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US MOBILE VIRTUAL NETWORK OPERATORS 2010: The Definitive Guide and Critical Analysis of the US MVNO Market


US MVNO Virtual Network Operators 2010 report is simply the only publication that provides competitive analysis, market evaluation and current market data for the US MVNO marketplace.

This report provides an in-depth critical analysis of the US MVNO landscape today. The report is aimed at investors, consultants, integrators and analysts in the mobile space, suppliers of MVNO equipment and software, and network operators and other service providers. The Competitive Analysis report focuses on a telecom sector that has experienced a billion-dollar wave of new investment over the last decade, and also reports on the recent consolidation and acquisitions involving companies such as Helio, Virgin Mobile and Sprint.

The report covers not only the new MVNO entrants but also critically reviews the existing resellers and MVNOs, providing a deep-dive into the existing and potential players in the market, including key ownership, management team and principals, partners, funding, network operators and underlying technology, MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler), pricing, target markets, and their strategies for branding, marketing and distribution. The report also examines the future prospects for each MVNO and rates its chances of business success.

Report Coverage

The report provides in depth coverage and analysis of MVNO's in the US marketplace, evaluating quantitative data and providing a qualitative assessment. A grading system is used to compare each MVNO and rate their performance. Factors addressed include the following:

General Overview

Key Ownership

Management Team and Principals

Funding Overview

Underlying Network Provider

Network Technology

MVNE and Service Providers

Hardware (if any)









Official Launch Date

Prepaid or Postpaid Offering

Pricing Overview and Analysis

Plan Overview and Analysis


MVNO Message

Marketing Overview

Distribution Partners

Target Market

MVNO Cannibalization

Content, Features and Special Services

Strategic Partners

Number of Customers

Professional Analysis

A Comment on the Future

Contact Details

STAR Awards (*-*****)

The Rating System is a combined measurement of different factors that represent the MVNO including management, distribution, marketing, branding, funding and general & strategic partners and overall chance of business success in the marketplace.

Target Audience:

Investors and Analysts in the mobile space

Suppliers of MVNO equipment and software

MVNE/MVNO service providers

Consultants and systems integration companies

Mobile Carriers


MVNO, MVNO Business Plan, MVNE, Data MVNO, MVNO Business Planning, MVNO Product Planning

Table of Contents:

Introduction. 4

A Wireless Intro. 4

The Technologies - a brief overview. 5

The Future. 5

US Wireless Market Place. 6

The Market Today. 6

The Players. 7

The Consumer 7

Mobile Virtual Network Operators. 8

The Concept 8

The Types. 9

The Definition. 9

US Mobile Virtual Network Operator Guide and Critical Analysis - 2010. 11

Introduction to the MVNO Guide and Critical Analysis. 11

General Overview. 11

Key Ownership. 11

Management Team and Principals. 11

Funding Overview. 11

Underlying Network Provider 11

Network Technology. 11

MVNE and Service Providers. 11

Hardware (if any) 12

MVNO Type. 12

Official Launch Date. 13

Prepaid or Postpaid Offering. 13

Pricing Overview and Analysis. 13

Plan Overview and Analysis. 14

Handset Overview and Analysis. 14

Branding. 14

MVNO Message. 15

Marketing Overview. 15

Distribution Partners. 15

Target Market 15

MVNO Cannibalization. 16

Content, Features and Special Services. 16

Strategic Partners. 16

Number of Customers. 16

Professional Analysis. 17

A Comment on the Future. 17

Contact Details. 17

STAR Awards (*-*****) 17

Airlink Mobile. 18

Airvoice Wireless. 23

Apple Mobile. 28

Beyond Wireless. 30

Boost Mobile. 36

Bratz Mobile. 43

Cbeyond. 47

Circle K. 52

Consumer Cellular 55

Cricket 59

Firefly Mobile. 65

Flying J (Go Smart) 70

GlobalTalk PCS. 74

GTC Wireless. 77

JitterBug. 82

kajeet 86

Liberty Wireless. 90

Locus Telecommunications. 95

MetroPCS. 101

Microsoft Media Mobile - Zune. 106

National Geographic. 107

Movida. 111

Nexus Mobile. 116

nTelos. 120

NTT Docomo. 125

Omni Prepaid. 126

Page Plus Cellular 130

PlatinumTel 134

Primus Wireless. 138

Qwest Wireless. 143

Revol Wireless. 147

Speak Out Wireless. 151

Sprint Nextel Cable JV. 154

STi Mobile. 158

Total Call Mobile. 162

TracFone. 166

TuYo Mobile. 172

Virgin Mobile USA. 176

Wal-Mart 183

Working Assets Wireless (Credo) 184

Xtreme Mobile. 188

Category Overview. 192

MVNO Guide - by Type. 192

Resource Overview. 193

Select list of service providers and partners included in this study. 193

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