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U.S. DoD Enterprise IT Market

This research services is an assessment of the fiscal year 2009 spending for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) on products and services related to enterprise IT. The research service identifies the major market dynamics that are currently influencing growth (drivers and restraints), as well as trends and threats that are impacting the industry. The research service provides a competitive overview and details for the key industry participants. In addition, the research service contains spending forecasts, competitive information for each segment of the market. The period for the study is 2009 to 2015, with 2009 as the base year. Companies will be able to use this information to highlight opportunities within DoD.

The executive summary of this research includes the market summary, Frost & Sullivan's market engineering research methodology, market drivers, restraints, industry challenges, technology trends, competitive analysis, growth opportunities and key strategies. The research service concludes with a database of key market participants, a list of acronyms, and the Frost & Sullivan decision support databases.

One of the primary goals of the DoD is to continue its transformation towards a network centric environment and therefore increase operational efficiency. This translates across top level headquarters down to civilian workers interacting with new suppliers. The idea behind this network centric environment is that information sharing across the enterprise should be immediate and easily accessible in a timely and trusted manner. This allows decision making personnel the ability to provide more accurate decisions at any level as well as contribute information into knowledge base.

This idea of Net-Centricity is expected to drive the U.S. DoD enterprise IT market as well as other pertinent factors such as demand for heightened cyber security, an enhanced service- oriented architecture, and increased cloud computing implementation.

With the majority of budget spending allocated towards information and communications technology, network-centric warfare technology, and high performance computing modernization programs, the market is expected to pace itself throughout the forecasted years.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 6

Introduction 7

Definitions and Scope 8

Market Competitive Structure 9

Percentage of FY 2009 Total Budget Funding by Service Branch 10

Summary of Key Findings 11

Conclusions and Recommendations 12

U.S. DoD Enterprise IT Market Dynamics 13

Market Overview 14

Market Engineering Measurements 15

Industry Challenges 16

Market Drivers and Restraints 17

Market and Technology Trends – Cloud Computing 18

Market and Technology Trends by Service Branch 19-22

U.S. DoD Enterprise IT Market Analysis 23

Spending Overview 24

Spending Forecasts 25

Competitive Overview 26

Top 25 Contracts By FY 2009 Expenditure 27-28

About Frost & Sullivan 29 Who is Frost & Sullivan 30

Frost & Sullivan's Expertise and Relationships 31

Frost & Sullivan's Proven Methodology 32

What Makes Us Unique 33

T.E.A.M. Methodology 34 Global Perspective 35

List of Figures and Charts

List of Figures

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Competitive Structure (U.S.), FY 2009 9

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Top 10 Vendors (U.S.), FY 2009 26

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Top 25 Contracts By Expenditure (U.S.), FY 2009 27-28

List of Charts

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Service Segments (U.S.), FY 2009 Budget Request 10

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Budget Funding Forecasts (U.S.), FY 2009-FY 2015 11

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Market Engineering Measurements (U.S.), FY 2009 15

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Industry Challenges (U.S.), FY 2010-FY 2015 16

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Market Drivers and Restraints (U.S.), FY 2010-FY 2015 17

DoD Enterprise IT Market: Top DoD Spending Programs (U.S.), FY 2009 24

DoD Enterprise IT Market: DoD Spending Forecasts (U.S.), FY 2009-FY 2015 25

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