 2010

TiO2 consumer's consumption habit changing

AkzoNobel to enlarge vehicle refinishing business in China

Kunming Meichongda, Jinzhou Titanium, Guangdong Huiyun, Pangang Titanium, Pinggui, PGMA, Dongfang Titanium, AkzoNobel, COSCO Kansai

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