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US Anti-Microbial Coatings Industry

This report analyzes the US market for Anti-microbial Coatings in US$ Million by the following End-Use Segments: Indoor Air Quality, and Medical Devices. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2007 through 2015. Also, a seven-year historic analysis is provided for this market. The report profiles 61 companies including many key and niche players such as AcryMed, Inc., AEGIS Environments, AgION Technologies Inc., AK Coatings, Inc., Alistagen Corporation, BBJ Environmental Technologies, Inc., Cupron, Inc., EnviroCare Corporation, Fosters Products Corporation, Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., HaloSource Inc., Microban International, Ltd., Semprus Biosciences Corporation, Specialty Coatings Company, Inc., SportsCoatings, and Sureshield Coatings Company. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.


Study Reliability And Reporting Limitations 1

Disclaimers 2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level 2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics 3

Product Definitions And Scope Of Study 3

1. Indoor Air Quality 3

2. Medical Devices 4


Outlook 5

Number Speak: A Peek Into What's In-store for the Future 5

Microbial Growth & Contamination: A Clear & Present Danger 6

The Battle Against Microbes Continues 6

The Environmentally Aware Consumer Base 7

Indoor Air Quality: A Prime Issue 7

Indoor Air Pollution: Moves Up the Anxiety Chart 7

A Peek Into the Gravity of the Problem 8

Role of Anti-Microbial Coatings in Elevating Sick Building

Syndrome 8

Plagued by Microbes: Put On the Coat 9

Silver to the Rescue 9

Mold Remediation Offers a Banquet of Opportunities for Anti-

Microbial Coatings 10

Anti-Microbial Coatings in Air Handling Systems: Scoring in

Style 10

Ductworks: A Common Target for Microbes 11

The New Era of Bioremedial Construction 11

Tightening of Regulatory Handcuffs: A Mixed Bag of

Opportunity & Challenges 12

An Insight into the Standards Set up by ASHRAE for IAQ

Producers 12

Dire Need to Curb Hospital Acquired Infections Gets the

Adrenalin Flowing 12

Wound Care Market Illuminated by the Creative Incandescence

of AMC 13

A Case Study On the Efficiency of Anti-Microbial Coatings 13

Proliferation of Microbes Studied Under the Experiment 14

Table 1: Findings On the Counts of E. Coli Present on the

Samples During Inoculation & After 24 Hours (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 14

Table 2: Findings On the Counts of Listeria Present on the

Samples During Inoculation & After 24 Hours (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 14

Table 3: Findings On the Counts of Pseudomonas Present on

the Samples During Inoculation & At Various Time Intervals

After Inoculation - 3, 6, 24 & 48 Hours (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 15

Table 4: Percentage of E. Coli Remaining on Untreated and

Anti-microbial Treated Stainless Steel Surfaces At Various

Time Intervals (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 15


Opportunities Galore in the HVAC Equipment Market 16

Coil Coating Process - A Better Way of Applying Antimicrobial

Coatings 16

Contributing Factors to Faster Uptake of AMC based HVAC

Equipments 17

Housing Starts & Remodeling: Two Key Demand Generating

Opportunities 17

Table 5: The US Real Estate Market: Number of Housing

Starts (In Thousand Units) by Region for the Years 2000

through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 17

Table 6: US Residential Housing Statistics: Number of

Single-Family, Multifamily Homes, and New Single-Family

Home Sales, and Existing Home Sales for Years 2003 through

2007 (In Thousand Units) (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 18

Table 7: US Home Remodeling Market: Annual Spends for Years

2001 & 2003 (In US$ Billion) 18

The Battle Against Mold Provides a Platform for Demand Takeoff 18

Manufacturers Innovate to Stay Ahead of Competition 19

Nanotechnology Fortifies the Intrinsic Strength of AMC 19

Anti-Microbial Coatings Go Water-Based 20

n-halamine siloxane: A New Anti-Microbial Coating Ingredient 20

Next Generation Anti-Microbial Film Substrate Hits the Market 20

Anti-Microbial Coatings Spiral in Popularity in the Medical

Devices Industry 21

Rise in Joint Replacement Surgeries 21

Rise in HAIs 21

The Segment of Medical Devices Ensures Growth for the Market 22

Demand for Silver-based Antimicrobial Medical Devices Surges

During Recession 22

Antimicrobial Plastics for Medical Devices - Need of the Hour 23

Few Innovative Polymers 23

DSM's Polyurethane Polymer 23

Ticona's Anti-Crobe Antimicrobial POM Polymers 24

Contamination of Intravenous Equipment: A Weighty Issue 24

Increased Usage of Silver-ion Based Antimicrobial Coated CVCs 25

Antimicrobial Catheter Market - An Overview 25

Coated Urological Catheters 26

Coated Dialysis Catheters 26

Coated Cardiovascular Catheters 26

Coated Oxymetry and Thermodilution Catheters 27

Key Statistics 27

Table 8: Global Market for Antimicrobial Coated Catheters

(2007-2009): Breakdown of Value Sales by Catheter Type -

Urological Catheter, Cardiovascular Catheter, Peripherally

Inserted Central Catheter, Oxymetry Catheter, Thermodilution

Catheter and Wound Drainage Catheter (In US$ Million)

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 27

Table 9: Global Market for Antimicrobial Coated Catheters

(2007-2009): Breakdown of Volume Sales by Catheter Type -

Urological Catheters, Oxymetry Catheters and Wound Drainage

Catheters (In Thousand Units) (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 28

Table 10: Global Market for Antimicrobial Catheters

(2007-2009): Breakdown of Value Sales by Geographic Region -

US, Europe, Asia, Rest of World (In US$ Million) (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 28

Advanced QA for Antimicrobial Devices - Need of the Hour 29

Anti-microbial Coatings: Effective Substitutes for Antibiotics 29

Faster Healing Times Promote Higher Growth in Wound Care Market 30

Plastic Packaging for Food Products - A Potential End-use Segment 30

Hurdles to Overcome 31

Slower Technological Adoption Hampers Growth 31

Incidences of Product Failures & Lack of Standards: An

Expensive Price to Pay 31

Pricing Pressures Close In On the Market 32

High Entry Barriers 32

Reduced Bargaining Power to Settle Terms of Trade 32

What Are GPOs? 33

Cost Cuttings & Awareness Programs Extend the Market A Thumbs Up 33

Demand for High-Quality HVAC Systems Brings AMC into the

Spotlight 33

Nanotechnology Holds Promise 34

Newer Markets for Nanoscale Antimicrobial Coatings 34

Competitive Forces Rise Over the Horizon 34

The Big Boys Pose a Major Threat to Smaller Players 34

Who Led the Pack? A Historic Perspective 35

Table 11: Anti-microbial Coatings Market in the United

States (2005): Percentage Market Share Breakdown of Leading

Players in the Indoor Air Quality End-Use Market (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 35

Threat of Substitute Products Hangs Like the Sword of Damocles 35

Disinfectants Spiral in Popularity On Par With Anti-Microbials 36

Table 12: US Disinfectants & Anti-microbial Market (2008):

Percentage Share Breakdown of Value Retail Sales by Category

- Paints & Coatings, Plastics, Consumer Care Products, Food

& Beverage Processing, Medical & Health Care, Restaurants &

Lodging and Others (In US$ Million) (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 36

Clinical Trials on to Determine Antimicrobial Effectiveness of

Copper, Brass and Bronze 36


What Are Anti-Microbial Coatings? 37

Use of Anti-Microbial Coatings 37

How Is It Formulated? 38

Anti-Microbial Powder Coatings 38

Silver: An Invaluable Ingredient 38

How Does It Work? 38

Role of Silver in the Wound Care Market 39

Surface Modifications & Coatings: A Key Bacteria- Inhibitory

Technique 39

Types of Bacteria 40

The Plague of Microbes Spans Far & Wide 40

Medical Equipments 40

Causative Factors for Biofilm Formation 41

Food Industry 41

Anti-microbial Coating: Invaluable in Food Packaging 42

Construction Industry 42

Brand Talk Who's Offering What! 42

AgION™ Enters the Hall of Fame 43

Microban: Next in Line 43

AcryMed's SilvaSorb Gel 43

McGill AirFlow's SilverGuard™ 44

Foster® Brand of Anti-Microbial Coatings 44

Other Noteworthy Brands 44


A Primer 45

A Sneak Peek into Applications of Anti-microbial Coatings in

Varied Industries 45

Industrial Market 45

Indoor Air Quality 45

Microbial Contamination in HVAC Equipment 46

IAQ Remediation Methods 47

Strategies to Offer Enhanced IAQ: A Tabular Representation 47

Mold Remediation 47

Formation of Mold Spores in Structures of Buildings 47

Controlling the Formation of Mold 48

Medical/Healthcare Market 48

Medical Devices 49

The Correlation between HAI & Increased Use of AMC 49

Anti-Microbial Coated Catheters 50

CVC & PICCs: Popular Substrates for Anti-Microbial Coatings 50

Urinary (Bladder) Catheters 51

The Criticality of the Choice of Anti-Microbial Ingredients 51

Consumer Ignorance Acts as an Impasse for Faster Uptake 52

Wound Care Market 52

Antimicrobial Textiles Market 52

Bright Potential for Fast-Track Growth 53

Textiles Market Abuzz with Innovative Anti-microbial Fibers 53

Manufacturers of Synthetic Polymers with Anti- microbial

Properties and Related Brand Names 54

Techniques Used in Anti-microbial Finish 54

X-Static, the Unique Antimicrobial Fiber 54

Other Application Areas of Anti-Microbial Coatings 55


Agion and Victor together Introduce Eco Intellignet® Fabric

with Anti-microbial Protection 56

Crown Trade Introduces SteriTouch's Steracryl Antibacterial

Paints Range 56

North Carolina State University Unveils Techniques for

Incorporating Antimicrobials in Microneedles 57

Ansell Introduces GAMMEX® Powder-Free Glove with Antimicrobial

Technology 57

Agion Launches MedMAP Service for Speedy Regulatory Clearance

of Antimicrobial Products 58

Kinetic Technologies Unveils EquiShieldTM, Antimicrobial

Infused Watering Bucket for Horses 58

Bayer MaterialScience Introduces Makrofol® Polycarbonate Film

with Antimicrobial Coating 58

Besam Entrance Solutions Unveils MicroShield™, an

Antimicrobial Coating for Doors and Latches in Hospitals 59

ISP Performance Chemicals Introduces Nuosept Range of Greener

Biocides 59

Union Spring Unveils ViralClyns Disposable Respirators that

fight Airborne Pathogens 60

Masley Enterprises Introduces CWF Gloves with SmartSilver

Antimicrobial Protection 60

Jamestown Coating Launches SurfaGuard™ Paints with

SmartSilver™ Antimicrobial Additives 60

Jotun Introduces Jotafloor Rapid Dry WB, the first Nano

Technology-based Floor Coating 61

Agion Technologies Obtains Patent for Color Stable

Antimicrobial Coating System 61

Air Techniques Introduces AM Coating for its AirStar® Dental

Compressor 62

Flint Group to Introduce New Antimicrobial Coating that

Employs Biomaster Technology 62

Teleflex Secures US FDA 510(k) Clearance for ArrowEvolution

Catheter with Antimicrobial Coating 62

Biosafe Develops Alternative to Silver-based Additives for

Application in Plastic Packaging 63

Agion and Genstar to Introduce Flowmeter and Section Regulator

with In-built AM Safeguard 63

Microbeguard Introduces FoodTouch® Paper Liners with Agion® AM

Technology 64

NUCRYST and Smith Nephew Introduce New AMC Based Flex7 Dressings 64

EcoActive Surfaces Launches OxiTitan VLR Broad Spectrum

Antimicrobial Coating 64

DSM Expands ComfortCoat™ Technology Framework by Incorporating

Antimicrobial Coatings 65

Agion® Develops Agion Firefly, an Antimicrobial Verification

System 65

Agion® and Scotsman® Introduce Antimicrobial Protected Ice

Making Machines 66

Abcor Industries Introduces ResiliColor, Powder Coating for

Interior Doors 66

DORMA Introduces a Range of Antimicrobial Treated Exit Devices 67

BioGate Introduces New Biocompatible Antimicrobial Coating

Technology 67

DSM Biomedical Rolls Out VitroStealthTM NBF Coating Technology 68

Bio Shield Technologies Introduces Anasphere, an Advanced

Antimicrobial Technology 68

Bretford Launches Microbe Barrier TechnologiesTM, a Multi-

surface Antimicrobial Protection 68

HaloSource Together with Clorox Launches AM-based Clorox

FreshCare™ Towels 69

Ingersoll Rand Security Introduces AM Technology Infused Door

Hardware 69

DuPont Europe Develops Alesta® Powder Coatings by Integrating

Agion's Antimicrobial Technology 69

Sheffield Insulations Introduces Inducoat® B2 Antibacterial Paint 70

Microban and Absolute Coatings Unveil Last-n-Last Floor

Coatings with AM Protection 70

Agion Technologies and Walter Partner to Launch Antimicrobial

Treated Kitchen Knives 70

Suspended Ceiling Introduces AM Based Line of Wall Coatings 71

Nano Hygiene Coatings Develops 4MED, an Easy-to-Clean

Antimicrobial Coating 71

EquiFit SpaCare and Agion Technologies Introduce AM based

AgSilver Clean Mat 71

Kenmore Elite Unveils Microban Antimicrobial Technology for

Refrigerators 71

Troy Introduces Troysan® 1050, Dry Film Bacterial Protection

for Interior Paints 72


Lyfetec Inc. to Buy a Patented Anti-bacterial Coating Formula 73

North Dakota State University Inks a Research Partnership Pact

with Triton Systems 73

Sherwin-Williams Partners With Microban International 74

Microban International Enters into Partnership with Hussmann

Corporation 74

DuPont and Ecolab Ink Marketing Agreement for Commercializing

AMC Technologies 75

Arch Chemicals Obtains EPA Registration for VanquishTM and

DensilTM Antimicrobials 75

FDA Approves Commercialization of Rymed's Needleless IV

Connector with Bacterins AM Technology 75

Selenium Obtains Grant for Carrying out Research to Develop

Antimicrobial Dental Devices 76

American Mold Guard to Acquire IP Rights of Certain Mold and

Bacteria Decontamination Technology 76

MAST BioSurgery and Ceragenix Collaborate to Co-develop AMT

Featuring Surgical Products 76

Agion and Biocoat Collaborate over Development of AM Coatings

for Medical Devices 77

Microban Unveils New Range 3G Silver Antimicrobial Technologies 77

REHAU's New Heat Exchange System to Feature Agion's AM Technology 77

Medegen's MaxGuardTM Needleless Connector to Feature Agion®'s

AM Technology 78

Rhys to Distribute Microbial Control Products of Byotrol 78

CSG Receives EPA Approval for SportsClean® Disinfectant 79

CSG SportsAide® 1000 Basic Kit Chosen by US Military 80

A Unique Technique Developed by Researchers in Auburn

University to Produce Antimicrobial Coatings 80

I-Flow Acquires AcryMed Incorporated 81

DSM Biomedical Acquires The Polymer Technology Group 81

Phylogica to Acquire Outstanding Stake in Dynamic Microbials 81

CSG Opens Six New Offices Across US as a Part of Expansion 82

MEDport's Microbe Free Hydrator Cup to be Incorporated with

Agion's AM Technology 82

Agion's AM Solutions for Vollrath's Serving Utensils 82

Sports Antimicrobial System for Lakeshore High School's

Athletic Facilities 83

Magic American to Incorporate Microban® AM Technology in its

Products 83

Nano Horizons' AM Technology to Feature in Hill-Rom's Patient

Support Surfaces 84

Covalon's AM Coating to be Applied on Percutaneous Urinary

Catheters 84

Agion Extends Partnership with Samsill Corp 85

Agion and Aquatronics Ink Partnership Deal for the Former's AM

Technology 85

Agion Partners with BASF for Development of Styrene Copolymers 85

HeiQ and Radici Collaborate to Develop AM Based Nanofeel

Fibers of the Latter 85

Baxter Secures FDA Approval for AM based Needleless IV Connector 86

LaamScience Applies for FDA Approval for N95, AM-coated

Respiratory Mask 86


Suspended Ceiling Restoration Co. Partners with BioCote 87

MacDermid Introduces New Epi-Care Epilepsy Alarm Featuring

Antimicrobial Protection 87

PPG and Agion Enter into a Partnership to Market Anti-

Microbial PPG Coatings 87

Agion Enters into a Partnership with Omnipure for

Antimicrobial Water Filters 88

Quickie Partners with Microban 88

Resilite™ Mats Integrates Microban® Antimicrobial Protection 88

Agion Extends Partnership with Personal Grooming Solutions

Provider Remington 89

Petmate Renews Deal with Microban International, Ltd 89

Oakley's Outdoor Sandals to Feature Microban® Antimicrobial

Protection 90

Cirrus to infuse Microban® AM protection into BioEars™ and

EarPlanes® Product Lines 90

Pioneer Athletics Enters into Partnership with SportCoatings 91

Bio Shield to Offer Agion's SilverClene24™ in the Emergency

Response Market 91

Agion Partners with AgPOLYMER to Manufacture AM Based Cheese

Coating Polymers 91

Califone Collaborates with to Manufacture AM Technology based

Headphones 91

Bostik's Extends Line of Agion's AM Technology Based Floor

Coatings 92


AcryMed, Inc. 93

AEGIS Environments 93

AgION Technologies Inc. 93

AK Coatings, Inc. 93

Alistagen Corporation 94

BBJ Environmental Technologies, Inc. 94

Cupron, Inc. 94

EnviroCare Corporation 94

Fosters Products Corporation 95

Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. 95

HaloSource Inc. 95

Microban International, Ltd. 95

Semprus Biosciences Corporation 96

Specialty Coatings Company, Inc. 96

SportsCoatings 97

Sureshield Coatings Company 97


Table 13: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Anti-microbial Coatings by End-Use Application - Indoor Air

Quality and Medical Device Markets Independently Analyzed with

Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for the Years 2007 through

2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 98

Table 14: US Historic Review for Anti-Microbial Coatings by

End-Use Application - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for

Indoor Air Quality and Medical Devices for Years 2000 through

2006 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 99

Table 15: US 11-Year Perspective for Anti-microbial Coatings

by End-Use Application - Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales

for Indoor Air Quality and Medical Device for Years 2005,

2010, and 2015 99


Total Companies Profiled: 61 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 66)


Region/Country Players


The United States 53

Canada 1

Japan 2

Europe 7

France 1

Germany 2

The United Kingdom 4

Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) 3


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