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UK Homeware Retailers 2010


Verdict Research: By the end of 2010, the homewares market will have shrunk by 1.9% as it continues to feel the impact of the recession. This report explores the dynamics, growth trends and drivers of the homewares market and why growth has stalled so violently. In addition the report profiles the leading operators and major casualties in the market.


  • Market size, sales and growth rates for the homewares market overall and at category level and for nine sub segments.
  • 10 year market share records with key operating and store portfolio statistics for all leading sector participants.
  • Space allocation for leading players across 18 product categories.
  • Strategies for success in an increasingly competitive and shrinking market.


With consumers cutting back on discretionary spend and taking less interest in home improvement, the homewares market is suffering. By the end of 2010 the market will have shrunk by 1.9%, resulting in a decline of pounds Sterling 652m since its peak in 2008. With the robust growth of the last decade over, retailers will have to work harder to attract spend.

Levels of consumer confidence and activity in the housing market have improved, but not to levels where they will boost spending on homewares significantly. With the homewares market seeing either no growth or slow spending increases for the foreseeable future, to increase sales, retailers will have to gain share from competitors.

The departure of Woolworths, Rosebys and The Pier from the market during late 2008 and the beginning of 2009 has lessened the impact of the decline in the market and allowed the survivors to up their share. However, without similar failures they could find 2010 much harder, with a return to declining like-for-like sales highly probable.

Reasons to Purchase

  • UK Homewares Retailers 2010 is a comprehensive report, combining insightful analysis into the market downturn with robust statistical interpretation.
  • This report analyses the prospects for over 27 of the leading players in the market, enabling performance benchmarking.
  • A comprehensive outlook section is included listing the key issues likely to impact the homewares market through 2010 and beyond.



About CSI 6


Summary of Findings – DIY 7


Synopsis and Comparatives – DIY 10


Overall ranking – DIY 12

Winners since last year – DIY 13

Losers since last year – DIY 14

Ranking for range – DIY 15

Ranking for price – DIY 16

Ranking for convenience – DIY 17

Ranking for quality – DIY 18

Ranking for service – DIY 19

Ranking for ambience – DIY 20

Ranking for facilities – DIY 21

Ranking for layout – DIY 22


Table 1: DIY highest scoring retailers overall and by factor 2009 & 2010 10

Table 2: CSI comparatives between DIY and all retail 2010 10

Table 3: Retailers ranked by overall CSI score 2005-2010 12

Table 4: DIY retailers with the most significant gains in overall CSI score 2010 13

Table 5: Retailers with the most significant gains in CSI ranking in DIY 2010 13

Table 6: DIY retailers with the most significant losses in overall CSI score 2010 14

Table 7: Retailers with the most significant losses in CSI ranking in DIY 2010 14

Table 8: Retailers ranked by CSI score for range 2005-2010 15

Table 9: Retailers ranked by CSI score for price 2005-2010 16

Table 10: Retailers ranked by CSI score for convenience 2005-2010 17

Table 11: Retailers ranked by CSI score for quality 2005-2010 18

Table 12: Retailers ranked by CSI score for service 2005-2010 19

Table 13: Retailers ranked by CSI score for ambience 2005-2010 20

Table 14: Retailers ranked by CSI score for facilities 2005-2010 21

Table 15: Retailers ranked by CSI score for layout 2005-2010 22

List of Figures

Figure 1: Yearly overall score comparatives, DIY and all retail 2005-2010 11

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